Crean: Creek out indefinitely

Tom Crean said during his radio show moments ago that Maurice Creek is out indefinitely, according to Dustin (who is at the radio show).

Creek has a stress fracture in his right patella and knee swelling, Crean said.

Creek took a hard fall underneath the basket late in Saturday’s game against Michigan. Its important to note that last season’s injury was to his left knee, not his right.

“This is our guy, and he’s right there. … It just felt like it was really, really close to breaking for him.”

Creek has struggled at times this season, lacking the burst that got him into the lane so often last season. He had recently begun coming off the bench, scoring six points in 21 minutes against Michigan.

Creek is averaging 8.3 points a game, but on 38.9 percent shooting.


  1. Wow when will this team catch a break ( no pun intended) It didn’t look good for Creek when it happened.

  2. I can’t believe the bad luck. My thoughts & prayers are with Mo & his family. Keep your head up. We’re all pulling for you.

  3. Wow, that is just such tough news for him and for the team. It’s easy to forget that these are still just kids. This will really be a test of his character. I wish him all the luck in the world.

  4. Wow, definitely a tough break for the team, and even tougher for this hardworking young man. Godspeed to Mo in his recovery.

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