1. Very impressive. I believe we hit a grand slam home run. Be patient and within 5 years we will be a consistent bowl team.

  2. Sorry for being off-subject, but I would love to see Homer Drew and the Crusaders put together an upset win against Purdue tonight. I think the game starts around 9:00 Eastern.

    For those interested in a few bits of trivia: Robbie Hummel(out for another season because of knee injury) played his high school ball at Valparaiso HS(Valpo). The university is located in the same town his Northwest Indiana home..I believe the universtiy has a pretty decent law school. Some may remember the dream run Valpo U. had in the NCAA tournament many years ago when the Cinderella made the Sweet 16 on Bryce Drew’s final second heroic 3-point shot after catching a length of the court pass(Bryce is the son of Homer..Homer used to coach at Valparaiso High School prior to the gig at Valparaiso Universtiy). Hoops is big in Valpo. Valparaiso and Chesterton(an even smaller town near the shores Lake Michigan)used to have a huge rivalries in hoops..The two towns hated each other. Free throw shooting is taught like a religion in Valpo..It started with a coach at Valparaiso High School named Virgil Sweet in the 1960’s. Sweet was a legend. His free throw shooting techniques were an unbelievable series of methodical steps that every crew cut sporting member of his teams were drilled and drilled and drilled to follow. Valpo high school once had one of the all-time highest shooting percentages from the stripe any school in the country..I think they’re in the record books for a season they shot nearly 90% as a team. Other coaches at Valpo High adopted Sweet’s methods long after his retirement from coaching..Homer Drew has surely instilled/capitalized off much the same disciplined teachings of Sweet.

    If Purdue piles up fouls and gets the Crusaders at the stripe and in the bonus, it could make for a long night for Boiler fans….I’m hoping for an upset courtesy Mr. Virgil Sweet.

  3. I saw the big ten network interview with Coach Wilson (wow, I’m trying that on for the first time!)and I like him. Even though he was so nervous it looked painful, he gave some good answers to the questions in the interview. I like that he wants to take some time to hire his staff and especially the D coordinator. I like that he has practiced, day in and day out, against Stoop’s D. I like that he wants to make Hoosier football exciting!

  4. He is going to use a Fullback, I am sold just because he said that. Talked about using 2 back sets…thank you thank you thank you. If Lynch had done that, IU might have won 8-10 more games in his tenure. Mike P, the way he talked I think it has been said to him that he will have to hire the D coordinator of a lifetime…said he will take his time on that one so I think Palcic is gone…thank GOD!

  5. J Pat, Dave Wannstedt is out at Pitt. He’s a good defensive mind and maybe could see himself working as a D Coordinator at a program where the Head Coach is an offensive guy…

  6. JPat,
    That made me happy too. Good question by DiNardo, and Wilson was was there with a confident answer. I like him more, the more I hear and read about him.

  7. Welcome Coach Wilson and Family to Hoosiernation. I know you have it takes to win. These young men need to believe again in winning. Having to go back when Coach Mallory was here that was when we played Michigan on a rainy day here in Bloomington we believed we could beat them we did. The next saturday we went to Ohio State and the Darkest day in Ohio State history happened we won. We are not far from those days again. I know we have the guys here to do it and i want to thank you Coach for coming to be part of I know something special. Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Downing-

    Love ya, man, but some may find it hard, if not impossible, to talk Purdue Basketball on one of the biggest days of the last decade for IU football.

    Try to channel some of the enthusiasm generated by Da Bears into Hoosier football.

  9. Yes, this is a good day for IU football and all other IU sports. I like what I know about Wilson and I must admit I am very impressed with Glass and the way he has managed this search and hire. I got down on Glass earlier, worried that he was going to wuss-out and keep Lynch, but I was wrong to be concerned. Glass has made a significant upgrade to IU football (of course, only time will tell) and I really like the leadership he has displayed and the way he managed this process. Now, Glass must give Wilson the support (i.e., budget) necessary to hire quality assistant coaches. Let’s bring in some smart, aggressive fire-eaters and build a solid football program.

    Who wants to predict when IU will go to its next bowl game? I say it will be 2012. GO HOOSIERS!

  10. Podunker- A hearty “ditto” from me. I was all over Glass last year for being almost cocky about the fact he was bringing Lynch back. But he has really made a positive impression on me for the way he has handled football overall, and this latest move takes the cake.

    Someone mentioned Wannstedt as a DC. That would be an awesome move, but expensive, and probably wishful thinking. For an OC who has never been an HC to get a high-profile guy like Wannstedt with NFL credentials would be unlikely. If they were to land him, though, I’d say bowl game next year, and bet the farm on it.

  11. For the first time since the Bucket game in 2007 …I feel good about being a Hoosier fan …I watched NW against IU when Wilson was on their staff …he was on that staff when NW went to the Rose Bowl …Glass got this right …very right …I’m glad he gave him a 7 year contract and a huge raise …for those naysayers out there please shut up …Indiana needed to do something ‘ different ‘ and thank God Glass did …I loved how he said he would take his time finding the right DC …that’s as critical as getting the right head coach at Indiana …this is a very good day Hoosier Nation !!

  12. Husky; IU can’t afford a 7-digit a year assistant coach. And Wannstedt would not drop so far as to be an assistant at IU. Too many years as a head coach in NFL and college. He’ll probably go back into the NFL as an assistant. Besides, I don’t think Wannstedt is a very good coach. IU can do better.

    Wilson is probably going to go after “youngish” experienced assistant coaches on defense that are smart, ambitious and who want to be mentored by a successful veteran. Don’t be surprised if the Def Coordinator is African American with experience as a defensive position coach from a top D-I program. That’s my guess at least. Whoever he gets is going to have to be a very skilled and hard working recruiter, because even the best coaches can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear. IU needs a major infusion of size,speed and talent on defense. Wilson’s background and reputation will automatically attract offensive talent, but Wilson will need a strong and ambitious Defensive Coordinator.

    If he has any room to manuever, I think Wilson is going to go after top JC talent. OK relied on JC recruits a fair amount, and IU needs help on defense immediately. I have little confidence in the defensive players recruited by Lynch, regardless of his redshirt program.

  13. HoosierWynn; I totally agree with you. Well said. How can anyone complain about Wilson at this stage? From everything I can dig up on the guy, he’s solid through and through. And Glass managed this process extremely well, first class all the way. Hey, maybe IU finally has a competant AD! Seems like it, at least. Yee hah!

  14. He sounds like a head coach. Bill L. never really did. This might be the guy we’ve been looking for, for a long time.

  15. You’re right, Chet. Lynch never really sounded like a head coach. He never really inspired confidence of left me feeling motivated. You hit it right on the head!

    Maybe Lynch never really felt the job was really his. Maybe he felt that he was standing in for Hep or filling in until IU found the coach they really wanted. I don’t know, but you nailed it, he just never sounded like a head coach. Nice guy, but not really the leader IU needed/wanted/expected.

  16. GFDave, that would be a huge get. It was ironic to me that Pitt let him go the same day Wilson was hired. I sat by him at 2 restaurants in B town…his daughter attended IU so there is a connection…

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