Report: Pease accepts offensive coordinator job’s Tom Dienhart (who pretty much owns this stuff) is reporting that Boise State assistant head coach/wide receivers coach Brent Pease has accepted the job as Indiana’s offensive coordinator.

Pease, who was previously the offensive coordinator at Baylor and Kentucky as well as Northern Arizona and Montana, reportedly visited Bloomington earlier this week.


  1. I’m somewhat curious as to what this will mean for Billy Lynch, who has had a great run with this current crew of receivers. Would I like to see someone who’s darn-nearly won championships coaching up these receivers alongside his OC duties? Yes. However, I think it would be good for the kids and for the program (might convince Doss to stick around another year) to retain Billy and just let Pease (assuming he’s the guy) draw up plays.

  2. This is a good hire for IU, AS FOR Billy it would be best for IU if he followed his father out the door . He is not the best wide receiver coach available for this program.

    We must start new and fresh, you don’t rebuild a engine with use parts that have fail in the past when you could get a brand new engine. Learn how to win.

  3. what is it with these folks who think there is anything to be gained by holding over any vestige of the bill lynch regime? sure, bill sr. and jr. are fine guys, and should have jobs, somewhere, but they had their shot at making the IU program winners and failed dismally.

    just because the IU receivers were the best aspect of a bad team does not merit keeping bill jr. around. I wish him and his dad no ill will or anything except to find success and happiness elsewhere, perhaps for bill jr. with a MAC or WAC team. but let go of them. do not keep harping on keeping them.

    it reminds me of IU fans, who, when there were vacancies that Kelvin Sampson and Tom Crean filled, seriously proposed the name of Isiah Thomas, just because he was a Hoosier and had been a coach, even though he was as toxic as could be to any program he came near.

    bill jr. certaiinly is not toxic, but he was not so successful that any serious thought should be given to keeping him around. get over it and move on to hopefully bigger and better things with newer and different preople. there are more coaches available out there than just those you can see at the end of the nose on your face.

  4. Mike P.,

    That shares my line of thinking about Bill Jr. and any future on the new staff. I would hope we’ll here about him in a couple of years really making his mark. You can bet where ever he lands he will be returning to Indiana at times to recruit.

  5. Sorry for your luck gentlemen. If I were an alumnus of Indiana, I would really look into my program. There must be something horribly wrong with it for Pease to leave after one week’s work.

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