Plane headed to Indy from Norman

As Landon Turner Overdrive noted on Twitter and I then took and ran with, a charter plane left Indianapolis this morning, traveled to Norman, Oklahoma and has just now landed back in Indianapolis.

Here is the link to the plane.

It arrived at 11:12 a.m.

Every indication is that Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson was on that plane. This could be the final part of the interview process, as he tours Indiana’s facilities and perhaps meets with others around campus.

1:25 p.m. UPDATE: The plane is headed back to Norman. Scheduled for a 3:10 p.m. liftoff.

3:04 p.m. UPDATE: Fuzzy Zoeller’s plane, which took a trip to Oklahoma on Friday, is headed to Bloomington.

Also, there were rumors of a 3 p.m. team meeting. That meeting is not going on, at least not as scheduled, Dustin is reporting.

3:29 p.m. UPDATE: Zoeller’s plane is headed to New Jersey. Probably safe to say not being used today for IU-related matter.

4:05 p.m. UPDATE: The plane scheduled to head back to Norman from Indianapolis has not left, nearly an hour after its scheduled departure.

5:34 p.m. UPDATE: The plane has taken flight for Norman.

6:18 p.m. UPDATE: Dustin Dopirak here, After a mostly fruitless four-hour stakeout of Memorial Stadium, and a visit to Bryan House that took longer than it should have because I didn’t really know where it was, there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty. It’s really, really freaking cold today.

As several others have including the Tulsa World have already reported, I can confirm that there was a meeting with Wilson. I can’t confirm this for certain, but a source indicated that the talks may have occurred entirely in Indianapolis and did not come to campus, or at least not to the athletic department’s headquarters in the North End Zone Facility at Memorial Stadium.  (Which might explain why staking that out didn’t work). Online outlets have reported that Wilson to Indiana is a done deal, but there is still no official confirmation that there has been any sort of signed agreement. Direct knowledge of the interview and any negotiations has been limited to a select few in the department, but staffers have been notified to be prepared in the event of a hire.

At this point, I would be extremely surprised if this ended any other way, but again, there has been no official confirmation that it is finished.

6:39 p.m. UPDATE: Hugh again. Two sources are indicating a team meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow.


  1. Hugh,

    Interesting to note, there was a Beechcraft King Air 90 based in Norman that flew from Norman to Indy Metro yesterday afternoon. That plane is apparently still on the ground.

  2. Hugh,

    When you were a kid, did you ever envision yourself tracking private jets on the Internet down the road? And for the purpose of covering Indiana University football, at that?

  3. Casey,

    I did not yet know what the Internet was, but had I known I believe I would have realized its true value as a mechanism for tracking the flights of potential football coaches at Indiana University. Thank you, Al Gore. Thank you.

  4. If we do hire Wilson, hopefully someone in the media will ask some tough questions of Glass about not hiring someone defense-oriented, and to press Wilson how he intends to build our defense. When you think about all the games where we scored enough points that a reasonable person would say “A team scoring that many points really should win.” only to give up 7 or 14 or 21 more than that . . . it just makes me as a fan sick thinking about it. I don’t understand why we would hire someone who is primarily offense-oriented.

  5. I’ll be excited when he announces his DC and what type of D they’ll use, maybe. I’ll be excited if it is not an allnighter waiting for the news. Seriously Husky, He’s a winner and I like his background. Just not a big fan of the Pistol. But, maybe he can help IU “finish” or be more consistent on Off. Hell, he could change it all up. He’ll have good talent.

  6. Begin a “offense wins game, defense wins championships” kind of guy, my first instinct was for a DC over an OC. But after thinking about it a bit more, my biggest concern is finding someone who can give IU an identity or swagger. Harbaugh is an offense guy, but he has given Stanford a real toughness which has come through on the defensive side of the ball (three shutouts this year). As long as we get that kind of identity, I’ll be happy.

