VanHoose de-commits, chooses Northwestern

Nick VanHoose, a three-star defensive back from Graham High School in Urbana, Ohio, has de-committed from Indiana and committed to Northwestern, he said Monday evening.

VanHoose said after former Indiana coach Bill Lynch was fired that he was committed to “the school and the facilities,” but wanted to meet with the coaching staff before deciding if he was completely committed. He began exploring other options and he said his high school coach told him Northwestern was interested. VanHoose said he initially didn’t think he could get into the prestigious Evanston, Ill., school but that he qualified and was offered a scholarship. He took a visit this weekend and determined that it was an even better fit for him than Indiana was.

“It felt like a good fit for me,” he said. “That’s nothing against the new Indiana coach or anything like that. I just felt like it was more me.”

VanHoose said his conversations with new IU coach Kevin Wilson had been good, and that was part of the reason he decided to make his decision quickly.

“He sounds like a really good guy and a great coach,” VanHoose said. “I felt like I was just going to go to Northwestern and I wanted to give IU as much time as possible to get another recruit.”


  1. He was a 2 star prospect, only other offer was from Ball St. Hate to loose his speed but is definately replaceable.

  2. I think that playing time at IU has instantly become perceived as harder to get. That’s a good thing.

  3. I thought the same thing Chet. That is a good thing. No more free rides for the underperforming.

  4. Good luck! You’re offer now frees up a scholarship for Coach Wilson to get a much better player! Thanks!

  5. Trying to figue out how this is his loss. NU is 10X the program IU is. Wake-up people IU is has won 2 thats right 2 Big Ten games in the last THREE friggin years. I like the hire, but lets not go crazy he still has to coash the same players who can’t block, run, or tackle.

  6. 10/25/2008 – Northwestern – W – 21-19
    10/17/2009 – Illinois – W – 27-14
    11/27/2010 – Purdue – W – 34-31 OT

    That is 3, “that’s right” 3 Big Ten wins in the last 3 seasons.

    Northwestern is not 10X the program IU is, by the record over the last 3 seasons they have been twice the program with 24 wins as compared to 12 for IU.


  7. One door closes and another door opens. I feel certain that each recruit that Coach Wilson himself brings in will really help the team that he is building for Indiana-maybe a guy from OK or TX or FL! Maybe a guy that you don’t have to red-shirt. There is nothing wrong with going to school at Northwestern.

  8. Hopefully, Wilson has a few NW recruits targeted and will get some pay back.

    I question whether the kid will survive academically. If he didn’t think he could qualify, he probably won’t be able to handle NW’s academic standards while playing football. IU is no slouch in academics, but it’s not as rigorous as NW.

    Good luck kid.

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