Crean: We missed Jones’ leadership

After watching the film of Sunday’s loss to Iowa, Tom Crean got a better idea of just how short-handed he was.

The Indiana coach said that as much as the Hoosiers missed junior guard Verdell Jones’ 12.9 points per game, they missed his leadership even more. He also added Maurice Creek into the equation and said there was a big difference in the team considering it was playing without two “excellent players,” that were there against Michigan.

The following is the transcript from Crean’s 10 minutes on the Big Ten teleconference this morning, with the exception of an answer to a question from’s Pat Forde about radio show callers that stemmed from comments from North Carolina’s Roy Williams and a question at the end about the Jared Sullinger-JaJuan Johnson matchup. If you’re interested, you could check that out on But everything else follows.

Opening Statement

@font-face { font-family: “Cambria”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }I think where we’re at right now is a week ago we were playing two excellent players in the sense of Maurice Creek who was starting to come back and play better and Verdell Jones who has been our leading scorer and a mainstay with us for a long time. Yesterday, it showed that we didn’t have those guys and it showed that we didn’t have Verdell’s leadership especially. We missed his basketball abilities. There’s no doubt about that. But we really, really missed the fact that his leadership wasn’t there. After watching the film, there’s no question we made too many mental errors defensively in this game. Everything on the offensive side of it. We just missed way too many open shots. I thought we got really good looks. Even better looks than I thought we had when I was actually in the game, and we didn’t knock them down. But the mental errors, the poor transition defense, and the fact that we just did not make enough shots that were there for us gave us a horrendous field goal percentage. Never allowed us to get real momentum. With that being said, we just didn’t play well enough to beat a good Iowa team.

Q: Coach, what are the unique challenges in rebuilding in a conference like the Big Ten where there’s so much stability?

A: There’s rebuilding then there’s what we’ve been doing the last three years. It comes at a really bad time when you have the league as strong as it’s been the last three years.  It comes at a really bad time when you have the league as strong as it’s been over a period of years. All you can do is stay strong on what you’re trying to do daily and make sure you never get away from the plan, the blueprint, the vision that you have for the future. You can’t live too far into the future, but you have to make sure that you know that you’re building for it. I think that’s what we need to do right now is make sure that we’re getting better everyday and when you take steps back, especially in the sense of things that you work on at a high level. That can be a little disheartening, but we’re also not at the point, and I think teams that maybe aren’t as good and maybe don’t have the experience and the depth that some others have, when you take some players out of your lineup, and we had this happen with Maurice Creek, and we’ve had it happen this year with Maurice, now with Verdell and even going back to when we lost the man that we thought would be our starting center, Guy-Marc Michel, we’re not equipped yet to just plug somebody in and just have somebody plug in to that backup’s role and say, OK we’re not going to miss a beat. I think that’s the hardest thing about rebuilding. The margin for error in the games is so small. But you’re so, I don’t know what the word would be, it’s very very hard to overcome injuries when you don’t yet have it built up the way that it needs to be. I think that’s what makes rebuilding a tough deal.

Q: Kind of on that note, is there anything else you can tell us about Verdell’s injury? When did you all find out about it and what exactly are you expecting from this injury?

A: We think it might have started bothering him a little in the Michigan game, but it wasn’t anything that stopped him from playing at a high level. Thursday morning, he tweaked it a little bit, but he played through it, and it starated to bother him more in the Wisconsin game. I’m not sure if he got bumped or hit it during the game, but you could tell it was different especially in the second half. He was moving a little more gingerly in the second half, even though he continued to play at a pretty high level. Friday, we didn’t practice him, even though we really didn’t practice as much as we walked through. He went through that, but then we determined with the swelling that we probably needed to have an MRI. Saturday was the day that we pretty much knew he was not going to be available to us on Sunday. It really is one of those situations right now that we’re just going to have to wait and see. There’s really not a timeline on it. He’s going to rehabilitate as much as possible. They’ll continue to treat it and we’re in an indefinite period.

Q: When you lose two players of the caliber of Verdell and Maurice, how does the dynamic of this offense have to change? What do you have to do in your offense to make sure the rest of the guys get shots?

