1. That Elston answer was a bunch of BULL. If he was tired then the strength and conditioning coach should be fired immediately. Elston was fine and Crean just made a bone headed decision.

  2. One thing struck me as amazing this week, and I think it was a quote by Verdell Jones after the UNI game:

    “We aren’t as good as we thought we were”

    I mean….com’on….who have you beat? Name one team that you have beat that has a chance at the NIT.

    This team needs a leader or it will be another terrible year.

  3. Crean can’t afford another terrible year and then not be on the HOT seat come 2011. This team needs to beat some non high school teams this year, win a few games on the road, and get to a post season tourney.

  4. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet, what you said about a true on the floor leader was oh so true. I thought it would be Hulls or Jones but haven’t seen them step up to the challenge, better happen soon. Seems like we haven’t figured out what best five players play best together yet. Would have been nice to have that figured out by Big Ten season. Oh well,GO HOOSIERS !!! Support Global Cooling, Eat More Ice Cream, Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Coaching was the difference in the four teams not talent.CTC needs to look in the mirror. That’s where the problem lies.

  6. I don’t see the progress that I should have. Coach Crean seem like he is coaching an Allyball team. Talent but very few disciplines to beat any good team.

  7. You MUST make free throws (nobody is guarding you), you must stay between your man and the basket, team wins are more important than your points, you must help your teammate who get beat defensively, and you must be able to play under pressure at this level – I think I know why we lost in Vegas!

  8. Get Real, you are a freaking joke. Watford is the only player “talented” enough to start on any of those other 3 teams in the tournament. Take off your red tinted glasses.

  9. MoCreek got lost/beat on 2 defensive plays late in the game. Limit him to 5 min stints until his legs are back. A point that doesn’t get trapped/lose ball would help.

  10. Coaching didn’t lose these games. Poor defense and a culture of “whos gonna be the guy, cause it isn’t gonna be me” lost these games. Crean did do some things that left me scratching my head, but those things didnt lead to the losses overall. Ever notice that teams switch their drive guard to Watford when we are on Defense. Hes not real quick laterally, they know it and exploit it. Offensively, Verdell needs to understand this isnt his show. Thats where the TO’s come from. I dont mind his driving in the lane, but at least wait long enough for us to get into position for a rebound/putback if it doesnt drop. Offense talent can’t be taught, but defense can. Lets focus on the defense and quit trying to run these teams out of the gym. It wont lead to flashy wins, but wins nonetheless.

  11. They looked very sluggish and un-athletic these past two games. Also, anyone else convinced we need a PG this class?

  12. about this dribble drive offense. only suited to teams with future pro level guards, which we don’t have (maybe oladipo). i believe coaches who teach this either lack the discipline to teach a more exacting offense or want to appeal to their players who prefer to “free-form” it.

    we do not run a proper fast break, bringing the ball up the middle with wings being filled. worse, there is no apparent secondary break involving trailers, weak-side screen, ball reversal, etc. here is how our offense starts most times. a guard bringing the ball up, getiing into a slide-step protective dribble, moving to the sideline and handing it off to the wing who dribbles the ball back above the top of the key. exactly where the ball was 6 seconds ago. at no time has either player looked inside for a cutter or post, which doesn’t matter because no one is cutting, screening or posting. that takes care of the first 12-15 seconds of the shot clock.

    next starts the 3-man weave across the top of the key while the other two stand and watch. there goes another 10-12 seconds. finally a high post screen and desperation drive into 3 defenders.

    other ridiculous things we do on offense. immediately after catching the ball, start dribbling with no idea why or where to go. just wasted your triple threat position. guards posting up 20 feet from the basket. really? ever hear of a back cut? lateral cuts across the free throw line where you are moving away from the basket. you can’t catch and shoot that.

    i saw elston improvise a baseline curl with a trailing defender and shaved close to watford at the block. watford just ignored the trailing defender. never even thought about how easy it would be to free elston with a screen. why? because he hasn’t been coached to.

    i don’t know why old school basketball with screening and cutting has become so unpopular. it works. pass the ball, screen away. weakside cutting and screening keeps weakside defense preoccupied and less available to help on drives and low post entries.

    people here are critical of the offense of our players but our team offense does not put them in position to play to their strengths and be successful. if it wasn’t for offensive put backs we wouldn’t have scored 20 points in the second half.

  13. It’s going to be a long big 10 season. No leadership on team. Creek should have been red shirted this year. Maybe if coach gave V Jones more pine time it might help his poor ball handling decisions!

