Zeller struggles through second game

NEW CASTLE — He was hacked. He was shoved. He was pushed.

Warsaw, much like Center Grove and much like every other opponent Washington has faced this season, has chosen the “If you can’t beat him, beat him” philosophy with Cody Zeller during the City Securities Hall of Fame Classic consolation game.

It worked — Zeller was physically tired and most of shots fell short. He finished 4-of-17 from the field, scoring 13 points and grabbing 15 rebounds.

He played with as much energy as he could muster and seemed to pick it up late when it was winning time, but it was not enough — Nic Moore’s jumper with three seconds remaining gave Warsaw a 46-44 win.

Its obvious the 6-foot-11, 22-pound Zeller needs to get stronger. But so much focus is paid to him at this level, where no one else has a 6-foot-11 center capable of going one-on-one with Zeller, that it has to be frustrating and exhausting for him.

By the way, Tim Buckley was back in attendance for this game.


  1. He just means he is thin. Lots of big guys get hit under the basket, though. I also know big guys who foul a lot. You have to learn to handle your body because the refs will always call the big guy out. When you are that tall, the refs seem to see every infraction.

  2. CZ got 13 points and 15 rebounds. Being a marked man and still being able to get those numbers is quite remarkable. Good job Cody.

  3. I’ll venture into this discussion because it doesn’t involve this year’s team, which I’ve emotionally divested myself from.

    Indianavelt is correct–if your shot isn’t falling, you can still do other things. Getting 15 rebounds is an excellent other thing to do.

    Hugh is correct that Zeller sees more attention from defenses this year than he’ll ever see in college, unless he develops into an All-American. But that only serves to make him physically and mentally tough. A lack of strength can be addressed; a lack of toughness, not so much.

  4. At nearly 7′, CZ should have that many rebounds in high school. The lower points for him are due to being pressured and double/triple teamed….same thing will happen to a worse degree in college ball in the Big 10. He’ll figure it out. Also, big guys do get tired after a while if they are having to work that hard to get a shot off and not as used to it in 3A ball. JMO. He’ll be fine and a good addition to IU>

  5. A few years back there was a guy at UNC Asheville named Kenny George. He was listed, I think, at 7ft 8in but I swear the guy looked 9ft tall. He was not thin, either. Most dominating player I’ve ever seen on a court. Power forwards looked like elves next to him. But the poor guys body couldn’t handle basketball. The human body isn’t meant to be that big. Kenny could play 3 or 4 minutes at a time and when he did nobody came withing 15 feet of the basket. He ended up losing half his foot to poor circulation ending his playing days. There’s more to being extremely tall than one might think.

  6. Guess it was time for another “It all hinges on Cody” spoon-feeding. I’ll just sit back and take it like a man.

  7. Watched the game with Warsaw. Cody was gang guarded most of the game. He’s going to be a match up nightmare, he really plays like a wing. Add a couple of mobile bigs and the whole team will have opposing coaches scratching their head abd losing sleep trying to come up with ways to stop them. Patience, by 2012 we’re back in the top 20 and on our way up!!

  8. The defeatism on here is pathetic. We have a team facing the #2 team in the nation tonight. We should be pumped! Instead, we have succumbed to thinking it more stimulating to talk about a high school kid untested the same challenges the current Hoosier players we thus symbolically treat as a bunch of pantywaist scrubs. There is no tomorrow without believing in today.

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