Ohio State handles IU

Indiana shot 50 percent from the field for the first time since its last win, but that was rendered irrelevant Friday night because its opponent shot well beyond that.

Ohio State finished the game at 60.5 percent from the field, which actually represented a cooling after a 71.4 percent first half. The Buckeyes knocked down 13 3-pointers and grabbed 30 of the game’s 50 rebounds to cruise to an 85-67 victory.

Junior guard William Buford led all scorers with 24 points, knocking down five 3-pointers. Freshman forward Jared Sullinger scored 19 points, knocking down 5 of 6 field goal attempts and 9 of 12 free throws while grabbing nine rebounds. Senior guard Jon Diebler had 15 points on a perfect 5-for-5 day from beyond the 3-point arc and senior guard David Lighty had 11 points and five assists.

Ohio State took a double-digit lead early in the game, though IU shot well enough to keep it from getting completely out of hand. Sophomore forward Christian Watford looked recovered from back spasms and scored 17 points. Freshman guard Victor Oladipo had 14 points, six rebounds and two assists, and sophomore guard Jordan Hulls added 12 points. the Hoosiers shot 50 percent from the field (25-for-50) and 9-for-24 from beyond the 3-point arc. However, the game was never in single digits in the second half.

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  1. The Hoosiers played better against OSU than against Penn State. No way to stop the tall trees under the basket, and IU did not try hard enough to stop the threes. They look more ready for the conference schedule than they did a week ago.

  2. For those fans and posters on this board that justify their lack of support for IU football and make the lame excuse that “IU will always be a weak football program because IU is a basketball school,” I give you Ohio State. OSU, currently ranked #2 in D-I BB and playing in yet another BCS Bowl game, used to be known as a “football school.” In addition, the following schools have football teams that have played or will play in a bowl game this year and a BB team currently ranked in the Top 25: U-Conn, Syracuse, Kan St, Tenn, Pitt, Baylor, SDSU, IL, Missouri, Mich St, BYU, Kentucky, ND, and Texas A&M. In addition, schools like Kansas, Texas and Purdue have recently had success in football and have BB teams currently ranked in the top 25. And the list does not even include Wisconsin, very successful in basketball in recent years with a FB team that just played in the Rose Bowl. As it looks to me, IU is surrounded by Universities that have highly competitive football and basketball programs.

    How many of these Universities are superior to Indiana University? How many have more beautiful campuses than IUB? How many of them are located in better college towns than Bloomington? How many of them have better football and basketball facilities? How many of them offer superior academics or a better overall college experience to their students?

    There is no reason Indiana University can not be highly competitive and successful in both football and basketball (as well as other, less visable sports)if the Hoosier Nation wants it to be so. The last few years have not been good for IU sports. But that had more to do with incompetant administrators than history or tradition. And going forward, there is plenty of reason for optimism about IU’s success in the years ahead. I believe that in two years, IU football will play in a bowl game and the men’s basketball team will be ranked in the top 25 again.

    Happy New Year and GO HOOSIERS.

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