Amidst charges of reneged scholarships, Glass reiterates all football commitments will be honored

Even when Shafer Johnson heard that Bill Lynch was being fired, he never considered leaving the Indiana football program.

“As long as they don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on them,” he said days after the announcement.

But on Sunday, the senior defensive tackle from Southfield Christian in Michigan said that new head coach Kevin Wilson told him that he had, in fact, given up on him.

“Coach Wilson told me I’m not a good fit for their scheme,” Johnson said. “I’m pretty much no good going there.”

Johnson said Wilson and other members of the coaching staff delivered the news on Sunday after an official visit to IU. He was asked if Wilson gave him the option to come to Indiana and accept the scholarship he had been offered by the previous administration, but simply made it clear to him that there wouldn’t be much playing time for him if he did. Johnson said he was not given such an option.

“No. I’m out,” he said.  “I’m shocked, hurt, disappointed. I stuck with them for the coaching change. I feel like I kept my commitment to them, and I get bit in the butt. I was definitely hurt when I first heard that.”

Johnson was actually one of three players rumored to have had their scholarship offers pulled over the weekend. The others were Donte Phillips, a defensive tackle from Wisconsin, and Jalen Schlachter, an offensive tackle from Michigan. Attempts to contact both Phillips and Schlachter were unsuccessful, but Johnson said Phillips had his scholarship pulled right after he did.

“I know me and Donte are gone for sure,” Johnson said. “I know he was pretty mad.”

Recruiting commitments often break up amidst coaching changes, but it would appear to be a more egregious breach on the part of Indiana because athletic director Fred Glass said during the press conference to announce Lynch’s dismissal that all scholarship offers would be honored.

Glass said Wednesday evening, however, that IU would still be honoring verbal commitments. He said it was a mistake on the part of the university if any recruit was given the impression that his verbal commitment would not be honored.

I don’t challenge any kid or family who thinks they heard that Indiana wasn’t going to honor their scholarship,” Glass said. “… I don’t challenge them hearing that, and if they did, it was a mistake. We have agreed that we’re not going to reneg on scholarship offers.”

Glass said he was contacted by the mother of a recruit on Wednesday who claimed that her son’s scholarship was not being honored. That alerted him to the situation. He said he could not comment on specific players, but that the athletic department would reach out to players who believed their scholarship was being pulled to inform them that it had not.

Glass said he had spoken with Wilson and encouraged him to share honest evaluations with recruits. He said there may have been miscommunication, but that Wilson was not deliberately disobeying his orders or breaking his promises.

“Kevin’s not a maverick on this,” Glass said. “We had conversation about these evaluations and to the extent something else was communicated, it was an earnest misunderstanding. … This was not a case where he went on and I had to rein him back in. It was just a mistake.”

Of course, whether any of the recruits who believed their scholarships were pulled would now be willing to recommit to IU is uncertain. Johnson did not return a call seeking comment after Glass’s response.


  1. If Glass said the schollies are to be honored than they ought to be honored. If he never have said that though, i would have no issue with the schollie being pulled. Schools get screwed out of players just leaving at the last minute to best appease themselves and I see no reason why it shouldnt be a two way street. Take away verbal commits if both parties don’t like the situation.

    Guaranteed that 2 years down the road, IU fans will be criticizing coach Wilson if he isnt performing like he said he will. Meanwhile, we are going to strap him to the throne that inept Bill Lynch built. Not fair to that guy. If the kids arent big ten caliber talent then thats just the way it is. Why else would they be upset that INDIANA didnt keep their scholarship available. ITS INDIANA FOOTBALL. I mean, lets be real here.

  2. Perhaps this is the first PR black-eye for Wilson, but it may have been necessary. And in the long run, it may also have been best for the young men involved. Why sign with a coaching staff that tells you, “Young man, you’re not going to get much playing time here.”

