Robbins out, Taylor speculation continues

C.J. Robbins, a three-star defensive end, has decommitted from Indiana and given a verbal commitment to Northwestern, is reporting.

Robbins is the second player to switch from Indiana to Northwestern, joining Nick VanHoose.

There’s also the continuing case of Raymon Taylor, one of two four-star prospects in Indiana’s class of 2011 (Zach Shaw, a firm commit, is the other). Taylor visited Iowa over the weekend and told that if he did not go to Indiana, it would probably be because he is headed to Iowa.

Keep in mind that is an Iowa-based site and there are ways to produce quotes that seem to indicate Taylor is wavering more than he actually may be (he has told Dustin several times that he is firmly committed to Indiana).

The losses of VanHoose and Robbins leave Indiana with 19 verbal commitments in the class of 2011.


  1. Actually, the comments on peegs from taylor were pretty promising. sounds like he will give IU every opportunity to keep him. Even mentions he will take his IU visit last if that is what coach wilson wants him to do.

  2. Funny that the coaching staff at Northwestern continues to try to poach committeed IU recruits. Bruce Weber would be crying like a baby!

  3. Some of this is normal, regardless of coaching changes. But I believe IU would have suffered more defections from verbally committed recruits had Lynch been retained as coach. I think that 83-20 loss and three Big Ten wins in three years made a lot of players question their committment to play for IU. If anything, Wilson’s arrival should minimize the defections. And if a kid announces his decommittment without even meeting Wilson, you have to question the kid’s level of committment to IU in the first place, especially recruits intended for the defense. Relative to the 2010 team, IU’s defense can only go in one direction, and that’s up. As for offensive players, are you kidding me? Wilson has coached several of the best offenses in the country over the last five years, including the Heisman Trophy winner and countless players drafted into the NFL. How could any kid intending to play offense be turned off by the thought of playing on a Wilson coached offense. No, I think some of these announcements have less to do with IU’s coaching change and more to do with opportunistic recruits whose stock has risen since they verbally committedto IU and aggressive tactics by other schools’ coaching staffs. Verbal committments are basically place holders and therefore almost worthless. Recruiting is obviously not a done deal until the ink is on the contract. So in keeping, I hope Wilson and his staff are returning the favor to every school that tries to poach IU’s verbally committed recruits. Pay back is a b#@&% and everything’s fair in war, so Mr. Wilson, poach away.

  4. Now I have a taste for Trojan Horse’s fried pork tenderloin sandwich, but Bloomington is completely out of reach. Damn! Damn Google spiders! Who mentioned USC? Thanks a lot….Those delicious jalapeno poppers and a cold Bud in a frosty mug to start things off….I hate you, Google spiders.

  5. I’m not sure what the problem is here. Taylor opened his recruitment back up, and is looking around. No one is trying to poach him. lists him as not committed to any school at the moment.

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