Shaw still committed, but looking

Zack Shaw, a linebacker from Coshocton (Ohio) High School and one of Indiana’s two four-star recruits, said he is still verbally committed to Indiana but that he is surveying his options. Shaw said he recently took a visit to West Virginia and plans on a visit to Akron, though the latter school is not quite as high on his list.

Shaw said he has spoken to new Indiana coach Kevin Wilson several times, and he has a good impression of him so far.

“I like him,” Shaw said. “He seems like a pretty good dude.”

But before calling off his recruitment completely, he wants to see Wilson’s defensive staff.

“When he puts his defensive staff together, I want to see how I fit with the new program,” Shaw said.

Shaw has not yet taken his official visit to Indiana and said he will do that sometime in January. He said there is not a specific date yet.


  1. these guys going elsewhere does not bother me at all. I am confident Wilson will recruit well. I also have a funny feeling that whether these kids admit it or not…they have been looking at other schools since IU had 83 dropped by Wisky!

  2. This was inevitable…there are always recruits that defect during a coaching change. What will be very exciting to see is how much improvement can Coach Wilson get out of the guys currently on the team. I have a feeling we’ll see a marked difference come spring, and guaranteed by next fall.

  3. Shaw will stay with Indiana. He is looking around with every intention of staying with IU. I feel much more confident about keeping Shaw than I do Taylor.

  4. I wonder if KW has seen film on some of these kids and talked with them about looking elsewhere. Maybe it isn’t always the kid that’s dissatisfied with the new coach–maybe the new coach is wondering why some were recruited. I know that sounds like a negative remark about recruits, but I don’t mean it that way. It’s just different coaches I am sure look for different things in players, attributes that fit their particular system.

    I too am really looking forward to the spring practice time. This reminds me of the arrival of Coach Crean, only the cupboard is not nearly as bare…

  5. The reason recruits are going to Northwestern is because Pat Fitzgerald is now an Enigma. All thanks to being immortalized on a new Big Ten Trophy! An above average linebacker at best placed alongside a legend like Dick Butkus. How can recruits resist the afterglow?! He’s got the lure of the Kavorka on his side and he’s luring them in!!!!

    Ok, I just wanted to throw in some lighthearted humor to the situation. But, I do think there might be a little truth to it. In being able to play for someone deemed good enough to have a trophy named after him…..unjustly I might add. The same as Drew Brees being on the QB trophy over Tom Brady.

    Ciao for now, baby!

  6. Mike W, I know you are goofing around but Pat was dominant at LB while at NW. He won Big 10 def player of the year twice and won both Nagurski and Bednarik awards twice each. He lead NW to the Rose Bowl as well…

  7. J Pat, you’re correct and he does have some decorations, no question, undisputed. But, the Big Ten has had other linebackers that were greater in college. Simeon Rice was #1 by the Big Ten Network’s best linebackers of the 90’s ranking. LaVar Arrington was #2 and Fitzgerald was #3. Personally, I think Chris Spielman of Ohio St. was better than all 3 of the aforementioned, in my opinion. Paul Posluszny of Penn St. was probably better than all of those mentioned above. Fitz is fine if only college, but I think Jack Ham of Penn St. would have been a much, much better choice. A great Hall of Fame career as with Butkus in the NFL. I think basically Penn St. got screwed on an award for a position in which they are known, Linebacker U.

    It’s all up for debate, no question. But, what confuses me about the trophy’s is at what point they quit evaluating their careers. Are they only looking while they are in college or afterward, as well? It seems to me there are some inconsistencies.

  8. Mike W, I see where you are coming from, understand completely. It seems some of the awards are looking at college while some NFL.

  9. Mike W,
    The only problem with that argument is that other than Paul Posluszny, all of those linebackers played before Penn St was in the Big 10. That’s the only reason I could see for thier omission.

  10. Mattsi4,

    You bring up an excellent point and I thought about that when I said Jack Ham should have been there instead of Pat Fitzgerald. Case in point is that Nebraska is not even a Big Ten member yet and the Offensive Lineman of the Year trophy is named after Dave Rimington and Orlando Pace. Dave Rimington is former Nebraska lineman from 1979-1982. You could make the case for Nebraska at other positions, as well.

    Anyway, I’m sure this was done to appease Nebraska as they enter the conference. But, when Penn St. is known as Linebacker U. and not one of their players is on the Linebacker trophy, especially someone like Ham, it seems odd and a little disrespectful, in my opinion. I mean, they probably could have someone else on the Defensive Lineman trophy than Courtney Brown (Penn St.), too.

    I think what they did was kind of like the Little League policy of “let’s let everyone play”, so to speak. Meaning, there were much better options, but they sought the best alternatives to include every program in some capacity. That’s fine and all, but I think it cheapens the trophy’s if the absolute best players and coaches aren’t selected. Especially, when it seems some are selected because of not only their college career, but their NFL careers, as well.

    Life is not fair and who said ever program in the conference needs represented on a trophy? LOL

    And so the debate rages on…..and on….. LOL 😉

  11. Wow I didn’t catch that about Rimington, so why not have Tom Osborne’s name on the coaches trophy too? I agree with you though, it seems they’re trying too hard to make everyone happy, even IU got a throw in with the AT award. Which was for sportsmanship….not anything to do with a running back. The whole thing seems odd, confusing, and overall stupid. With as much thought as they put into who went into which division (the one thing I thought they got right) they really dropped the ball with everything else.

  12. Had he played on a winning team, Joe Norman would have beeen considered among the best linebackers in Big Ten history. He never got the exposure of credit he deserved while at IU, but he was outstanding and went on to be a starter for several years in the NFL (Seattle).

  13. Zack is a beast! He is exactly what Indiana needs! Help on defense and Indiana is exactly what he needs.. A chance to play and prove his worth to the next level. Zack will be at Indiana next year even if Bin Laden was the coach!

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