A: I think yesterday, our best offense yesterday was transition and second shots. I say that, we got a ton of great looks. None of us were panicked in the first half at all because of the looks we were getting at the basket. Especially Jordan and matt was getting very good looks. Christian even earlier in the game.  But they just weren’t going in. You figure at some point those shots are going to go in in a consistent rate with the guys that are shooting them, but that didn’t happen yesterday. Again, it’s like anything else. When the shots are going in, it doesn’t matter what you’re running. When the shots aren’t going in, sometimes nothing can save it. That’s why transition was good and the second shot opportunities were good, but if we make anywhere close to the open shots that we had in the game, it’s a game the entire way and we’re trying to figure out a way to win it in the end. That didn’t happen for us. How we evolve with it, I’m not sure.  I don’t think we make a lot of changes. I think our screening yesterday was atrocious. I think that’s got a lot to do with anything that you’re going to run, and that needs to get so much better.  We’re going to get that corrected. We had an all-around soft game yesterday, and that just can’t happen.


  1. Sounds like CYA to now call the players excellent when last week he did not think they were so good.

  2. This is what Crean was saying yesterday morning before the game:

    Our guys have a great… mindset and spirit. I know we are ready to compete at a high level.

    That’s what he said before the game! Now, can anyone confirm that Coach K was making the same kind of statements in his 3rd year at Duke? I am asking because apparently that’s seems to be the new success predictor on this blog: if you suck in your 3rd year as a coach that is a sign of sure future greatness, isn’t it?

    Personally I think that Crean is either delusional or incompetent or both.

  3. His whole quote before the game was: “We have had very good practices and walk throughs to get ready to play today. Our guys have a great mindset and spirit. I know we are ready to compete at a high level.”

    The key word here is ‘know’ he must not know much if what he thought he knew was so terribly wrong. The results yesterday would’ve been fine if we had lost to MSU or OSU, but to become a joke at the mercy of Iowa…wow. I “know” that Crean isn’t a good coach. Oh wait, thats right, wait until he gets the players, yes thats right, just wait until he gets the players, then he’ll be able to know his teams will be playing at a ‘high level’ against Iowa…….

    ah the disappointed fan base, so tired of an excuse oriented coach

  4. South Dakota State and Long Beach State beat Iowa
    …and they did it without Verdell Jones! I didn’t think that was possible…………!

  5. RAM….Coach K didnt walk into a disaster at DUke when he arrived, it was just another program with another coach,. It wasnt sanctioned and it wasnt under any investigation. His whole team did not transfer from the year b4, so in large part your comments make no sense at all!

  6. Maybe instead of blaming Crean, we need to start blaming the players?

    I think the honeymoon for these guys is over…….Watford’s defense was absolutely terrible yesterday…no effort

  7. Just curious, what was he supposed to say? My team isn’t ready to play, their mindset is horrible, we had a bad couple of practices, another one of our best players is out so our spirit is in the toilet, I’m not sure why we made the trip?
    If he were to do that before a game, you people would crucify him for it.
    They beat Michigan, have a good showing at Wisconsin, and layed an egg at Iowa. So it’s the end of the world again, isn’t it? If you think we’re all upset about it, why don’t you go to Assembly Hall right now. They’re having the 2nd practice of the day, according to Coach Crean on his radio show. I don’t think you would find to many happy folks there, players or staff.

  8. M&S,

    I merely stated a fact about Coach K. You are the one who is trying to establish that fact, as, in your words, “the new success predictor”. As far as being cognizant to facts, Jubilee’s perception seems to be the more sensible one. His observations as a rule are valid as he keeps his emotions in check.

  9. They are at Assembly Hall right now? They should be.They should practice all night if that’s what it takes. So now we are satisfied with “a good showing”? “It’s Indiana” REMEMBER?

  10. BCR-listen to Dakich’s podcast with Don Fischer, he actually says things that are true, he(Fischer) doesn’t sugar coat or make excuses.

    IU fans need to step back and actually look at this program and see what is going on; everyone is blinded by their jaded fanhood, but from a purely basketball standpoint, IU is not worth rooting for, and this current team is not worth our support, period.

  11. I’m as disappointed as everyone else, and even disgusted at the effort shown against Iowa, but I’m trying to look on the bright side? Is there a bright side? Well, we lost Jones and Creek, and we effectively played without Hulls who was vomiting at halftime. Add to that the fact that we “lost” our starting center at the beginning of the season. How many teams can play well on the road without 4 starters? It’s hard for me to blame Crean on this one, although I’d like to think that RMK could have put together more wins in 3 years, but he is a hall of famer and you can’t hold all coaches to that standard.