    I’m not surprised IU’s new FB coaching staff has higher talent standards than the previous coaching staff. For years I believed Lynch and staff were recruiting more than a few warm bodies for IU, especially on the O and D lines. You could tell, by comparing their size to players recruited by other Big Ten schools and by the other schools recruiting the players, that some of the young men were just not Big Ten caliber players. Maybe Lynch’s risk tolerance was higher than Wilson’s or maybe Lynch believed in his staff’s ability to develop players, but Lynch simply was not getting enough Big Ten quality (or sized) players to sign with IU.

    I’ve had experiences on both sides of the fence in the corporate arena. I’ve been the new “boss” brought in to upgrade the organization’s personnel, and I’ve been terminated by the company’s new management team. It’s a painful experience no matter what side of the fense you’re on, but it’s only temporary if you handle it with the right attitude.

    Hopefully these three will be the only players affeted and they will all find the right schools to play for. And hopefully this signals that Wilson and staff have more gifted recruits lined up to take these roster spots.

    Who ever said life was fair?

  3. If you want to get to Rose Bowls you have to take off the rose-colored shades. What a fortunate turn of events for IU football to have a take-charge coach unwilling to be satisfied with status quo. Best stay out of his way, Fred Glass. This man is not content with mediocrity and shockingly desires to earn his salary.

  4. Be careful what you wish for my friends. Kelvin Sampson didn’t give a hoot and you see where that got us!

  5. Might just be the beginning of questionable behavior. The pressure to win quickly makes some people do things they shouldn’t…..

  6. Lynch recruited a lot of players on the defensive side of the ball that aren’t Big 10 caliber players. But I assume they were the best he could get. IU should honor their commitments.

  7. IU lover,

    They aren’t Big 10 caliber players. IU was the only BCS program that offered these guys scholarships.

  8. It’s “questionable behavior” to be honest with a recruit? To tell them they won’t get much playing time? Coach Wilson needs to bring in the players that will be successful under his system. If he doesn’t…then he ends up 4-8 or 5-7 every year, which is exactly what everyone on this forum has been pissing and moaning about for eternity. Yes, it sucks for the kid to have a scholarship offer yanked. But no more so than for the kids who, on signing day, spurn the school they committed to.

  9. It’s questionable behavior to say you don’t have scholarship anymore when your boss says they do. Now I’m all for being honest with recruits. But you don’t wait until two weeks before signing day, after these kids have turned other schools away for 6 months. Now you guys can defend doing what is necesary to be a winner all you want. But I want to win with honor like the Bob Knight days. If you want to win by any means necesary, thats’s cool. But mark my words, I got a funny feeling about this guy….Of course, I hope I’m wrong.

  10. Um, Bob Knight did a whole lot worse things that question “honor” than Wilson has. If these players don’t fit into Wilson’s plans, it is best for all parties involved to part ways.

  11. I didn’t like that Glass agreed to honor Lynch’s recruits and force Wilson to accept them. That said, I hope that it was a miscommunication and not Wilson going back on Glass’ promise. I do like him being brutally honest with the recruits that they won’t play, give them a chance to look elsewhere these next couple weeks for a school that fits them better.

  12. What’s worse, telling a kid two weeks before signing day that he’s not the right fit and won’t get to play or signing him and, over time, allowing him to discover that he is never going to play? Clearly the latter is far worse than the former, wasting the kids time, almost forcing him to transfer, and damaging his self esteem.

    The emotions run high when kids experience their first rejection. But it sounds like Wilson, while technically honoring the scholarship offer, is trying to do the best thing for the young men by being honest and giving them a chance to sign with other schools where they have a chance to play.

    There is plenty of time for kids to select a school. They don’t have to sign on the first day of the signing period. A lot of players get signed weeks after the first signing day.

    And with all the coaching changes this year, Wilson won’t be the only coach to do this.

  13. I agree with Coach Wilson giving each of the recruits committed to IU a frank and honest evaluation of his talents within the scope of Coach Wilson’s system.

    Once that has been said, if the player wishes to stay under the promise of a scholarship, IU is obligated to provide it.

    A.D. Glass did the right thing. The institutional integrity must be absolute and encumber everyone. Glass job is to protect it.

    Nothing else is relevant.