  14. The freezed-frame on the video makes it look like you two are in a heated rap battle. What would be good rapper names for each of you?

  15. CoachV, I saw the same play on the baseline with Elston and Watford. I couldn’t believe that Watford just let the defender go by him unabated. Yes, a coach should teach that, but I’m thinking his high school coach is one to teach those basics. I never played organized ball myself but I figured that out a long time ago — step in front of opponents any chance you get to disrupt them. This is why I put alot of blame on the players simply not having experience or natural aggressive talent. Settings screens is just common sense, they should know this stuff before college.

    My other complaint, I mentioned before, is that our bigs simply don’t know how to set a legal screen. We get called for moving screens several times in every game. That’s just a stupid turnover, esp. when done far from the basket.

    I’m disappointed that our players don’t already know these basics…

  16. john

    you’d be surprised by the number of high school coaches that are in over their head. more than that, they may teach it, but the coach doesn’t have the discipline to demand they execute every time. if players feel like it’s optional, they won’t bother. that is why these offensive shortcomings are totally on the coach. my high school teams ran offenses that weren’t terribly complex but they had to study and execute. the hoosiers are young still, but i worry about what i see.

    as for the moving screens, you are so right. big man sets, and stands still and strong. it is always the dribblers job to drive his defender into the screen.

  17. coachv, Im as frustrated with the lack of obvioyus fundamental shortcomings these kids have. It is the responsibility of the driver to wipe his man off of the screen, it is also his responsibility to let him get there before he takes off. this creates foul problems for the screeners. I see hedging coming on the TV before the guys on the floor and that shouldn’t happen. These are things that these kids shopuld be getting coached up on. It should be done everyday until they can’t forget it. I think Coach needs to dumby things down,keep things simple. That means no dribble weave also. I would like to see them get back on the winning track this week, but they need leadership on and off the floor to appear in a hurry. I wish for these things in the new year.

    1. I hate it,because he has worked so hard to get back this far, but Mo must sit.
    2. When VJ’s bottiom lip gets stuck out after a couple mistakes send him to the end of the bench so far he can’t see ya.
    3. Ge VO and WS more minutes get them some experience for next year.
    4. Let Watford Know he isn’t going to play pro ball forcing things against 3 guys. They will eat him up and spit him out.
    5. Find a point gaurd and stick with him whoever that may be.
    6. Elston need to quit acting like it is a pick up game and get his a#% in gear he is proving himself to be basketcase. He is a really good get for us, but he scares me like Jammal Meeks with the ball:) I loved that kid too.

    Thats enough, Merry Chrisrtmas and Happy New Year to all.

  18. jamaal meeks. that’s a blast from the past. sounds like you grew up on coach knight’s basketball. say what you will about him but they sure knew their fundamentals. what i wouldn’t give to see an iu player come off a proper screen or curl for a catch and shoot jumper, proper footwork and all. don’t believe crean knows how to teach that.

    i know most people here disagree with my assesment, but a big part of creek’s problem is his incredible low release point. you can see how he has to rush his shot. he can’t take that split second to gather himself before going up for the shot. when he faces big ten competition for the first time, it will continue to be a problem, because bigger and better athletes will close out quicker. this is why i’ve always said he has no nba prospects. don’t expect any improvement unntil someone teaches him how to shoot properly.

  19. hey dustin,

    my wife would like to give you the sports editor’s job at the norwin star. there’s no place like home!

  20. IU needs to beat the teams they are suppose to, Iowa, Penn state, Home and away. Then beat 2 or 3 others @ home. I would start Sheeney and Vic O. then rotate in VJ and creek making them earn time. They haven’t up to this point. The other starters would be Hull, Wat, and DE.

  21. I went to Vegas with many, many Hoosier fans ….I love Indiana basketball …I loved the Big Red Warmup in Vegas …Indiana has great, knowledgeable basketball fans …You all would be shocked at the cat-calls to “its MY basketball” Jones …and lots at Tom Crean …dude can clap ALL game long …doesn’t do ANY good when the team lacks SO many of the basic fundamentals … Like I said ..I LOVE the Hoosiers but I hate watching this group try to play basketball …Oh, and I am jealous watching Butler …sooooooooooo many more fundamentals than IU

  22. coachv – I couldn’t agree with you more! I coached grade school
    kids for 5-6 years, and they had better basics than what I see, but, I had to teach them and require them to follow through or they would be picking up pine. I have yet to figure out what CTC is really trying to do. whatever it is, isn’t working!

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