    We got good shots, esp. in the first half, but the shots just didn’t go through the hoop. Is that Crean’s fault? Not really. We were absolutely destroyed in the paint because Watford can’t play defense inside and our bigs just can’t compete. Some people talk about how good our players are so we should be winning, but our bigs are not Big Ten quality and teams know how to attack that weakness. There’s not much a coach can do with that lack of talent inside.

    It sucks that this year is already a lost cause and we have to wait for next year, but I have high hopes for the future. If we can get some Juco big man talent to help out Zeller inside, we’ll do fine.

  12. I remember once, when Coach Knight was particularly unhappy with the effort against a team, he refused to fly the team on the team play to Michigan State and left it to the players to get to East Lansing…a funny sight, the players making arrangements for their own travel and responsible for their own equipment.

    I particularly remember one of the players saying after the game: :Damn straight we won,… I spent more than $200 of my own money on the trip….I wasn’t losing that game!” (I really wish I could remember the names, but the anecdote is 100% true).

    Maybe…if we made Crean pay for his own trip……

  13. Sorry, typos corrected

    I remember once, when Coach Knight was particularly unhappy with the effort against a team, he refused to fly the team on the team plane to Michigan State and left it to the players to get to East Lansing…a funny sight, the players making arrangements for their own travel and responsible for their own equipment.

    I particularly remember one of the players saying after the game: “Damn straight we won,… I spent more than $200 of my own money on the trip….I wasn’t losing that game!” (I really wish I could remember the names, but the anecdote is 100% true).

    Maybe…if we made Crean pay for his own trip……

  14. I think it’s funny how much stock everyone takes in Crean’s comments to the press. Do you think transparency with reporters is a huge priority for him? I doubt that he loses a lot of sleep over not filling us in on the particulars of each loss, much less each practice (that is closed off to the media). That is not his job. For now, he is going to stay on message, so to speak, and continue to cite a number of pretty reasonable factors that are contributing to our struggles. And for people who have suggested that he is not being hard enough on his players or intense enough in practice, I find that extremely difficult to imagine. Crean is a visibly maniacal competitor.

    The question is whether this team is really underperforming. Do fans think it is so easy to be a high-caliber team that you can win in the Big Ten when you rely primarily on a nucleus of sophomores, the best of which has been seriously hampered and sidelined with injuries for over a year now? I find Crean’s comments to be frustrating as well, but I don’t hold him accountable for the fact that we are in another bad year. We simply don’t have the horses. VJ III is among the most untrustworthy ball-handlers I have ever seen, and we are HELPLESS without him offensively. That would seem to be a telling case-in-point for our personnel this year. Cut TC a break, and let’s see if we can’t get a signature win if and when Verdell’s knee comes around.

  15. I heard Dakich & Fisher on the radio. I agree with what they said. I’m sure Coach Crean does, also.

    Coach probably did feel good, injuries aside, going into the Iowa game. Coming off of their two best games of the year. Yes, that includes a good showing at Wisconsin. How many teams go there, and can say that. We lost last year 83-55 up there. So, yeah, I’d say being down 4pts with a minute to go was pretty good against the 17th ranked team on their court. Where IU, or any other school, rarely wins.

    If you think Coach cares what the media thinks, or that he “owes” it to us, to give us all the little details involving this program, you’re wrong. Good grief, the way some still worship Coach Knight, I would think everyone would understand that. He didn’t exactly answer all the questions asked of him, did he?

  16. Waka Flocka:

    You stated: “from a purely basketball standpoint, IU is not worth rooting for, and this current team is not worth our support, period”

    I’m frustrated about the current state of the hoops program as well, but unless the team is populated by miscreants (as it apparently was under Sampson), then I wholeheartedly disagree with your comments that IU hoops (including the current team) is not worth rooting for. That program doesn’t need bandwagon fans that only root for the team during good times, so feel free to enjoy some Purdue basketball.