  14. I don’t think it’s Glass’ place to make Coach Wilson take their verbals. Coach needs to get a feel for these guys and if they are taking the program in a new direction let CKW do what he needs to do.

  15. Coach Wilson is doing the right thing. If a player doesn’t fit,Coach lets him know, and the player still has time to find another school. If after being evaluated by Coach Wilson, the player wants to still sign with IU we should honor that commitment. Coach Wilson is just being honest with these players and now it is up to them to decide what they want to do. Go IU!!!!
    Coach Lynch always recruited players who were not up to Big 10 skill level. Glad to hear Coach Wilson is looking for more.

  16. Realistically, it’s business. Is it a sad situation to yank a kids scholarship this late in the game? Yes. BUT, why should a new staff be held hostage with a previous staff’s recruits that will just be taking up space that could possibly better utilized?

    Coach Wilson is used to higher caliber recruits. He knows what it will take to win and obviously he didn’t see these guys as beneficial to winning. In reality that should be the end of story. These kids can still get on MAC school rosters where they more than likely belonged in the first place.

  17. Bet all you guys that think this is just peachy have never had a kid that has gone through the recruiting process. These are 18 and 19 year old people here not commodities or horseflesh or whatever. But when they get to whatever campus they land at, they better figure out quickly that they are a commodity. College athletics is now a nasty business, and has been for a long time, but don’t fool yourselves that it is anything other than a business about winning and losing so the alumni can feel good about themselves and be enticed to donate more money. These kids just got their first introduction into the “real world” where the end justifies the means and the rug can be pulled out from under you without any warning. Hopefully they will find somewhere else to go and they will take full advantage of playing AND getting a degree, but it is late in the game for anywhere. And I’m guessing if they are capable, intelligent people it will take a lot not to transfer this experience into adopting an attitude of ‘too bad for you, but you can’t help me so adios!’ But then maybe that is the best lesson they will learn in their college experience about how to survive and thrive in our world. Might as well get jaded early!

  18. I would like to hear from the football coach and staff before making a judgement on this. I believe IU should honor their scholarship offers but that doesn’t mean a new coach has to be tied down to kids that don’t fit their plans. Coach Wilson’s top priority is turning the football program around and that will be a lot harder if he is stuck using the one and two star players Lynch brought in.

  19. Whatever,

    Scholarships go from July to July and are on a year to year basis per the NCAA.

    If these kids don’t fit Wilson’s system or what he wants as a players, is Glass going to force him to keep these players on scholarship all four years?

    If not, then isn’t it feasible that after the end of the 2011 season that Wilson could approach these players and let them know that he doesn’t intend to extend their scholarship for future seasons?

    Then you leave these kids looking at paying for school at IU themselves or looking for another school who will pick them up and offer them a scholarship to come play, while losing a season in transfer.

    So ask yourself which is worse, finding out now and having a chance to get in a school, paid, for all four years, or get your forced scholarship for one year and then have it pulled and left with fewer options?

  20. Wilson isn’t going to be able to address this issue directly, but I think it is great that our coach isn’t going to waste time with bottom of the barrel talent that he knows has no shot of competing in the Big 10. Building a program means making some tough early decisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those who saw significant playing time on defensive side of the ball see their playing time reduced and are told so during spring practice (Matt Ernest). The status quo is not acceptable here any longer.

    Wilson said in his press conference that we’re going to build a brand of toughness at IU. Kids that don’t fit into that profile will end up elsewhere.

  21. While we all have an opinion if Shafer is a “good fit” for Coach Wilson and if he can play football in the Big Ten (check out his 2010 highlight tape on youtube to so see for yourself), I can tell you that Indiana should be ashamed of how they handled Shafer and the other young men. I’ve had the honor to coach Shafer for the last two years and here is what happended and while I’m upset with Indiana: 1. Indiana offered Shafer in JUNE. He accepted and stopped looking elsewhere. 2. As soon as coach Lynch was fired Glass called Shafer and told him he was wanted. 3. Illinois called Shafer right after Lynch was fired to see if Shafer wanted to look at Illinois – because Glass called Shafer said no. 4. Indiana sent a coach from Wilson’s staff to visit Shafer to tell he was wanted weeks ago. 5. Shafer makes his big visit to meet everyone at Indiana last Friday and SUNDAY they tell him they really don’t want him. How would you feel if this was your son? Shafer will be a great student athlete and find another place to get a degree and play football but I for one am upset with Indiana. I understand coach Wilson, Glass and Indiana want the best talent. But why did they lead Shafer on for a month when he could have been looking for another oppertunity?

