Wilson: ‘We’ll see. I don’t know’

Oklahoma offensive coordinator was asked Saturday night whether or not he planned on interviewing for the job at Indiana. He could have said yes. He could have said no.

He chose a different response, according to this report.

“We’ll see. I don’t know,” Wilson replied. “It’s the time of the year where you’re getting through the last game. I mean, this was a big game. This was Celtics-Lakers for the last time. Or the Cowboys-Redskins. We needed this game for the school, for the program, for the state. There’s a lot of tradition. So we threw a lot of eggs in the basket.”

Was interesting to note he was in Oklahoma at 6:30 Friday, not in Dallas. This corresponds with the flight schedule that we linked to yesterday.


  1. Either he turned down an interview (not likely), he did interview and knows he has the job (most likely), he interviewed and turned it down, or he did and Glass hasn’t made the offer.

    There is just too much about him out there to ignore it.

  2. 450+ yards for Wilson’s offense last night against a pretty decent Nebraska defense. Not my #1 choice for the next IU head coach, but not a bad choice by any means.

  3. Maybe a feint of the first order by AD Glass. What was it he said, those talking would not know and those who know would not be talking. I believe some form of illusion or deception could be in play. It is interesting we have heard no rumors about contacts or meetings with HC’s. Is it not possible any successful HC on any level currently coaching would not want a response from a contact or interview publicly revealed during what now is considered prep time for the bowl season. If that is the case we could be in for a longer wait than we might have conjectured earlier because Glass could be researching a longer list presently vs. the normally earmarked short list for his man. The time frame is not yet near drop dead and there are not a large number of needy suitors competing for new HC’s. Might just be a contrarian view but if he had his mind set on a particular someone early on this in all probability would be over.

  4. He may be a good hire, but it is disappointing to hear names like Chris Peterson associated with Minnesota while this seems to be the biggest name tied to IU.

    That, of course, doesn’t mean he won’t be a good hire. This just seems like an IU hire I would expect. Glass’s bombast at the press conference perhaps had me expecting too much.

  5. Seems like the Minnesota fan base is in turmoil over hiring Kill. Interesting since he seems like a reasonable hire, but their AD seems to have over-promised and under-delivered in the kind of star power he was going to bring to town.

  6. cln, if you are reading gopherhole.com, ignore what Gophers fans are thinking there. It is the stupidest collection of people gathered in one place I can think of besides Purdue University. Jerry Kill is a very solid hire for Minnesota. Maturi was an idiot to try to promise another hire like Tubby, because he set the expectation level too high. I think Gopher fans are afraid Kill will be the next Glen Mason.

  7. Any of the men rumored to be candidates are a major upgrade for IU. I just hope one of them receives and then accepts an offer soon. It would really be disappointing if this went on for a couple more weeks, signalling that all the candidates on Glass’ A-list turn him down. Of course, we’ll never really know, but the longer it goes on, the more likely that is the case.

    Glass needs to find his man, then make him an offer that he can not turn away from. Get it done so the recruiting can begin again. This team needs help.

  8. The Minn AD sounds like a complete jackass. Telling candidates that they would not be replacing Vince Lombardi as a selling point for the job. Wow, what a slam to the previous coach that he hired. Then saying that he wanted another big name coach, “another Tubby Smith type hire.” Oopps, Kill may be a great coach, but he’s not in the class of Tubby Smith. Just reading some of this clown’s comments makes me appreciate Glass a lot more.

    Kill does seem like a good coach, though. Now Glass has got to go one better!

  9. I wonder what he meant by “This was Celtic-Lakers for the LAST time.” Last time, perhaps, for him? Just wonderin’

  10. He meant it is the last time the Huskers and Sooners will play for a B12 title since the Huskers will be in the B10 next year.

  11. Funny, all FIVE of the comments on the OU blog are “take him, please”…”no real loss”. Seems all fan bases are the same to a degree. When a coach leaves or is rumored to leave…”no biggie, he’s not that good”; when a coach signs a recruit, “oh, what a great kid, welcome aboard.” Obviously, that doesn’t happen every time, but it’s pretty reliable.

  12. Yea, sounds like sour grapes from some of the OK fanatics. If he was not any good, Stoops would not have kept him on the team. Some of those OK folks are not satisifed unless they win a BCS Championship every year.

    Recruit and coach the QB taken number one in the draft; “no big deal.” Help your team to the National Championship game; “it was nothing, they did not win.” Finish in the top ten (again, after losing the best QB in the Country); “we’re not satisfied.” Win the Big 12 Championship game against your archrival; “that’s the minimum standard at OK.” Wow, talk about fans being hard to please!

    Hey, on second thought, maybe IU football needs more fans with high expectations like some at Oklahoma. In the mean time, we’ll be happy to take Oklahoma football’s hand-me-downs.

  13. Let’s just hope that, um, he doesn’t bring as much bad fortune/baggage as the last person Indiana took from OU, if you know what I mean. :S

  14. It ain’t over til its over. Maybe it’s just the first interview. Maybe they’re negotiating compensation and other terms. Maybe Glass is going to be very thorough and meet with several candidates?

    As for the other coach IU hired away from Oklahoma, two completely different cases. One was a head coach and the other an assistant. One had some history of cheating and the other, well, not even a hint of scandal. One needed to cheat because he sucked as a coach and the other didn’t because he’s from a well-established, traditional power that attracts the best talent in the country.

    Glass has to be super-sensitive about anyone that has any baggage. He would not touch a candidate if there was even the slightest question about their integrity and ability to follow the rules. I’m not worried about that at all and I’m sure all candidates are being vetted thoroughly. My guess is that Glass began this process several weeks ago, right after IU got blown up by Wisconsin, if not earlier. He was probably prohibited from making direct contact with candidates until their regular season was over, but I’m guessing the vetting and investigation phase of the search began back then. I’ll also bet that his top criteria was integrity.

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