Tulsa World: Wilson likely to assist at Fiesta Bowl

The Tulsa World is reporting that newly-minted Indiana coach Kevin Wilson could serve as an assistant for Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, but he likely won’t be calling plays as the offensive coordinator. Jay Norvell is expected to fill that role. The World expects an announcement to be made shortly.

That story would come close to what Wilson said his expectation was earlier this week. He said he would only coach if Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said it was best for his team, and he said he probably wouldn’t be able to put in the preparation time to call the game.

UPDATE, 2:46 p.m. : An Oklahoma release said Wilson will coach fullbacks and tight ends in the Fiesta Bowl. Jay Norvell and Josh Heupel will serve as the offensive coordinators and Heupel will call the plays.


  1. I don’t like this at all. He is paid $1.2 Million to be IU’s coach. He needs to sure up recruiting and coaches. I believe IU should be the one and only priority. Not acceptable.

  2. I understand loyalty and doing your job at IU, but any exposure he can get for IU football is good. Especially if the announcers talk about IU during the game.It might help sway one or two leaners.

  3. i think he should finish the season out for Oklahoma. He was hired there for the year so should finish it. A last good-bye for him, because he is only moving on to a more dominant conference and team the Big Ten and….INDIANA!!!!

  4. No biggie…good for coach Wilson. He should be able to do exactly what he is doing. Do you expect him to be on the road seeing recruits before he has a staff in place anyway? It will all work in time. Besides good exposure for Coach Wilson and Indiana. It may be the only time you hear Indiana’s name during bowl season!

  5. If he was calling the plays and heavily involved in the process, I’d maybe have an issue. Or if he was actually the head coach at Oklahoma, which isn’t the case. It sounds like he’ll be there more as an advisor and figurehead than anything else. Let him enjoy a final moment with the team. After all, he helped him get there.

    If Oklahoma’s coaches and his players didn’t have the utmost respect for him, then I would guarantee you this wouldn’t be an option. I think it speaks highly of Coach Wilson that this is an even an option.

    Mass.Hoosier wisely points out that this will only give us some exposure – and any national exposure for IU is positive exposure. (Ok maybe with the exception of an 83-20 blowout).

    It’s a tough spot for coaches when this happens. Wilson won’t be the first, nor the last coach to be put in this position.

  6. I agree with HoosierSmitty and Mass.Hoosier. Let him attend the game and participate if Stoops asks him to. Not like it won;t bring exposure to IU and not like he wouldn’t be watching the bowl gane anyway. He has cell phones and a laptop, I’m certain, so he can work while on the road. Some of you folks are never happy.

  7. Hep coached Miami’s bowl game after he was hired here. And there are limits to what Wilson can even do in Bloomington right now anyway.

  8. We have recruited a class guy in Kevin Wilson. Everything he has done; from the first mention of contact to his acknowledging his honor bound duty to see Oklahoma’s season to the end are not only laudable but actions that set the tone for what Indiana’s football will be about.

    The action reflects his announced philosophy…’you have to win each day.”

    As for those who actually write “geeze…we’re paying you now!”; or,… you belong to us now!”. Or, those who indignantly proclaim: “Paying him $1.5 million?!!! or, pay it after…!”. Your statements reflect a catastrophic lack of understanding of what it takes to compete at the top. Is there risk? Obviously…otherwise, it’s not worth playing.

    It also strikes me that some fans (who routinely comment in this blog) can’t get over the $4.95 an hour mentality that hog tied IU football for decades. Sit tight, watch and learn, children.

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