  22. Coach,

    I understand where you are coming from, and Wilson and staff should have been upfront a month ago, that I agree with.

    Now I wonder what changed in their mind from then to now to turn them off to him? Any idea?

  23. You are right, we do not have all the facts needed to make proper sense of this. Something over the last 30 days has changed and/or been left out of the discussion entirely. I think Coach Wilson has been around to long to trip up communicating with a recruit.

  24. First, I do feel bad for these kids. I can understand the feeling of rejection at a young age. I was cut from basketball teams from middle school to high school. Each an every time I was fueled with fire and I continued to practice harder everyday for my moment to prove them wrong. This honestly lead to coaches apologizing for cutting me the previous years. In high school, I also played football, was a 5 foot nothing, 100 lbs kid who probably was overlooked by my coaches when i first suited for practice at the age of 14. I worked hard and became a starter my Junior and Senior years.
    But, in the long run it has taught me to understand that stuff like this happens and will happen for the rest of my life. It’s up to me to decide what I want to do next and accept the fact that it’s life.
    I do feel bad for these kids, but like many has mentioned that it is up to Coach Wilson. Coach Lynch is a Mid Major coach and recruited Mid Major talent. His product showed on the field. The problem is, IU plays in the Big Ten, not the MAC. So we expect a coach from a big time program such as Oklahoma to come into a Big Ten school and keep mid major talent just to not hurt feelings? I’m sorry but don’t believe Coach Wilson wants to stay as the doormat of the Big Ten.

  25. If my understanding of this article is correct, all Wilson did was convey the honest truth to some kids committed. He basically told them, ya you can come here but playing time looks slim. How is that not honoring a kids commitment to the program? Just bc kids are committed doesn’t mean they are going to get a substantial amount of playing time. I think Wilson in a way was doing them a favor by being very honest and forthcoming about the situation they would be in once they got on campus, bash all you want about the approach but IMO this is just another case of a kid getting an honest answer and not liking the outcome. He thought by being a commit entitles PT, and it doesn’t. just MO but if IU is as serious as they claim about progressing with this football program need to stop going after MAC guys all the time, less reaches and better evals=better program.

  26. Here’s how it goes with a man…the only thing you have in coaching, in business, in sports and as a professional is your integrity. Anyone who even thinks about reneging or argues anything other than honor after a handshake has some serious manning up to do; right?

    Many of you must have gotten your credits from Kelvin Sampson’s ‘Remedial College Coaching 001’ syllabus.

  27. Coach, you must have some insight as to the reason Wilson gave to the recruit of why he wasn’t a good fit. With the detail you have as to what happened what were the reason’s given?

  28. Jubilee – Up to this point the only reasin IU is a BCS school is by virtue of the conference we are in, so we are only there by default. Actually no BCS school offered these guys.

  29. I wouldn’t want to be forced to honor the scholarships if I was Wilson either. Thats four years of having a scholarship taken up by player you don’t want. Not to mention Wilson will be fired for failing to win not Glass.

    Plus its not like Lynch was recruiting top quality players. If your gonna name the guy coach let him recruit who he wants.

  30. Whatever; I have a child that experienced a similar situation. After being recruited for over a year, my daughter was offered a full ride athletic scholarship to play soccer at a major D-1 school. This school was her first choice. The head coach, during our offical campus visit, with me in the room, told my daughter that she was the only player at her position that he was recruiting that year. He made a very effective sales pitch and really impressed that 17 year old girl. Three days after our campus visit, we read in the paper that the school had just signed another player at my daughter’s position. So my daughter calls the coach and asks for an explanation and to see if his scholarship offer was still valid. He said “yes, of course, you’re our top priority, blah, blah, blah…” My daughter then asks him why he had told her that she was the only player at her position being recruited that year? He denied ever telling her that, and suggested that she must have misunderstood him. But we had both heard him say it very clearly, without any equivocation in his statement! So after her conversation with this coach, I asked my daughter “what do you want to do?” She said, “I don’t mind competing with this other girl, but I don’t want to play for a coach that lied to my face.” She accepted a scholarship from another school and never looked back.

