Tom Crean on Ohio State

Indiana coach Tom Crean is apparently out recruiting today. So we got a press release. His thoughts on the Ohio State game.

Ohio State plays with great efficiency on both ends of the floor.  Their team defense and movement of the ball on offense look to me me to be as good as any we have watched live or on film all year. Their inside-outside attack is unmatched thus far in the season.

They have anywhere from six players on up that will have the opportunity to play at the NBA level someday.  They will be a challenge for us for 40 minutes.

We have prepared mentally and physically to improve the last few days.  Our players have a mindset to improve and compete. Our willingness to carry that over for 40 minutes is our biggest challenge.


  1. For those of you that picked 1-3 or 4-6 wins, who will we beat? Currently, I think that we can only beat ourselves. Very dissappointed!

  2. Why did’nt he just say that they will kick our butts? Reading between the lines that is what he meant.

  3. For those of you who voted 7-9 wins, I believe the question was intended to indicate the number of Big Ten wins THIS season. You may return to your bong now.

  4. He better be out recruiting someone over 6 “8” who can walk and dribble at the same time preferably.

  5. First priority should be a guard/wing or two who can run this dribble-dive offense that we hear the team is trying to execute. Kinda’ hard to tell so far what they are trying to do. Not sure another big man will help much in this offense since the post guys aren’t normally involved in the offense.

  6. I hope the team is better prepared than they were in Las Vegas and the game against Penn State.Are they going to run that little weave until they turn the ball over or have a 6 ft. 9″ guy throw up a three point shot? Are they prepared to play anything that resembles a defense?

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