  7. This has all seems to have come together fairly quickly, one has to wonder how much work was done behind the scenes prior to the Bucket game. Wilson is coming from a proven program, one of the comments from an OU fan was “Anyone can look good and be fast in a Ferrari, Lets see how Wilson does in a Ford” makes me wonder ??

  8. I hear the late Don Meredith singin Willie Nelson’s “Turn out the light the parties over” on the coaching search, or at least a decision is being mulled over at the very least. If it is K. Wilson, he has been around successful programs long enough to realize a strong defense is essential to winning big games. He will pay what is necessary to assemble a staff for winning because AD Glass is his willing and eager investment banker. Signed LOI and then Spring camp.

  9. I’m excited but not trilled, I also want to see who the DC is going to be. Ususally in a situation like this the coach will bring some position coaches and promote them to coordinators on his new staff. OU has put out some pretty good D lineman the last few years, Jackie Shipp is the position coach there, but all he has ever been is a DL coach. Willie Martinez is another guy on thier staff that could be promoted, he has DC experience at Georgia and UCF.

  10. Does he keep Moriarity? I’m assuming Mo is still in good standing with Indiana HS coaches.

  11. just makes you wonder why people set their sights on certain coaches. I wonder why we did not look at a head coach but maybe we did and they were not interested. I will be happy with Wilson because of his resume, honors, and he is from a football crazy place that wins…but…he better come here and perform quickly! I will support him all the way but a quick turnaround will prove a point and we have a good foundation in place. I give him 2 or 3 years and let’s be honest, in 2 or 3 years any coach we hire should be able to eeek out 6 wins!

  12. I’m tempering any enthusiasm for an official hire. Like many on this board (and others) am particularly concerned about the DC hire (if we go the offensive-minded HC route like Wilson), because I will beat the drum to death that IU MUST raise its defensive level to at least league-average. What I don’t want is a return to the Randle El days–tremendously fun offense but even more horrifically terrible defense (leading to more losses than wins).

    As for a “turnaround time,” I absolutely do not expect miracles within 2-3 seasons–it’s just not going to happen in a program that’s had a losing culture for most of the past 100 years. This is a long-term building project, and as long as tangible progress (defense, recruiting, academics, swagger, etc.) is being made EACH season, then we’ll be heading in the right direction.

  13. As long as he is a fighter and recruits fighters that play hard and fast and don’t give up, I’ll support him. I expect the next coach to win 6 games next year JPat.

  14. I’m excited about the possibility at getting a coach who can help teams RUN the ball. Looking for a big improvement in that regard.

  15. Until I see who the Defensive staff is going to be, I’m not going to be excited at all.

    There are still two open OoC games on the schedule, but Ball State and Virginia (2 scheduled), those should be wins. Assuming the other 2 are the normal cupcakes, those should be wins as well.

    Looking over the Big Ten schedule, Penn State, Illinois, Northwestern & Purdue at home. The possibility for 4-0 at home in the Big Ten is there, 3-1 is realistic, 2-2 is worse case scenario. With the 4 OoC wins, that is 6-6 next year.

  16. Mike P.,
    I just checked it and your right, we do have 2 open slots. Deleware St had previously been scheduled for 9/24/11, wonder what happend with them?

  17. I was going to come back and add and it is funny after reading mass and Mike P…if Lynch and co can win 5 games surely the next upgraded staff can win 6, right?

  18. I am interested to see what this guy’s personality is like. I mean maybe Oklahoma fans are just disgruntled, but he doesn’t exactly seem like a fan favorite from the comments I’ve read. Sour grapes? Maybe, but maybe it also says something. What kind of swagger does he bring to the team, if any?

    There’s some mild excitment, and I think he’ll be a stablizing force for a lot of our players and recruits since he comes from a big name football school.

    Also, is this just a stepping stone job for Wilson if he succeeds? I mean I’ll take success any way we can get it, but that’s the danger of bringing in someone like this. Is it really a destination job for him? Is he willing to turn it into one?