  17. I don’t care if we’re “HELPLESS” without Jones offensively. I can’t wait ’til he graduates. I’m willing to be patient for the talent pool to arrive, but I must respectfully disagree with Crean. I’ve rarely witnessed leadership qualities emanating from Jones on the basketball court that positively influences the team chemistry. And though you’re correct in assessing his ability to put points on the scoreboard for a team that is in dire need of diversely skilled and experienced scoring weapons(especially from the post position), I get far more pleasure watching the Hoosiers when he is on the bench. A leader makes other players believe in their importance on the floor. A leader brings out the best in his/her teammates. I don’t see it in Jones. Maybe I’m being unduly hard on VJ. Maybe leaderships is a problem throughout the team..I guess that’s my biggest concern with Crean. It’s not in his ability to recruit or understand the X’s and O’s of game. There has been some signs of life this season, but there’s a strange dysfunctional aspect this team that goes beyond not having the “horses”. There’s a lack of cohesiveness and camaraderie one would hope to see from kids that have been playing together for 2-3 years. Too many blank stares in faces even when the cuts and screens are in the right places. I worry that by season’s end the “kid in a candy store” exuberance will be zapped from VO and Sheehey as well. Could it just be the sheer number of losses beginning to pile up again and wear down young men that didn’t realize just how hard it would be in the rebuilding process of a gutted program in a conference like the Big 10? I would be far more tolerant mistakes and losses due to our talent disparity if their was any resemblance of spark and team pride. Our team plays like characters in a loveless marriage. Often they don’t look like they really care that they share the same colors on their “new generation” backs. That’s what hurts most. I want to see Hoosiers enjoying the game of basketball. Many Hoosier fans treated the Sampson kids as complete degenerates undeserving more chances to be part of the Hoosier family. No point returning to those days..I suppose it’s all water under the bridge now. It’s just funny. In my sincere opinion they looked more like a family on the basketball court. I think they played more inspired because of it. For all their individual imperfections, they showed an undeniable loyalty and trust in their coach. They had a leader and they went down with his ship.

  18. I sure as hell hope Coach Crean doesn’t read this blog. Not to spare his feelings. He is a man and I’m sure can take criticism of his actions. I just don’t want him to read the comments from some of you and lump us all together as true ‘fans’ of Indiana University basketball. Not all of us have the collective IQ of a pile of dog turds… basketball or otherwise.

  19. kid, you are spot on in observing that this team does not have leadership on the floor. A coach cannot deliver that or impose that onto a team. Not even Coach Knight. We need someone like Jordy Hulls to step up and take the reigns. He could be the most crucial player to our success over the next couple of years as the talent starts to arrive. It takes leadership to be successful and it takes senior leadership to win championships.

  20. Agree. Unfortunately, I think he needed to feel entrusted that role from his first steps onto McCracken court.

  21. who?…spot on, on both #22 & #23. Coach said as much last night on his radio show. Said he had no problem looking at himself for improvement first, if he could or should be doing anything differently. But, also had no problem expecting it from others. Good explanation for the 2-a-days in the middle of the B10 season!

    Best line of the night from him though, was when a caller said that his life revolved around Indiana basketball. Coach asked how his family was, and that he should make sure his life revolved around them. Nothing like keeping your priorities straight.

  22. VJ111 does not impress me.We need defense. Creek was horrible. He was no more ready to play basketball than i am. You don’t have a post player on that team if you did have VJ111 or none of the other guards will look at the post to get them the ball.Crean wants to drive to the basket. you don’t need big men for that. I will always be an IU fan but sometimes you have to wander.

  23. Question towards all on here would u rather have the kind of guys that sampson had i guess that u could call “thugs” but without the cheating, or the good ol boy like a Jordan Hulls or a Will Sheheey. look at Baylor last year with there “thugs” they looked great. IU cant avoid guys who might have a shady past like maybe a zach randolph kind of guy thats what we need a rough and tough big guy. what do u all think

  24. Speedway- here is what I’m talking about, for one thing I didn’t say anything about winning/losing; I was talking about how they play. And if you think that just because a kid goes to class, or comes from a good family, or is from Indiana, etc. That it means they are worth rooting for you are missing the point. As a basketball fan, if you watch how they play, they were disinterested, lazy, weak, etc. read the Inside the Hall post about Dakich/Fischer’s comments: That sums it up, no one is saying they aren’t great kids; but that doesn’t mean they are playing great basketball or giving it their all…..

