1. I think that it was obvious that CTC didn’t want to surrender 40 pts to Sullinger and went with a zone allowing frequent AH visitors and clowns- Diebler, Buford and Lighty to have numerous wide open threes in this contest tying the most 3 pter’s ever surrendered in AH, a mark that was established in the CTC era by NW. (13 of 19). Buford, especially has displayed great levity in the Hall during the past three seasons with mugging after either easy dunks or last nite wide open threes.

    OSU is good, but ONLY beat IUPUI at Value City Arena by 11 pts with Sullinger scoring 40pts and shooting 23 FT’s. (IUPUI surrendered 5 three point baskets on 11 attempts)

    Since we still had fouls to give at the post position (3 Capo, 5- Howard)- it seems like that not staying in the zone for so long and playing man might have at least let a one time visitor (Sullinger) have his ONE day in the light and work on his FT form.

    While I agree that the team seemed to play pretty hard in the man to man defense and of course had to work very hard to get the ball in bounds and to get into the offense from half court- hopefully we can quickly adjust in upcoming games to hot shooting and force opponents to change their strategy for creating offensive production.

  2. Hugh said his last name so quickly it sounded like “Cucumber”. Have you considered doing an alternate intro with the same inspiring theme music? Maybe a compilation of various Verdell Jones turnovers? Or, have you considered using clips(set to a higher speed, of course) showing Pritch, Elston, and Capo rotating in and out from the bench in foul trouble?

    All joking aside, the three of you guys make an excellent team on ScoopTalk. These 10-minute postgame discussions really separate you from the competition..Best coverage this side of the Atlantic. Great stuff and it’s very evident how closely you follow the action on the court. I think you should sign the bearded redhead to a contract and make him a permanent member of the HT….He adds a sort of Orson Welles aura of sophistication to the chats.

  3. Good points all, as usual.

    But isn’t it unfair to focus on the Penn State game as showing much of anything other than that IU (to use more than a bit of hyperbole, but..), has had a run of bad luck of quasi-Biblical proportions?

    Ok. I know. That’s a bit much.

    But still, when you have one of your best opportunities for a victory, and your touted class of 2009 is the guts of the team and one of the two best guys from that class (and probably your best player, Creek) is not himself all year because of the knee and then your other best player from that class (Watford) is not himself on a temporary (hopefully) basis because of the back problem, is it any surprise that you lose?

    Add in the Roth injury troubles and the loss of Guy and the picture starts to come in to focus.

    In that context, losing Watford for all practical purposes for this critical game is REALLY rotten luck.

    Crean is probably wondering if any other pieces of the heavens can collapse on him.

    Doesn’t it really show, more than anything, that Crean and the team have had more than their fair share of bad luck?

    Granted, almost all teams have to deal with injury at some point, but…

    I suspect if you take most teams in the country and handicap their two best players for a game, along with commensurate problems a la Guy and Roth, most would have trouble.

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