  19. IMO this is a great hire. Yes the Hoosiers might end up being a stepping stone but that would put Indiana in a great position next time. If this pans out, even if Wilson moves on after 5 years, this could be the hire that potentially makes the future of football at Indiana University. You cannot look for a coach by picking the sad sack that you know will never leave. You will never be successful in running an athletic department by being afraid of what might happen.

    Now, personally I’m a defense first guy and would have loved a defensive genius for the next Hoosiers coach (and I hope Wilson hires one to work under him.) The problem with hiring a defense 1st kinda coach is they wont put butts in seats at a place like B-town unless they start fighting for a Big 10 (11,12?…Rust Belt Conference?…Whatever?) championship. If the Hoosiers start averaging 45 pts a week people will show up to watch very early so from that standpoint as much as I want defense, I think it’s a smart move by Glass.

  20. A couple of things give me thoughts about a promising future. The consulting guru Neinas being utilized by Glass is top notch and has helped place a bunch of very successful coaches at their past and present HC locations over the last two decades. Oklahoma fans are passionate about FB and as knowledgeable about the game as Hoosiers are about basketball. Hence they develop, hold and voice extremely strong opinions whether it is about OU, OSU or Tulsa FB programs robustly. I recently read where a large %(IIRC in the 60 percentile)of D-1 coaches came from the offensive side of the ball. I like the fact OU has incorporated the Pistol formation as an option in their offense. 6-6 should be expected next year for sure. With the pressure to win at OU year in and year out from their rabid fan base should help neutralize the stress exerted around IU.

  21. What automatically precludes that an OC candidate won’t know how to solve our defensive woes? Many people act as if offense and defense are completely different games. The biggest factors in evaluating a HC to take on the daunting task of getting IU out of basement are going to be:

    – How are you going to recruit?
    – How are you going to do so without getting us neck deep with the NCAA?
    – What is your plan for building a staff and what are the values and philosophy that you will build from (Not scheme related!)?

    Scheme is overrated. Every single year of Bill Lynch’s tenure, they employed some kind of scheme change either on offense or defense to start the year to solve a weakness. NONE of those changes lead to increases in wins.

  22. So, are you going to track Santa on Christmas Eve ???
    What happen to getting a known head coach ?

  23. So, are you going to track Santa on Christmas Eve ??
    What happen to getting a known head coach ??

  24. dad asked me last night what I wanted out of the new coach. Other than a darn good coach that will win 6-7-8 games consistently…I want a coach that wants to win. I mean a coach that can rally the troops, I mean someone that you can tell wants to win with every bone in their body…someone who wants to win like it is life or death. I saw that in Hep several times, a lot of the time and I want that again. Kids can sense that ya know. The desire to win, the passion…that is what I want. If we get that along with a good to great coach…the sky is the limit!

  25. Hopefully we can trust Mr. Glass to choose a coach who knows how to assemble a good staff and understands what it takes to recruit and win with players on both sides of the ball. If Coach Wilson is the guy then I wish him and Indiana footbal the best of luck.

    ‘Dandy’ Don Meredith – RIP. sniff…

  26. Like many, there are a few names I’d be interested in seeing come to Bloomington. That being said, it’s pretty silly for me to think I have a better grasp of what makes up a good head football coach than a consultant (yeah, I know it’s a bad word) that does it for a living. I’m old enough to remember how disappointed Hoosiers were when we hired some young coach from West Point to coach the basketball team.

  27. I guess in all my desire for a defensive-minded coach, I never looked at things in the following way:

    Successful OCs have to be able to pick apart a defensive coordinator’s game plan.

    So doesn’t it make logical sense that he would have a good idea how to construct a good defense if he’s able to beat one? The Big 12 isn’t exactly a slouch of a football conference.

  28. Chet,

    That memory is intact for me also.


    My thoughts almost to the word.

