Crean on Twitter: Creek will have surgery on Thursday

Indiana coach Tom Crean just posted on his Twitter account that sophomore guard Maurice Creek will in fact have surgery to repair the stress fracture in his right patella on Thursday. What that means is difficult to tell. An orthopedic surgeon I spoke to earlier said a stress fracture in the knee tends to not require surgery, and is a 4-8 week recovery. Maybe this makes it shorter. Maybe this makes it longer.

Feel free to speculate, I suppose, because with that, I have no idea.


  1. I fractured my knee playing tennis last week and not having surgery but in a brace for 4 weeks. DR said it takes 4 weeks for bone to heal if do not smoke. Not sure how long before I can play again. His knee must be more than a stress fracture to need surgery from what I experienced this last week.

    It does suck though.

  2. Smoking slows the process of healing of any wound. Any time you have a major surgery the doc will ask if you smoke, and then politely tell you not to smoke at all when you are recovering. It can also cause infection to and other issues with slow healing. Ive seen pictures of people who smoked during surgery recovery and they are not pretty!

    As for Mo, this is just sickening, but we saw him walk off the floor, so how bad can it really be? What is wrong with this kids knees anyway, i mean what are the chances??? Makes me sick to my stomach!

  3. I just hope Maurice can recover – from the problems he has had with BOTH knees – and have a productive career as a basketball player. If he helps the Hoosiers, that is a bonus, but for now, I just hope for the best for Maurice. This has to be VERY hard on him…

  4. Stress fractures are non displaced, meaning the bone sections have not moved from their original position. That’s why there is usually no surgery. I don’t know what kind of procedure would speed it up. Nicotine is an exceptionally strong vasoconstrictor. The blood vessels constrict and limit circulation. That is the reason that so many smokers end up having their toes, feet and, after they continue to smoke, legs amputated in later life. Smoking and diabetes are the major non-traumatic causes of limb amputation
    My wife works in vascular surgery.

  5. On the court IU obviously will be ‘fine’ this season regardless; it’ll open up more minutes for Sheehey, Oladipo, Roth, and Rivers. But I agree that for Maurice it is very disappointing and a huge bummer. His college career, which at one point showed a lot of promise, has been derailed and that’s unfortunate. He seems like a great kid and I think everyone in the B1G, especially Purdue fans(Hummel) feel awful for him.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but to me Mo Creek should’ve never played this year. He could’ve sat out, got completely healthy and confident in his knee. He then would’ve had 3 years left to play alongside Zeller, 2 years with Yogi, etc. Now all of that is up in the air. But that is life I suppose and only time will really tell. The Maurice Creek story will be one Hoosier fans will follow for the next few years. At this point for his sake I hope things work out, whatever he does/gives at Indiana is secondary.

  6. Dustin, nice job of staying with what you do best-reporting. And very good to bring in an orthopedic guy for some specialized knowledge. Thanks.

  7. 9, I’ve thought the same thing! DJ White’s twice broken foot in jersey #3 and now Mo’s two broken kneecaps . . .

  8. My fondest hope is that these two injuries are freak things and once Maurice heals, that’ll be the end of it. But… history is full of stories of great players who had body parts that just weren’t engineered for basketball (Bill Walton’s feet, Sam Bowie’s knees, Yao Ming’s feet, Greg Oden’s whole body, etc.). Let’s hope Maurice is serious about taking advantage of his scholarship to get a degree and prepare to make a life for himself outside basketball (just in case his knees are Yao’s feet, if you get my drift).

  9. Creek has looked bad all year he hits a few jumpers every now and then but didnt blake griffin have the same injury last year and look what he is doing now, you can just tell in the way he runs it wasnt ready to be played and it seemed as if he just was out to get his points many times he threw up bad and rushed 3 pointers. Oladipo is the better player anyways and twice as talented

  10. As the injuries are unrelated sitting out a year wouldn’t have made much difference. Time wise, as unforgiving as the NCAA is, it might even end up giving him more eligibility time this way.

  11. Chet- Yes the injury was unrelated but regardless of the latest injury this was a wasted year for Creek. His stats, minutes, movement, and overall game was not right. Should’ve sat and recovered, even in his interview Creek admitted that he was never 100%, not even close really.

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