    on a side note, all the bashing of the Armon Basset, Jordan Crawford, Jamarcus Ellis, etc group is not credible because it didn’t come out until after the Sampson thing and once IU started losing they(fans) suddenly started hating on the ‘types’ of players IU had on their roster, again they weren’t saying it when they were ranked in the top 10 for a brief moment…

  25. Bcr, the point is, sometime all the ‘ra ra clap clap’ needs to stop, all the “its indiana, its indiana!” needs to stop, at some point Crean needs to actually coach, actually care and actually stop BSing all the fans. It is comical to see how much he spins you and the fans whatever way he wants, he deflects questions, plays the angles, etc all the time, constantly deflecting away from the fact that maybe sometime he needs to look in the mirror and see that he is part of the problem, until that happens Crean will keep blaming the players and they’ll keep tuning him out. It is clear that the people who need to buy into Crean the most(the players), do not. And when you see people as closely tied to the team as Dakich and Fischer, ready to throw the players under the bus you know that they are also starting to question the coach and all his facade as well. Crean also refuses to sit down and shut up, most great coaches do their coaching during the week, and the games show whether they taught the right stuff or not. Crean cannot sit down and shut up because he didn’t do any of the right coaching during the week, his type of in your face clapping/pacing puts him as the leader of the team, he needs to let the players become leaders, but he gets in the way of that, but then he is sure to blame that on them as well, and he’s always stressing the most ‘important’ thing, recruiting….he is doing a terrible job with this years squad. No question.

  26. Smoke some weed…skip some classes… have sex with an intern in your private office…learn how to be slippery and claim it was the multiple definitions of the word “is” that allowed you to put your business on a blue dress…one day you can give million dollar speeches and enjoy your retirement from being President of the United States in a wealthy suburb of New York City. Just don’t ever expect to have “former Indiana University basketball player” on your resume. Bush never did weed. He was crean as a whistle and never got any blue dress…Crean would have made a fine minister..a good place to blow his whistle..What was the question?

  27. crean as a whistle- the qusetion was would u rather lose with these good ol boys we have or win with some “thugs” without cheating. that is the question

  28. You must define “thugs”. Is Elston one for tripping a kid? Maybe we should ask Hugh. Did Chris Korman think the Sampson kids were thugs. Is intentionally attempting to injure someone less of “thug” behavior than using your power to screw an intern or smoke a joint in the privacy of your own residence? Define thug. Does having a boombox in your car make you a thug? Tattoos? Bad tattoos? Not wanting to play for Dan Dakich? A person on a Hoosier blog that talks more about Duke basketball than Indiana? Crean would have made a good referee. Think? He could have still briskly paced around a maple-planked floor, put on a demonstrative act, continued to pleasure himself with strange gyrations and various form of expressiveness through hand gestures, and fulfilled his lifelong masochistic desire to be falsely accused for not knowing what the hell he was talking about….”Because you fouled him”…Right game, wrong profession…What was the question?

  29. im talking about guys like ellis, bassett,crawford, everyone loved those guys until the cheating stuff came out we started that season 17-1 then the cheating stuff came out you tell me what u like better 17-1 or 10-21 (exlude the cheating) but those players where no involed with the phone calls, the incoming recruits were.

  30. Lord I was born a ramblin’ man, but I aint dipping my stick into that crankcase question. That was a guilty pleasure..Sorry. I’ll tuck that back away deep into the dark night my “not a true fan” soul…”Because you fouled him”. That came from a very nasty place. Much better than a green smiley face. :mrgreen:

    I really do want the best for Indiana, but you people just blow my mind/whistle…It depends what is a thug, is a thug, is. There’s my answer, boy…Hindsight is the best sight but that’s why farts stink? I remember when “true IU fans” were talking on IU basketball blogs about Dakich being an incompetent fool..Now he’s the source for all supreme knowledge. Wow…how things change from smelly soured milk to fresh rose gardens around here…My last hope for normalcy is to see Bob Knight put Brett Musburger in a choke hold. The world his full of careful garbling wimps. Don’t you just get sick of it? Garble? Good word.

    Later, thug debater.

  31. wow your just like crean dodging every straight forward question givin to u……..HIRE FRANK MARTIN!!!

  32. You + are = You’re. Some smarty-tart apple taught me that years ago. Pay it forward.

    The “thugs” needed a leader. How’s that? Change of topic: Have you seen the incredible numbers Eric Gordon has been putting up? Think he’ll be on the NBA All-Star team? Notice how perception is everything? Garble..”Because it’s a foul”.