  29. I didn’t realize he coached under Randy Walker at Northwestern, following him there after coaching with him at Miami, Ohio. That also means he coached with Hep at Miami, Ohio.

    I wonder what sort of emotional ties, if any, Wilson has with this job. I mean that’s two people he spent a lot of time with who passed tragically, including one who was on the brink of turning the IU program around. You have to think it factors in somewhat.

    He was clearly close with Walker, following him to the Northwestern job, and he coached with Hep at Miami for about nine years, it appears.

  30. This is what I found on a few Oklahoma based websites. Staff

    NORMAN, Oklahoma — An Indiana source told that OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson will now be the head coach at Indiana.

    According to the web site: “A source close to the Indiana athletic department has just told us that AD Fred Glass has selected a new head coach. Our source tells us that Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson will be the next head coach for the Hoosiers.”

    Earlier today a source told Sports Director Dean Blevins that Wilson was interviewing for the head coaching position at the Indiana University.

  31. I figured as much, guys. I’d never heard of it, but came across the report via some Oklahoma blogs and noticed another Oklahoma blog picked it up.

    Regardless, until Glass announces anything official, it’s all rumor, whether it’s stated that a source has confirmed it or not!

    I hate to say that I’ve had more fun than a grown man probably should following this today.

  32. Hugh, the plane you linked on twitter is Fuzzy’s, heading to Teterboro at 4:59 ET. Not the plane headed to Norman. Is that why you were confused when you clicked the link, or has neither plane left?

  33. So is there anything to made that the plane hasn’t left yet?

    Was he going to check the place and make a decision later? Did that get accelerated, so now they’re setting up a press conference, did he want to wait and have dinner at a local Hardees, or are we all just going crazy with possibilities?

  34. Thanks for clearing that up Hugh we appreciate your hard work on the blog!! Feeling that Wilson is still in Btown or is it more likely FlightTracker just didn’t update since they listed a new flight later on today?

  35. While we’re throwing poo against the wall to see if it sticks, let’s speculate the flight to Denver is to pick up Dan Hawkins, the deposed Colorad coach and former Boise State boss, as offensive coordinator.

  36. I’ll speculate that Glass breaks radio silence by Wednesday at the latest, but hopefully by tomorrow.

    I’ll also speculate that none of these flights have anything to do with Moses Abraham.

  37. OU football has a ridiculous number of fan blogs and they all have different connections. (Probably, I’m guessing, like Indiana basketball.) They all seem to be saying KW is definitely going to Indiana as the next head coach. I am a Kevin Wilson fan and have loved watching Wilson with our offense. Sam Bradford is a big fan of Wilson’s and Bradford loved playing under him and QB coach Josh Heupel.

    Wilson is a great play caller. Sometimes he has played it safe this year, but there were reasons. Some OU fans want the 50 yard bomb every play – you can’t please them. But if you ask people who really KNOW their college football they will tell you KW is one of the top 2 or 3 OC in the country. As much as I hate to lose him at OU, it would be a crime if he didn’t get to head a program and now, apparently, it’s his time.

    Since it seems like a done deal – good luck to the Hoosier football program. You’ll have a lot of Sooner fans cheering you on. You’re getting not only a great coach and a very hard working, dedicated coach but a very classy individual.

    Good luck!

  38. Thank you SoonerBorn! If Wilson is indeed our next head coach, I can only dream that he brings us to even half the level of what OU football has been at for the past…basically forever.

  39. HUGH,

    I was wondering the actually connection between IU and Fuzzy’s plane….is he just a friend of Glass or does he normally let IU folks use his plane for university related things?


  40. Until its official, I’ll hold judgement. Can’t help but think anyone around this situation, Glass included would say anything, or let anything come out. If Wilson comes, needs a serious DC and go get some athletes in fertile recruiting areas and lets our MAC recruits go play in the MAC.

  41. A class comment from SoonerBorn. Thanks and good luck to you on your bowl game this year and for the OK Sooners in the future.

