Crean, Creek discuss injury

Maurice Creek said he feels better this time. The sophomore guard’s injury isn’t as bad, as evidence by the fact that he walked— albeit with a huge, mostly immobilizing brace in his right leg — into the Assembly Hall media room for his first meeting with the media since learning that he will be facing knee surgery for the second straight season. This time its for a stress fracture in his right patella.

He’s probably missing the season and he’s likely in for another long stretch of rehabilitation, but it won’t be nearly as long as the one he suffered through last year when he suffered a displacing fracture of his left knee.

“I feel a little bit better about this one just because I went through it last year,” Creek said. “Like I said, it’s going to take time, but I’m mentally prepared.”

Creek seemed to be in decent spirits and appeared to have an understanding that this injury will be much easier to work through.

“Last year it kind of hit me really hard,” Creek said. “This year, it’s just, it happened for a reason. I’m going to take it as a challenge and come prepared for next year.”

Indiana coach Tom Crean said he continues to be amazed by Creek’s ability to handle the trauma.

“I’m really proud of him and how he’s handled this,” said Crean, who added that the Hoosiers would not have a timetable on his return until after the surgery Thursday. “His spirit, the way he’s handled it with his teammates. The way he’s handled it just as a person. I can’t imagine how hard it would be. I really can’t…. He’s prepared to have the surgery and then the hard part will really kick in. I’m not sure that’s set in yet, but we’ll be there to help him through every step of it.”

Creek said he knew he was in trouble shortly after he caught a pass on a fast break late in Saturday’s game against Michigan.

“As I was striding for the pass, I heard a pop in my knee,” Creek said. “I really couldn’t even catch the ball. By the grace of God I caught it and just threw it up there and it went in. When I fell back down on it, it hurt even more. When I got back up, I was happy to even walk. I really didn’t feel much pain after that. When I got back up there to try to do it again, it just hurt, so I stopped playing from there.”

Creek said Sunday morning the knee started to hurt, Sunday afternoon it started swelling, and Monday “it was pretty bad.”

Though stress fractures don’t always require surgery, Crean said that this one did. He admitted he wasn’t 100 percent certain as to why, but that he had no questions about the decision.

“This one did,” Crean said. “I don’t think there was any debate on that. … I wouldn’t want to insult the medical profession on that. I really wouldn’t. I don’t want to be wrong on that. I’ve seen the MRI. I didn’t have any questions on that.”

Crean said on the court he expected Creek’s injury to mean more time for junior guard Matt Roth and freshmen Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey.

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  1. Well I’m impressed with Maurice and his ability to react and handle this. Strong character guy. Can’t wait until he gets back to playing 100%!

  2. Hoping Maurice heals thoroughly. He seems a very solid kid and a credit to the university and the team.

    I’ll bet he comes back even better than he did this year with the time off to rehab both knees completely.

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