IU women fall at Florida Gulf Coast

A quick update on the Indiana women’s basketball team, which lost at Florida Gulf Coast tonight, 73-69.

On the surface, it may sound like a bad loss, but the Eagles, now 9-0, are ranked third in the collegeinsider.com mid-major women’s top 25 this week behind only perennial powers Wisconsin-Green Bay and Bowling Green. They also received votes for the first time in school history in the coaches’ poll.

Still, the loss drops the Hoosiers to 6-6 on the season entering Big Ten play, which means it will take a .500 record or better in the conference to reach any sort of postseason.

Whitney Lindsay scored 16 points to lead four IU players in double figures tonight. But more concerning, according to a tweet from play-by-play man Jeremy Gray, Sasha Chaplin was injured in just her second game back this season. No word yet on if it was a recurrence of the toe/foot injury that previously sidelined her for 10 games this year and 10 games last year.


  1. Time to find a coach that can take advantage of the recruiting advantages Cook Hall provides. This program is treading water at best and has to rely upon players transferring in rather than recruiting and developing players over a 4 yr period.

  2. Bobbie, Cook Hall has not been open a year so how could Coach Jack take been taking advantage of it? You are not happy with Coach Jack, I get that but be rational. I agree that this team should be 8 and 4 right now but come on. Let your dislike go for now and give her 2 more years and then judge her. You sound like 4G did about the mens team when he first started posting! She loves it here and wants to be here unlike past coaches and contrary to what you say….she is a great coach who works her butt off.

  3. You can recruit to a facility before it’s open. Or at least have some recruits lined up for next year or the year after.

    Jack’s best players have either been holdovers from Sharon’s team or transfers (aside from Jori). She has significant turnover of her rosters, multiple recruitng busts and doesn’t get any of the top players from the state. Her staff turnover has been pretty significant as well.

    Loving your job and wanting to be here aren’t the qualities that mean you’re good at your job and should get to keep it.

    You can’t tell me that you watch us play and feel like we’re improving or have a bright future. It’s not as if we have a team chocked full of Freshmen and Sophs and are building for the next two years. We’re an upper class team that has lost to:
    2 MAC teams
    2 CUSA teams
    1 Atlantic Sun team
    1 SEC team

    Do you objectively see the program improving this year and in the next couple based upon the roster we have, the turnover we’ll have with graduation and any recruits we have lined up?

  4. Bobbie Sue, yes I do see it improving by looking at it objectively. I have been a season ticket holder for her entire tenure. She does not put up with prima donnas or the hell raising by her kids. She is a sweet lady but can be a harda$$. I like her a lot. She is recruiting in-state vs PU and has run in to trouble there just like past coaches. It is hard to recruit when you have NO contract extension. Now that was given the extra years, I think she will land some great young talent. If she does not, she should be out the door after her contract is up. IU has hardly any girls bball tradition and she is trying. Did you get your all access pass in the mail for season ticket holders? Those are the type of things that let me know she is the one for the job right now.

  5. By the way, Jeremy Price reporter a few weeks back that Felisha has had a contract extension thru ’12-’13 since just after her first year here. So while the public may not have known about the extension, she did and could share that with recruits if it were an issue, so I don’t see how the contract situation should have been a hinderance at all to recruiting.

  6. Bobbie, I find that hard to believe, it makes no sense. Maybe the way a clause was written but it was in the Indy Star and HT that she was just awarded a contract extension. I don’t get your obviously we evaluate perf on different levels comment. If you are speaking of wins/losses maybe she should have won 2 more this year, I will give you that. Do her teams play hard nose organized basjetball, I will say YES! Did she and her team beat a top 5 OSU team last year, YES! Should she make a tourney run, YES and if she fails at that in 2 years she should be gone. Crean did not win the last 2 years and most love him. Granted it was a different situation and all but I like jack and you don’t…we can agree to disagree.

  7. It was false reported in a media outlet obviously. No big deal. Fluff helps a program no matter how you look at it. I like her..yes but you don’t and it is obvious from this post and others by you. You are very negative in all of your posts from football to bball. You use this blog to vent your anger/frustrations. I do that at times but I use the blog as a fun tool to interact and give my opinion and get others. You can have the last word, cheer up and Merry Christmas!

  8. I want IU Women’s basketball to do well and Jack is a decent coach, very nice lady and appears very happy to be part of the IU family. Unfortunately, wins and losses will determine her fate. Her recruiting has been suspect over the past few years and now we are seeing what she can accomplish with her recruits. At this point it’s not working too well.

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