    She was disappointed in the coach because he lied to her. But it took her about 10 minutes to get over it before she called the coach at her second choice school and accepted his scholarship. She never looked back.

  31. Tsao,
    How can he reneg if he wasn’t the guy who made the offer in the first place? And you guys who act like coach Knight never did anything like this are wrong. Delray Brooks and Justin Farley come to mind. He was always pawning off recruits on Evansville.

  32. I think integrity is not letting players come here to sit for four years and not contribute. I think a D-1 level football player on scholarship should be able to contribute. I’ve seen hundreds of players come through IU and stand on the sidelines and never see the field. They are here to play Big Ten football, and earn the scholarship. If Wilson can replace our stand around guys with some of the second stringers that might sit at big football schools, then we will be better overall. Plus those guys will push our starters, probably replace them.
    I think Wilsons newness factor and the chance for playing time is an advantage for IU. A different approach is needed to change the status quo. I’ll trust Coach Wilson on this matter.

  33. After reading the comments, I’ve reread the story. As Ben_M has already observed and asked; was Wilson informing the players of his evaluation and their likely role or was he informing them that IU’s offer would not be honored (what a great word for this episode!)? The story does not make the answer clear, while the headline defines IU’s action as ‘reneging’.
    A.D. Glass comment suggests the ‘reneging’ may be true: “ I don’t challenge any kid or family who thinks they heard that Indiana wasn’t going to honor their scholarship… I don’t challenge them hearing that, and if they did, it was a mistake.” The statement by Mr. Glass leads to another question: A ‘mistake’ by who, the coach speaking or the athlete hearing the coach?)
    To his total credit, Glass quite properly clarifies IU’s position: “We have agreed that we’re not going to reneg on scholarship offers.” That is his job and
    this an important issue. Glass is ultimately responsible and accountable.
    Most of us were and are very happy with the selection and appointment of Coach Wilson. Many of us have been been very impressed with his selection of a staff. Having said that (and continuing to feel the same way), I am adamant that the only absolute here is the integrity of the University. Comments to the contrary can only come from those who are ethically challenged (actually, beyond challenged…sucked down the outhouse hole), and from less than mediocre minds.
    The irony is that many of those supporting the proposition that IU should violate its obligation to the tendered athletes came from the same geniuses who two weeks ago were asking for the guillotine for Coach Brent Pease’s change of heart.
    I also have an issue with the story and do feel part of the confusion lies what is NOT said, as written.
    Why are there no quotes from Coach Wilson? Did the writer even attempt to contact him? (nowhere does it suggest he did). Why were there several quotes from Johnson, speculation about the other two players ‘rumored’ to have been victimized, but no mention of an attempt to contact the individual alleged to have made the decision, Coach Wilson. The writer had the ethical and professional obligation to contact the Head Coach to verify or deny his/their actions. Not doing so clearly violates journalistic standards of fairness. Which raises another question. Was leaving out any mention of an attempt to contact Coach Wilson deliberate, an absent-mindedness under the pressure of a deadline, or simply poor journalism? If the latter, what was the point?

  34. TTG,

    Dustin did try to contact the other recruits:

    “Attempts to contact both Phillips and Schlachter were unsuccessful”

    After speaking with Glass and getting his take on things, he says he tried to contact Johnson again, but didn’t receive a return call.

    “Johnson did not return a call seeking comment after Glass’s response.”

    I would like to hear Wilson’s side of this, straight from Wilson.

  35. The problem with hoping to hear straight from Wilson is that I believe that it is against NCAA regulations to speak about the situation. I know that there is a prohibition against speaking about specific unsigned recruits, and I’m wondering (surely somebody more knowledgeable than I about the NCAA rules) if that prohibition covers this situation as well.

