Source confirms Wilson to IU

A source is now confirming what others have reported and what most following the situation have been expecting since Friday. Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson will be named Indiana’s head coach today and there will be a press conference at 4 p.m. at the Henke Hall of Champions in the North End Zone Facility at Memorial Stadium.


  1. Congrats Mr. Glass, you got your man. Welcome to IU Coach Wilson, we expect great things. Can’t tell you how good it is to have a head coach whose last name starts with a ‘W’ instead of a ‘L’. Just win, baby!!

  2. Nowhere to go but up here. Someone with success at an elite program, who can tell his players he coached Sam Bradford and Adrian Peterson? Are you kidding? This is a big deal for IU.

    Now, I do agree that the mustache is going to be an issue. Either grow out the handlebars, or get rid of it. The Adolf-Slash-Charlie Chaplin look just doesn’t cut it.

  3. @Husky Tom, I agree! LOL

    I can’t wait for the 2011 season to start already! I’m pumped! I’m fired up! In the immortal words of Todd Beamer…”Let’s roll!”

  4. I wish I knew more about this guy, but I don’t so I will not judge him right now. Clearly he has been successful at being a OC, but I will be interested to see if he is going to be the OC/HC. More importantly, Wilson needs to surround himself with top notch coaches. The hiring of a D-Cord that knows how to run the 3-4 will be very critical. It will also be essential to get a top Strength and Conditioning coach.

    On the surface, this looks like a good hire. I will be interested in his coaching philosophy and his solution to creating Bloomington into a Football Town.

  5. I have a Great Uncle who lives in Oklahoma, been a Sooner fan all of his life who says Kevin Wilson is a very good hire for IU, if IU gives him what he needs to stock his staff.

    Right now the only thing that scares me is his ties to Joe Palcic, and the possibility of him being retained.

  6. Yea, just got my e-mail from the Varsity Club about the press conference to make “a major announcement about IU’s football program” and “we’ll see you at 4:00pm…to welcome our new head football coach to Hoosier Nation.”

    welcome aboard, Coach Wilson. Hopefully, this means Doss will stick around for another year….

  7. I agree Husky, if this doesn’t get Gunner Kiel to come to IU nothing will. This guy seems like a great coach, and his history at Northwestern should not go unnoted. A lot of people on here have asked why can;t we be more like Northwestern and win with marginal talent? Well Wilson was a huge part of turning Northwestern around way back in 99-00. I believe all the commits we have lost were on the defensive side of the ball, so hopefully he will announce who the new DC is so we can get those boys recommited to IU. The future is definately bright in Bloomington!

  8. Welcome to IU, Coach Wilson! We’re happy to have you as a Hoosier.

    Mike P, I wouldn’t give your concern about Coach W retaining Palcic a second thought. I seriously doubt that any D1 program will hire Palcic.

  9. Good hire by Glass who moved quickly enough to get his man and hopefully preserve this recruiting class.

  10. IUfan23,

    Palcic played for him at Miami of Ohio. I agree, no D1 program should ever give Pacic another job, but until his staff is hired and Palcic isn’t on it, that will worry me.

  11. I’m fired up about the hiring of CKW (and the possibility that he’ll bring Patton with him to serve as OC), but I too am very interested in seeing whom he hires as the DC. I think that many on the boards that find concern with how quickly this process went are forgetting about a number of VERY important variables:
    1. Other programs are already snapping up candidates (this affects both the ability to hire a head coach AND assistants);
    2. Recruiting–there is a dead period coming in January, and the early signing period is in February. CKW and his staff MUST have time to contact and (hopefully) keep our current verbals, add others, and be able to contact them NOW rather than not until the signing period; and,
    3. The more time the new coaching staff has to put in their system, the more time the players will have to start working that system prior to the Spring Game, etc.

  12. Let’s hope this works out better than the last time the Hoosiers went to Oklahoma for an athletics hire.

  13. As I have said…I will give Wilson a chance, everyone deserves a chance. IU did well with this hire…could have done better but could have done a whole lot worse. I don’t see what was/is so wrong with hiring a head coach that has spent 2-4 years turning a program around but whatever. I am excited for a change. First thing that bugs me is I found his complete coaching career and he has NEVER coached defense, NEVER so I am in the Mike P camp as a whole on that and I also hope he does not retain Palcic. Second thing that bugs me is that he coached at the college level for 4 years including 2 grad asst and then coached high school…that is odd. These are just thoughts and legit concerns, I am thrilled for a change and pray he recruits well and wants to win as bad as I do!!!

  14. JPat-

    You’re sounding like 4pullingguards.

    By the way, was there a mafia hit put out on our favorite blogger?

  15. D-5:

    If you were paying attention closely, you would have caught wind of the fact that 4guards has been been given a leave of absence…I believe he is now pouting in exile at the Hoosier Hype, home of all rejects, including his friend the Remora…isn’t it lovely? I haven’t had this much fun talking pure sports since the Basketblog!

  16. Well, D-5, I shouldn’t let this slip, but I AM half-Italian AND my family is from South Philly….

    I’m just sayin’. LOL

  17. Hey, let’s all hope for the best with this new guy and his brand new staff….at least he has the right first name! haha

    Seriously, I do hope for the very best, the only way to go here is up. I hope it’s quickly. The assistants and the new attitude? Those are the biggest questions now.

  18. I am very excited. Great hire.

    Coach: Here’s my wish list.

    1.) Get a solid defensive coordinator
    2.) Keep our recruits and current players
    3.) Brings us new talent quickly – good kids, students, and athletes.
    4.) Energize the fan base and put butts in the seats.
    5.) No mustache!



