Report claims Wilson is a done deal

Kevin Wilson is leaving Oklahoma to become the next head football coach at Indiana, according to an Oklahoma TV station’s report.

Every indication we have been given is that it is true, though we do not yet have a source saying a deal has been reached.

8:11 P.M. UPDATE: And now the song and dance continues.

Wilson talked to the Oklahoman, and admitted he interviewed today. But he also said he has not been offered the job.

“I talked to them,” he said. “We’ll see where it goes. Nothing’s final yet.”

Wilson flew from Norman to Indianapolis to meet with Indiana officials, including athletic director Fred Glass, and is believed to be the leading candidate for the job.

Indiana, however, is yet to announce a press conference or made an official announcement about its coaching search to replace Bill Lynch, who was fired last week.

“I don’t think there’s any sense of rush, you know, both ways,” said Wilson, who got back to Norman about 5:40 in the evening.


  1. coach wilson gave me a call tonight wanting to see if i would play qb next year for iu. I said yes but we then realized my 5 year clock would run out by then. quite unfortunate

  2. That’s O.K. indianaourindiana we are going to appeal based on the fact that you “didn’t know” your 5 year clock was ticking.

  3. I could care what some of think about Lynch or whatever ….How on Gods green earth could you not see that Indiana had to reach higher ? Way higher …this Kevin Wilson is the REAL DEAL ….wherever he’s been from Northwesterns unprobable Rose Bowl to coaching Sam Bradford and adrian Peterson …for crying out loud …maybe many Indiana football fans know so little about football …but MANY Oklahoma fans are relating that we are very lucky to be getting this man ….For once …we get a WINNER …not some nicey nicey can’t ever win 21 straight MAC losses apologists ….the real true Indiana fans like myself would like a winner coaching our team …WE JUST GOT HIM ….Kevin Wilson …better days are ahead Hoosier fans ….thank you Fred GLass !!

  4. I’ll believe he’s a winner when he builds us a defense. We’ve had some very good offenses over the last 18-or-so years, and some exceptionally talented players who have or are playing Sundays. But it hasn’t led to success of the football program, because we’ve never been able to build a defense.

    Wilson builds a defense, and I’ll become a believer. If he commits just to outscoring opponents, then it’s just another repeat of the same record.

  5. This guy has the credentials AND he coached with Hoeppner from 1990-1998 at Miami, OH under Randy Walker. I have to believe that not only does Wilson see it as a good fit for his crack at a head coaching job, but he has to feel a bit of an emotional tug. He was obviously close with Walker and you have to assume he was with Hep as well.

    I definitely want to know how much that factored in for Wilson, if at all. At the very least, it’s one heck of a coincidence.

    I hope the reports are accurate. I am getting excited about this hire.

  6. Too bad we couldn’t have held out a bit longer to grab Josh McDaniels…

    This is an exciting hire that we should all get behind. The OC title gives him instant respect with recruits like Roberts and current important pieces like Belcher, Doss, Duwyce, and EWB. The man has football smarts enough to know that he needs a stud DC as his co-pilot; I don’t think he will have any delusions of trying to build a program through more and more offense.

  7. Do you think he will change the uniforms? The pants at least.
    He might not be the guy hired. This could take another week. Is this the only coach that will take a look at our facilities or meat with IU VIP’s?

  8. Hey Tom,

    Check out Chuck Neinas Sports Services, the consultant AD Glass is using for the search, this guy is BIG. Talk about stealth and keeping out of the vision of sports fans. This guy is unbelievable.

  9. there is a team meeting tomarrow afternoon. Know one of the players and they expect him to be named the new coach.

  10. Hugh, Dustin, or Andy:

    There is a lot of speculation out there right now that OU offensive line coach James Patton might come to IU with Wilson? Can you guys shed any light on this?? Heard Patton is a great recruiter.

  11. obviously the most important question after googling him….. doe she currently have the stache or not? i think this is essential to success. all kidding aside i could not be more thrilled with the choice and only wish i wasn’t a senior so i could see indiana get to the top!

  12. I think this will be a good hire for IU. There is a lot of negative comments on the Indy Star website and that gets so old. My hope is that IU can be competitive and that he runs a clean program. It won’t happen overnight though. The basketball program is on the right track and now it is time for IU football to do the same.

  13. This is a good hire. To those already being critical, give him achance. There is a huge difference between being a coordinator and Head Coach. I like his backgroud with Hep, Walker, and Stoopes.

  14. This guy exudes confidence: “I know that region but I don’t know if I fit them. I’m an unproven guy, so they’d be taking a leap of faith. We’ll see how it works out.” -Kevin Wilson on IU via the Indy Star.

  15. Clarion- Yeah, I read about Neinas a few days ago. Crazy job that guy has, and he’s been connected to some of the most successful hires in the last decade (and a few of the bad ones). I put him in the same category as Tiger Woods’ swing coach – a “best in the business” type mind who can charge some pretty high prices for his services.

  16. Wilson would be smart to hire some veteran coaches, including at least one old former D-1 head coach, on his staff.

    One of the biggest mistakes made by Cam Cameron, a guy who had never been even a coordinator, was hiring a bunch of young relatively inexperienced guys around him.

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