  42. SoonerBorn:

    Thanks for the info and the classy post. Hoosier fans will be excited to see what he can do, if he is indeed our next head coach.

  43. I have to wonder why Minnesota fans were so surprised by hiring Kill, and had all of the other names that seemed to be for sure the last few days, like Paterson. Do they not have plane tracking technology like we do? Or did they find a different way to shuttle back and forth between Minneapolis and DeKalb?

  44. Actually cln, they were tracking planes, looking at various twitter accounts for any leak of who the coach was(all of which were basically wrong), and speculating just as much, if not more, about who their next head coach would be than IU fans. People were tracking flights from Southern Mississippi to Minnesota (despite forgetting that, gasp, Brett Favre is from Mississippi) because they thought SoMiss head coach Larry Fedora was on a plane to Minneapolis for the head coaching position. They heard Petersen might be the candidate. Paul Chryst (Wisconsin O-Coordinator) was an option because Maturi is longtime friends with his father, although that would not have been a big name hire either. People were surprised by Kill because Kill is not a homerun hire that Maturi promised. I think Kill will do a great job for that program though. From looking @ his press conference, he reminded me of Crean in a few ways (certainly not looks).

  45. With this new practice facility and a big check we can’t get a big name coach? Thats what its going to take, someone dynamic with appeal, can you imagine this guy sittin in your living room if your a top 150 African American FB star. We won’t have a chance. Get out a big check and do it right or don’t do it at all.

  46. I’ve scheduled a press conference on my patio for 7:30 tomorrow morning. I will announce my long-standing preference for hiring coaches away from Oklahoma, just based on previous success. Also will announce that i don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, just like the previous 60 posters. Let me know who our next fb coach is next week, after we beat Kentucky.

  47. I find it odd a coach would take a job without seeing the facilities. I saw the OU director of recruiting is the running backs coach and Heupel is going to be the new OC. Maybe he can get the director of recruiting for OC at IU.

    Whomever it is please be able to recruit.

  48. Thanks Sooner Born …I’m really liking the possibilities with Wilson …and what the are u saying Doug? Ok maybe you cleared it up in your next post …but Kevin Wilson has a very, very good background …and you really don’t think players will give let him in their home when he most recently coached stud Sam Bradford and super-stud Adrian ? I would love to have him come to IU … Was just listening to Harbaugh and he gave all the defensive credit for an AMAZING Pac-10 turnaround to their new DC …they went from 10th LAST …to 1 st …last to first …you are all correct, we need a really good DC at IU …

  49. Brady Hoke signed a 2 year extension at SDSU. Jerry Kill to Minnesota. Looks like Kevin Wilson is our guy, if he wants the job. I think this would be a great hire. KW has Midwest connections and may be able to snag some good recruits from the Southwest, i.e. Oklahoma and Texas.

  50. I have a long time business associate in OKC that was a D1 player in college – he said OU will miss Wilson and not to pay any attention to the negative blogs – he said OU fans expect to go undefeated every year and win every game by scoring 50 points – Wilson develops pro talent and recruits well – if we are lucky to get him it is certainly a big step up for the program.

    Fuzzy’s plane was used by Greenspan to hire Hep – that is the one to follow.

  51. The IU AD’s Football To Do List: 1) fire Lynch-check; 2) research the new coach-check; 3) hire a new coach-close should be done by Wednesday; 4) solidify the current team behind the new coach-started but not completed; 5) solidify the current football commitments for 2011 behind the new coach-started but not completed; 6) help the new coach get a GREAT staff; 7) help the new coach get some 4 star and 5 star recruits for 2011; 8) get the season ticket band-wagon and promotions out ASAP to capitalize on all of the immediate energy and excitement around the football program-Glass does this in his sleep at night; 9) Don’t forget the baseball-softball stadium-dam_, that almost slipped by me! Then take a half-day off. Then it is back to work!

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