  36. Speedway,

    Like Glass, Wilson can address the issue as long as he doesn’t specifically mention or confirm the names of the recruits. Like he can’t say “the recruits in question” or their direct name.

  37. The article does leave questions.
    1. Who overreacted more, the recruits getting some truth, or, Glass trying to smooth it over?
    2. Who is lying?
    3. Is this a black eye on Glass or Wilson?
    To me it really sounds like the kid was trying to save face with his friends, family and peers. Same with Glass.
    Welcome to Big Boy Football. We don’t have time for this. There is enough drama in IU athletics the way it is. I would like to enjoy them for a while somtime soon.

  38. No doubt these recruits had no future at IU or if they did were going to get no playing time. No matter what, the “miscommunication” of how this evolved should be totally handled by AD Glass. He is the one charged with sailing the ship smooth for whatever the situation. If there is heat to be taken here, he will respond accordingly to limit it occurring in the future.

  39. All – Great discussion. Lots of world views represented in this blog. Here are some answers and updates.

    Why Johnson was turned away: The coaches were very vague and said he would not fit the new D scheme. Johnson played in high school both in an ODD front “over the center” and had to be a two gap player “both A gaps” which he did well, as well in a EVEN front where he played in the center guard gap. Against teams that ran to the outside we played him at DE – you can see it on his you tube tape. He is more of a run stopper then a pass rusher but if you watch his highlight tape he makes TFL on the edge so he can run. Personally the reason I think they don’t want him is his height – He is 6′ 1″ butand he is as wide as he is tall. My guess is that they don’t think he will be effective against taller OL.

    Updates to Johnson’s recruiting: There has been a line of coaches at the school to talk to Johnson from all over. He has 4 offers since last weekend and more schools are coming to meet him. As his coach all I care is that he gets a great education and plays for men he can mold his life after. After how Indiana treated him I’m not sure that would have happened at Indiana.

  40. Coach, you were well spoken in your posts but for your last sentence, which is total BS because it is simply an opinion taken from one vantage point. If you do not view him as to short, fine, if our staff views him as to short, fine. Good luck to Shafer.

  41. I agree with Hoosier Clarion.
    Shafer was not recruited by Coach Wilson, so it is unfair to make that claim about him.
    So, 5 years ago I was working for a small bank, we were bought out by a large bank and my services as an employee were not retained. So, it’s ok for me to cry about it and complain? NO. My life 5 years later is better than it was back then. It wasn’t because I cried about it until I got my way. It’s because I worked harder and found things on my own as a man.
    Apparently the kids have offers coming to them which is a great thing. They should be happy and move on.

  42. Coach; if you really are Johnson’s coach, I understand your lack of objectivity in this matter. But you’re crossing the line when you question Wilson’s character and integrity. You sound like an emotional mother after someone offended her child; protective, irrational and clearly not able to be objective.

    If you take your emotion out of it, I’d say Wilson did right by Johnson by being honest and suggesting that he find another school where he’ll get a chance to play. It’s not like Wilson told Johnson, “I don’t think you’re any good.” It sounds like Wilson told him, “You’re not a fit in my defensive scheme.” Of course Wilson was vague, why get into specifics in trying to justify your decision to the young man, which can become contentious and may sound unnecessarily cruel.

    Your comments suggest you think Johnson would have been better off signing with IU and not getting a chance to play. It does not matter whether you agree with Wilson’s opinion regarding Johnson’s abilities or his fit in Wilson’s defensive scheme. And given, according to you, that a bunch of other schools are lining up to sign Johnson, it appears that he’s got plenty of opportunity and numerous options to chose from. Johnson will probably be better off, and have a much better chance of playing at another school because of what Wilson did. In fact, if Johnson has any character, he may use Wilson’s “rejection” as a source of motivation and become a better player.

    So as I see it, no harm, no foul, and Wilson probably did Johnson a big favor. In fact, you should applaud Wilson for his integrity, not question it.

