Crean: Watford’s injuries being evaluated

Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked during the Big Ten teleconference Monday what sophomore forward Christian Watford’s status would be after suffering an injury to his wrist and one to his knee during Sunday’s game at Michigan State. Crean said the injuries were still being evaluated and he could not yet declare that they would not be an ongoing problem.

The Hoosiers have obviously already had injury issues with sophomore guard Maurice Creek out with a stress fracture in his right knee and junior guard Verdell Jones missing the last three games with inflammation in his right knee.


  1. Gotta be really proud of how Watford has stepped up his toughness in the last few weeks. He really showed some mettle by getting right back in the game after the knee bang, wrist tweak, and diving on the floor. It looked like he was ready to leave on a stretcher if not with a W. He was also talking to Rivers after Rivers started hanging his head with the missed FT’s. I see a leader emerging. Hope there are no serious lingering effects from last night and he keeps building on a reputation for being a warrior.

  2. STL, you are 100% correct. We need some Warriors. It is starting to look like Hulls, Rivers and Wat have assumed the leadership roles right now. Hopefully Jones can come back soon and we will be that much stronger. I have a feeling that the attitude in the program has been, “start playing like you want to be here, or you won’t be.”

  3. Maybe the reason we’ve been playing so well lately is because we dont have creek or jones. Fewer turnovers, more three pointers, team shooting percentage increase.

  4. Indiana has always been one of the top shooting teams in the country most of the season. Although a slight increase lately along with an increase in ranking for shooting %.

  5. Maybe I’m the only one that has noticed but you have to admit with the team we have put on the floor over the last three games there is a renewed all for one for all.The chemistry is very good and there is no quit in anybody.Personal agendas are gone and they all just want to win!We could very possibley get a couple of wins,providing we play like we have been and that Watford,s hand is not broken.

  6. That should have been clarified in the blog, my fault. It is indeed Watford’s left, non-shooting hand that is at issue. We’ll meet with Crean later today and have something more definitive on that.

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