Legette-Jack talks contract

Indiana women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack is in the final year of a five-year contract, so when I sat down with her today to preview Thursday night’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge game at Clemson, I asked her if there had been any talks regarding a contract extension. Here’s what she had to say:

“I believe in Mr. Glass, and I believe that Mr. Glass believes in what I’m doing here and all the things that we have been through to get this program to the place that it is right now. And I think that he’s going to work with me and understand the foundation that’s laid. We’re really excited about being here. The respect level is 100 percent, so with that being said, I don’t worry about that stuff. I believe that we’re going to have a long-standing relationship.

“I enjoy this place. I will never be in a city where: (a) I’m not wanted; or (b) I don’t like the atmosphere. And my family’s comfortable here, I’m comfortable with our administration. I love the way we’re moving the program. I’m not a person that goes after jobs or keeps my eyes on the outside. I’m grounded. I believe in what we’re creating here.”

I then asked if her contract situation had impacted recruiting. She answered that question and made a plea for more Hoosiers to play for the Hoosiers in the process.

“Nowadays, recruits are interested in longevity in coaches, because they want to play for the person that’s recruiting them. It can affect you one way or the other, but you can only control what you can control. And I just choose to control today. I can’t really be involved with what I can’t control tomorrow. So I’m here right now, and right now is all we have. You can choose to be with me or not.

“This is a great institution, this is a great women’s basketball program, great facilities and my hope is young people, particularly women, start choosing schools because of what you’re going to get after those four years. They’re making silly decisions based on the game of basketball. That should be a piece of it, but the other piece has got to be in place, that the degree is going to matter (at) the place you choose. I see so many local student-athletes leave for the game of basketball, then they come back here and try to find jobs, and nobody knows them anymore. I’m helping a bunch of kids that graduated from other institutions outside the state of Indiana, because they can’t find jobs back in their home state. My hope is that we can change that by keeping our local, great student-athletes home so when four or five years are up, they can move forward in the transition of their life.”


  1. she needs to recruit indiana girls……….they do not do that…. all the best are leaving the state or headed to purdue or notre dame for good reason.

  2. if she is so interested in indiana girls why does she not go to the local schools and see the talent we have right here in bloomington? She is no where to be found………

  3. Jack seems like a good lady and has lots of energy, but the program doesn’t seem to be much better since she got to Bloomington. Her recruiting of Indiana high schools is disappointing.

  4. My family goes to many of the games, and I notice many Indiana high school jackets on the girls who have been invited by the coaching staff to see what Indiana Women’s Basketball is about. They get to see first-hand Coack Jack’s passion for the game, and her relationship with the student-athletes. I think that thanks to her summer basketball camps, you will see more and more Indiana players on her future teams. My daughter is in 5th grade and loves the game of basketball, thanks in part to getting involved with the women’s basketball team. There are great role models on this team, and past teams, that my daughter has had the wonderful experience of getting to know and those players know her on a first name basis – I think Coach Jack has played a big part in that. Depending on how my daughter’s basketball skills develop, she wants to be in the Class of 2018’s recruiting class for IU, and we are Hoosiers. And if Coach Jack is not a part of the program, then we might have to look elsewhere ;).

  5. I am confused here…IU women knocked off a top 5 OSU team last year. I don’t remember that in the past. Coach Jack is recruiting kids that want to play at IU, period! These girls from this state have their heart set on PU…very similar to the volleyball teams situation for years. It is almost impossible to out-recruit tradition but she is trying. Painter is finding that out now with the men. Trust in Jack, amazing lady!

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