    Sometimes, the right thing to do is unpopular, but honorable people do it anyway. If you’re really a coach, you may want to keep that in mind.

  43. Mike P…the question remains…WHY Wilson was not contacted? journalistic ethics REQUIRE that BOTH sides of an allegation have an opportunity for comment. I suppose, at this point D. Dopirak’s silence is an admission of a failure to do a complete job…

    There is a sense that everyone was walking right at the edge between being frank with Mr. Johnson (while hoping that he would re-evaluate his decision and decide NOT to come to Indiana and ‘hedging’ on the granting of the scholarship.

    A story: more than 60 years ago my dad found me standing on a table contemplating jumping to the floor below me. “Jump,” my old man encouraged. “Jump!” he encouraged a second time, holding out his hands to catch me. I hesitated. “Jump…”, he said, opening his arms wider.
    I did so….and SPLATT!, my old man stepped back and let me crash flat on my face to the floor.

    He looked at me and shook his head from side to side, a severe frown curled on is forehead…”Lesson #1 in life,” he said, smiling. “Never trust NOBODY,… not even your father!”

  44. Tsao,
    I didn’t mention this on the blog, but it was in the newspaper story. I attempted to contact Wilson through the IU sports information department and was told he would not be available for comment.
    I should mention this also. I’ve so far spoken to Johnson, Johnson’s mother and Schlachter’s coach. I have attempted to reach but not yet spoken to Phillips or anyone in his family or at his high school. According to their accounts, these players were not simply told they were unlikely to play but they had an option to accept the scholarship. They were told frankly that their commitment would not be accepted. After hearing this from at least one of the players’ parents, Glass decided to clarify the situation. He’s not saying that Wilson didn’t tell the players their commitments wouldn’t be honored. He’s saying that no matter what was said or inferred, the commitments would still be honored.

  45. Mr. Dopirak, thank you for your answer. Perhaps you should be aware that a subscription is necessary to read “stories in the paper”, while access to the blog is open.
    Nevertheless, the story leaves the feeling that the story was spun from reporting Wilson’s handling of his discomfort with some of the Coach Lynch’s recruits and not clearing up what was actually said, what was interpreted, etc.
    It’s important to notice that the discussion over the dialogue with recruit Johnson, the context and importance of height and weight did not develop until it was brought up by “Coach” in his second (1:00 p.m.) intervention to the original blog. The intervention (if indeed ‘Coach’ is associated to Johnson) suggests that the discussion was about how Johnson would ‘fit’ the new system and therefore how ‘wanted’ he was. It would define the context. With that perspective, information about the words said and not said becomes critical.
    It is also really important that, in a time when distrust of the media is growing, all obligations and precautions be taken to carefully include all sides of an issue, all factual contexts; and, that the writer’s personal feelings be limited to the established facts and that comments be carefully sought and evaluated if they are likely to have an influence over the the story. That just simply is the journalists’ responsibility and, as Wilson is accountable (as he should be), so should a the reporting involved in a story.
    I also think and would encourage you to reject the Media Relations’ Dept’s assertion that Coach Wilson would ‘not be available for comment’. It is never a satisfactory explanation- or acceptable to a journalist-, when allegations about a coach are being made and/or are included as a major part of the story. A.D. Glass appears to be very media savvy individual so, he should be made aware when there is a cost for a denial of access to a reporter, as was the case here.
    The question was critical but simple and answerable with a simple statement of fact: What did Coach Wilson say to these recruits? Did Wilson reneg or not?
    It is really unfortunate that ‘story’ here seems to be as much about ‘the story about the story’ as it is fact and interpretation. That is never good.

  46. DD,

    It is apparent the school that trained you in journalism left out the chapter about beating the living hell out of anyone who tells you someone is not available. You may need to re-enter school and take a refresher course. I would suggest the U of Cosa Nostra. Although I must add I’ve never heard of you falling on your face.

  47. If CTC had come in and told a class of MAC quality basketball recruits that their offers were being rescinded and turned around and snatched some recruits from under the nose of Coach K and Duke everyone here would be dancing in the streets.