  19. D-5, that was COLD! Big difference between me and the blogger you describe is that I will give K Wilson a chance and support him until he deserves otherwise. As I said, I am pumped for a change and we will go from there.

  20. JPat-

    It was cold. I’m sure you know I was kidding..In any event, I apologize. I wrongfully used you as an opportunity to voice a little concern regarding the whereabouts of 4Hoffaguards.

    Please enjoy the following clip highlighting Lynch’s coaching days at IU. If you can make it to the end of the clip you’ll be introduced to Wilson.

  21. We at the Scoop do not understand the anti-stache sentiment pervading this blog. Though as journalists we cannot take a stance about whether we or for or against this hire, we would like to make our position clear on one thing. We are decidedly pro-stache.

  22. I believe we’ve heard from the tards pseudonym a few times. Same bad grammar and attitude. What I’m hoping for is that the new coach will have higher standards about everything. I’d like to see him go after the same caliber of kids he would go after at OU and coach with the same caliber of assistants. Maybe he has a DC in mind that always gave him fits. Fred Glass is really starting to grow on me. Going from Kelvin Sampson and Bill Lynch (not to imply that they were cut from the same cloth)to Tom Crean and Kevin Wilson is heading in the right direction, IMHO.

  23. Mike Ditka had a stache. Tony Dungy had a stache. Bill Cowher had a stache. I think we are destined for great things under the leadership of CKW and his Stache of Power.

  24. Come on, Scoop. You are the only ones with enough clout around here to influence the ‘stache decision. I have a pretty good feeling that that stache would create an invisible barrier between coach Wilson and recruits, if it stays at its current level. The reason that Jeff Fisher’s stache works is because of its bushiness. Ditto for Mike Holmgren’s. Cowher’s worked because of his lean and mean physique and his scow. Dungy’s was a benevolent, humble Christian man stache.

    I just don’t see how you can sell the Wilson stache in its current form.

  25. I think there should be something in his contract that requires him to be at full stache until IU plays in a Rose Bowl!

    I am pro stache!!!

  26. Oops – it’s a moot point!! He is sporting the clean look. Way to go, coach. If you are tempted to do facial hair again, go with the goatee.

    Exciting day for Hoosier football.

  27. I apologize for my poor grammar. Typo. But I would simply like to maintain that we believe in the positive power of the ‘stache. Also, I have a source that tells me there is a pro-stache movement within the department.

  28. Couldn’t give a crap about the stache. If he brings a consistent winner to Bloomington, he can grow a beard to his belly button and start asking people to call him ZZ for all I care.

  29. I really don’t care if he has hair on the bottom of his feet as long as it also includes intensity.

  30. Everyone’s at the expensive party playing pin the stache on the donkey and poor Bill doesn’t even get a slice of cake for spanking Purdue. It’s wrong.

  31. Big surprise. We hire a new football coach and the lead picture shows our AD. Fred Glass front and center again. Just the way he likes it.

  32. To JPat (and those who think like him): I love the way you quote yourself, without any sense of embarrassment: “As I said…”. Why don’t you just attribute it to “sources” as everyone else does. i.e. “As sources said….”. Then you could really rain ‘poop’ on everything and still claim to be supportive- “I will give Wilson a chance…could have done better but could have done a whole lot worse. [why not hire] a head coach…but whatever. I am excited for a change. First thing that bugs me is I found his complete coaching career and he has NEVER coached defense.”

    Do any of you ever read what you write? Give us a break from your depression! Please, all that for the $27.50 per year you probably give IU?

    Mr. Wilson, great to have you! You come with an excellent reputation. I loved your comment yesterday: “I’m not sure [about how] I fit [what they want]”. It comes as the product of humility…a much ignored skill in football and in effective leadership. Your thought was refreshing and encouraging.

    you’ve arrived at a great university with great fans who yearn to be respected for good, intense, tough, all-out football. We wish you the best. Enjoy us and we’ll enjoy you and your teams.

  33. Christmas has come early. Glass fired Lynch and then he hired what appears to be an excellent new coach. I like Wilson’s resume. I like the seven year contract at a relatively low salary (compared to the other Big Ten coaches). I like his connection to the Midwest and experience with NW and Miami of Ohio. I like that this guy is going to “take some time to assemble his coaching staff.” I like the timing, still plenty of time to lock in the best verbally committed players or replace those defectors with even better talent.

    Wilson has the chops. Now we need The Hoosier nation to rally behind this guy, put butts in the seats, make a lot of noise, and ask how we can help him build a winning program. Thank you Mr. Glass!

  34. I won’t pretend to be much of a Hoosier football fan. I just bet you’d love to here why? Too bad. Unlike JPat, I don’t actually get up in the morning on Saturday(with or without hangover), attend Hoosier games home and away, pay a few bucks to take my family, put my fat lazy butt in a seat and support, rain or shine, at a place where cheers put direct appreciation into the hearts the players. A blog is where a bunch of mostly narcissists pretend to act like their opinions move the world. That’s my $27.50 worth and it’s free.


    Don’t let those movers and shakers of the world get you down. If they only could get a visit from Scrooge this Christmas and see how the big lump of coal their fast tongues has helped mankind.

  35. To all you loser nation ..won’t call you fans …u are clueless and most likely supported one win BT seasons under caught in deer heAdlights nice guy Bill Lynch …your loser days are over …we finally had the $ and cahunas to get off our loser perch and dream big …my good lord jesus …we hired someone that has been a WINNER each and every place he has been employed …sorry 21 straight game loser MAC Lynch …9ould we get our heads out of our loser mentality Hoosier football nation….and realize …my jesus lord praise us ….since Bill Mallory …we … this right !!! Go Kevin Wilson…a winner thru and thru !!

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