1. Do we see a couple of future recruits in this family photo !!?? Anyway to paraphrase a line fron DeadwooD “Welcome to Bloomington it’s a “heck” of a place”
    Good luck Coach Wilson you’re gonna need it…GO HOOSIERS
    PS. by the way it gets much colder

  2. I’m sure it was cold in Oklahoma,too. Glad to see us put an end to the speculations. Probably not a great hire but certainly a very good one. The great hires would not have went to I.U anyway. Now, I look toward next year (and more so in about 3 years) as I did when we brought in Coach Hep….with a great deal of optimism. GO Hoosier Football….Basketball….Soccer…..Swimming….Volleyball, and all the IU Sports.

  3. Weather.com says it’s currently 50 in Norman, Ok. So, yeah…those kids are probably not happy about the 30 degree drop.

  4. Only a little more than an hour until the most important press conference he will have in his IU career. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. How about making the news conference short and sweet and getting on the phone with those recruits?? This is Fred’s hand-picked man to breathe life into the football program he cares so much about, his tenure as AD will hinge on this hire. Here’s hoping for the best for Glass, Wilson, and IU!!

  6. They look like they would be from Palin country..or maybe the Palouse region of Washington state. I bet they have rifles mounted in the back window their pickup truck and McDonald’s cheeseburger wrappers scattered about the floor. I bet one of his sons has some Combos pretzel snacks in his front jean pocket..Most likely the pizza-flavored variety. Think?

  7. Seems like a good fit. He has been in midwest many years, coached at a Big Ten school, good offensive mind, late forties so maybe he will just stay here and not move on. From what I know I like the choice. Plus picking someone early will allow him to hopefully keep most of Lynch’s recruits and maybe get some others. Coming from Oklahoma will impress kids too. I say welcom to Hoosier Nation!

  8. I always feel for the kids on these kind of long moves. They have to say goodbye to friends. Guess it builds character and they do have Facebook and a world of technology to stay in touch absent my youth. I bet it’s still difficult to leave your home. Here’s to hoping they’re soon feeling at home again.

  9. @Welcome: All signs point to you being spot on.

    I sort of feel bad for the poor kids having to move. But I’d say there are worse places than Btown to grow up. Like Norman, for instance.

  10. Looks like a good hire. Did anyone besides me notice that in the picture of Glass waving from the car there was a sticker on the front window that looks like the car is for sale on a car lot? 🙂

  11. Its probably the new family truckster. Gift from local booster or a loaner to be able to haul the masses. I really liked his resume and now that I have actually seen and heard him, Wilson looks and sounds like a football coach. Plus, you could tell he’s been yelling.(working)

  12. Well anyones voice would be hoarse after just playing in a VERY loud, raucous indoor stadium in the Big 12 Championship game against Nebraska …that place was a madhouse ! Sorry, but I just think of Lynch in a scenario like that …and it just wouldn’t work for me …Indiana got the right man …he’s been directly involved in a Rose Bowl game …a couple of National Championship games I believe …big BCS games …6 Big Twelve championship games …he’s a WINNER …what more could we want or expect at Indiana at this time ? So please Hoosier fans …let’s think straight and support our new Coach …Indiana…we’re ALL for you …IU !!

  13. His hoarse voice developed from the practices leading up the Championship game. He was upstairs in the coaches box for the game using a headphone and microphone.

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