    Later, thug interrogator.

  33. Fab5, you know I’ve watched alot of college basketball on tv, as I’m sure you have, and I’ve seen other coaches do the same thing when it comes to clapping and encouragement. Every coach has their own style and way of doing things. If you really think that Coach Crean isn’t hard on these guys, and a very demanding coach, I would disagree with you. Right now he needs to be a leader, because we don’t have one on the court yet.

    He doesn’t spin me in any direction. I draw my own conclusions, and form my own opinion on what I see and hear. Like I said before, did Coach Knight answer every question directly? No. Not many coaches do. There are a variety of reasons for that, especially if its during the season. People that nit pick every comment, and critique every little thing, are just looking for a reason to complain about Coach Crean, IMO.

    As far as coaching before the games, and having a good game plan go. Where do you think the play against Michigan and Wisconsin came from? The reason Dakich and Fisher were making the statements about the players, is because when the effort isn’t there, it’s on the players. Coaches don’t miss dunks, lay-ups, rebounds, defensive assignments, etc…

    As limited as this team is, it’s pretty obvious to me when they execute on the court, and follow the game plan, they can be a fun team to watch, and play with alot of really good teams. When they don’t execute, give the effort that’s needed, and are not mentally tough, well, we have the Iowa game.

  34. BCR- if it was just the fact that ‘we have had the Iowa game’ no one would be on here complaining, every team has a dud or 2, instead the two games you mentioned are actually the abnormal games this season, you mentioned the Wisc and Mich games….those were the only 2 games where they played well in the last month or so. Its funny how people think those who question or doubt act like we have no basis for that. Yet the ‘supporters’ have done nothing but say the same exact thing for 3 years now, and instead of just saying “we’ll have to wait for the recruits to get here.” They’ve now added even 3-4 more arguments to their “we’ll just hold on wait for this or wait for that” argument. I am not wanting Crean fired nor do I think he will be, but its funny to see people repeatedly defend him when the literally have no reason to other than the fact that he has Coach beside his last name and he’s at your favorite school. If you were to take a step back and look at the situation from afar, Crean is not that defend-able 3 years in. Now might he win once he gets the players? Sure! But that isn’t the point, we are talking about this season and he’s done a joke of a job with his first 3 years of coaching(don’t say recruiting).

  35. We could go back & forth all night. Not worth it. I have my opinion & you have yours. What some people think are actual facts that have hurt the team this year, on top of the whole situation surrounding the program for the last three years, other people view as just excuses.

  36. Load up on early victories against DII type competition and everyone thinks this team and program has turned the corner. The first sign that it wasn’t happening this year was Vegas. Two losses and both games team showed its lack of heart, smarts, and youth. I was truly suprised that we won a Big Ten conference game, shows how low Michigan program has fallen. Leadership is for sure a big part of the missing equation but this team does not have the inner or exterior strength to win. There are several very selfish players and when they have the ball it is all about them– passes are only when they have to make them. When they don’t score they sulk, let alone not play defense. The selfish players control this team and Crean allows it to happen. They need to be on the end of the bench intil they change. My guess is that they never would and eventually leave. With that said Crean needs to change his approach and start getting some players to put the puzzle together. He has at best two more years. If the team and losses look like they do today call Brad Stephens maybe he would be ready to move to IU and get us up to Butler’s level.

  37. Up to Butler’s level? They actually lost at Hinkle to one of those “DII type” teams that we beat, Evansville. Talk about lowering expectations……

  38. I would take the direction Butler has been going as a program versus IU. There are a lot of fixable parts to the IU program but they need to start happening. Part of it is the system and the other part is the player maybe Crean is putting it together?? No matter what Butler has proven they have a solid program.

  39. Maybe using Butler is a good example. It’s amazing what a difference one player can make isn’t it. Hayward goes to the NBA, and Butler may not even win the Horizon League this year.

    Give IU a healthy Creek for the last two seasons, and we’re not here having this conversation/debate, whatever this is. But for some reason, people that see things like I do, which I think is the majority, are just making excuses.

    Maybe if you like the direction of Butler so well you should just cheer for them. Or maybe you can jump on the Purdue bandwagon. You wouldn’t like that either though. They’re losing to OSU by 25 right now.

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