  48. Chet,

    Here is the next molehill augmentation for the FB program to be bushwacked by, after the new staffs evaluation of the existing scholarship holders during the Spring, Summer and 2011 season, how many will not have their yearly scholarships renewed? I project many. Seems to me that will tell just how good of recruiters this staff will be.

  49. I see a lot of people are making the “Lynch recruited MAC level kids argument” to justify pulling these scholarships. If you agree with it then say it and stop making excuses. Jalen had Big10 offers. Donte and Shafer may have also, But they committed in June and probably stopped going to camps. One week later, Donte’ is on an official visit at Penn State, probably about to be offered. Moreover, I’ve read that a parade of schools including Texas Tech and Minnesota, among others, have been to his school to visit since being released. The no talent argument is falling by the minute. Coach obviously didn’t like these kids and got rid of them. Let’s call a spade a spade.

  50. IU lover, Jalen just committed to Ball State. First, I felt bad he had his scholly pulled, but again yes he’s MAC school talent.

  51. He did that so he can kick our butts first game of the season next year 🙂 Seriously, when your scholie gets pulled so late in the game, you gotta do what you gotta do. Those BCS offers he had previously are long gone at this stage of the game. That is why what happened is so sad.

  52. What makes me laugh about all this, is how many IU fans were gushing all over Schlachter last June when he commited to IU, many of you thought he was a great get for IU. Now 8 months later because one coach says he doesnt fit the scheme you classify this kid as an average athlete who deserves nothing better than the MAC. Many of you actually think you know what kind of athlete he is and then actually talk about it like its the truth. Its all very sad. Schlachter had offers from BCS schools and thats just a fact you cant take away from him. I have seen some big time talent not get offers from certain schools because of the “scheme” that doesnt make them less of an athlete. Many of you are judging these kids based on one coaches opinion. What you have to realize is one week ago schlachter got is offer pulled. With in one week he is commited to a Div 1 school. Yes its the MAC, and many MAC schools have had some big time upsets to Big 10 schools. Lets not act like the MAC gets left over kids. Truth is the MAC as some great talent. Instead of judging schlachter for what one coach as said, why dont we just see what comes of his career, many of you may look like idiots when this is all said and done. The kid had a chance to go to Minny this weekend but liked what he saw in Ball State and made the commit. Ball State just hired a great coaching staff, dont forget we have to play them the next few years, we may watch schlachter and wonder why we didnt keep him, and we may not. But I have seen many big time recruits turn out to be a bust and many underated recruits turn out to be big time players. As IU fans lets focus on what our program will be in the future and stop acting like we have the ability to judge a kid we have never seen or spoke with before. Im glad things have worked out and I hope they do for all the recruits that were let go, its very child like to cut down these kids like they were never worthy of IU in the first place.

  53. All,

    Great discussion with the exception of Podunker who reverts to hominem attacks on people he disagrees with. Poducker if you actually read my post my issue is that IU (Glass and Wilson) led Johnson on for over six weeks and then told him they did not want him. After Glass fired Lynch, Glass called Johnson and told him his scholarship would be honored, Wilson sent his assistant coach to SCS to tell Johnson they wanted him two weeks prior to his visit. Then Sunday at the visit Wilson tells the kid they don’t want him to play football at IU. I have no problem with the message – your not good enough – I have a problem with why they led him on for six weeks and cost him other opportunities. Johnson is going to play for Coach Enos at CMU who is a man of his word. Hopefully CMU will play IU – that will be fun to watch!

  54. Karma can be a bummer. I would hope no one on here who thinks the pulled schollies were just fine, also don’t mind in the future when a few kids back out of there committments at the last minute. Also, Glass and Wilson apparently didn’t agree on a scholarship strategy before these problems….or else one of them is lying. As it is, Glass’s statements just appear to be a lawyer doing spin control for one of his clients….and trying to do damage control.

  55. Children are the great gift from the god. And their emotions run high when they experience their first rejection. But it while technically honoring the scholarship offer, is trying to do the best thing for the young men by being honest and giving them a chance to sign with other schools where they have a chance to play.

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