D’Angelo Roberts arrested, charged with alcohol consumption

Indiana football recruit D’Angelo Roberts was among 13 people arrested at a Bloomington apartment complex this weekend.

Roberts, the record-setting running back at Bloomington North, was among 12 individuals charged with illegal consumption of alcohol.

Another individual, 22-year-old Omar Shabah Scales, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

At around 2 a.m. Friday, Bloomington police Sgt. Joe Crider said, police were called to Arlington Park apartments because of a fight.

When police entered Apt. 715 and broke up the fight, they realized most of the inhabitants were underage.

North football coach Scott Bless said he did not know about the incident when contacted today. A call to an Indiana University spokesman has not been returned.

News reporter Christy Mullins contributed to this report.


  1. I could not begin to count the number of perfectly nice kids I know that have picked up a citation for underage alcohol consumption. I’d be more concerned about the fight.

  2. How do you think, if it will, the Oklahoma win over UCONN at the Fiesta Bowl, will help the Hoosiers?

  3. First of all it helps by being a positive that cannot hurt. Much like QB Sam Bradford starting this year for the Rams does.

  4. we can get along without him? Do you play football at IU Big Bob? or do you mean we as in you are a major decision maker in recruting or do you mean we as in you are just a fan? I believe all actions have consequences, but my husband who is a very successful man with 2 college degrees received a minor consumption at the age of 18, which is how old Dangelo is. I am thankful my husbands family didnt say withdraw our support, he wont amount to anything anyway. I understand Dangelo made the paper because people expect more from him when it comes to decision making and his reputation as a future Hoosier, but should we really do that? The other four over 18 didnt get their mug shot in the paper or comments in the newspaper. I know one of them attends college. Does his minor consumption hurt the University? Oh no not at all because he isnt a football player. So we place higher expectations on future athletes than we do future scholars. Sad isnt it?

  5. Withdraw it hell. He is in trouble for under age drinking only, not PI, not disorderly and not a DUI. There is only one guy in real trouble and he is 22 years old. If Roberts has no other blemishes on his record he should be sternly warned by the IU staff to stay on the straight and narrow prior to signing the LOI. Under those conditions that makes it his choice and he can be held accountable. The staff can significantly influence and control his future behavior.

  6. Big Bob,

    Obviously, you have never seen this young man play. He has the talent to be a big addition at the RB position.

    As for pulling the offer because he may have been doing some underage drinking, I guess we should just pull the offers to about 90% of the IU athletes we are currently recruiting in all sports. I think a better idea would be to use this as a teaching opportunity.

  7. If he retains his offer, I hope Wilson tells him his actions will earn him an automatic redshirt and a very short leash as to future actions.

  8. I agree that if he ends up coming to IU, he should be warned about future behavior, but those calling for a withdrawal of his scholarship need to take a deep breath. Let’s not crucify a teenager simply because he got caught doing what 75 percent of his peers have done or will do at some point.

  9. I don’t get why some are freaking out bc he drank underage? Did none of you do that? He will sign and I’m sure they will tell him to just watch it and no other instances can occur, but c’mon, revoke his scholarship bc an 18 year old kid had a few drinks? damn, grow up.

  10. I have a friend that knows this kid and has told me numerous times that he is nothing but trouble. This is not his first run in with the law and that his attitude is just horrendous. I’m all for second chances and if it was just the one time, especially underage drinking then fine, but I would stay away from this kid if I was Coach Wilson.

  11. This is a non-issue. He’s a kid who went to a party, had some beer or whatever and the police responded to a call about a fight. He gets the negative press because he’s a local athlete and an IU recruit. Yes, a good learning opportunity for the future and maybe a blessing in disguise. Wilson should not punish the kid for this because he’s not even a signed recruit yet. If Wilson were to pull the offer, it would be a huge mistake and I don’t think Wilson is a fool. I doubt there’s a coach on the team that didn’t do exactly what this kid did when they were in HS. God knows I did and I’d guess 90% of all HS seniors have done the same thing.

  12. I worked closely with this kid for awhile. I have also followed his football career closely and this kid has an opportunity to make it. He has been blessed with a great talent and has the personal drive to accompany it which will allow him to succeed. I am a successful professional and I too made the mistake of drinking while underage…I was just lucky enough to not get caught. It would be a tragedy for this boy’s opportunity to succeed and to be a great asset to the Indiana football program to be revoked for a stupid mistake that most of us have made ourselves. He needs to be held responsible, yes, but let’s not get crazy.

  13. Look,D’angelo and i have known each other in the past and i know he has a good heart. Everybody makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. Why take away this young man’s life for a mistake? I’m pretty sure that all of you have made a wrong decision and got a second chance for it, or wanted a second chance for it. Am i wrong? If otherwise you can tell me and let me know because everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t try to sit up here and say that since he made a mistake,he doesn’t need to have the scholarship, because who are we to judge? if that was us in his position, we would want a second chance isn’t that right Big Bob? I know D’Angelo and he probably knows he made a bad desicion which i will talk to him about, but as of now Big Bob, we don’t see you out there trying to play the sport you love, so why take away a man’s future, a school’s oppotunity to prevail even more in sports, and an opportunity for everyoone to make it because you feel that he isn’t all that good? Check him out and get to know him for yourself first before you or anyone else decides what’s best for him because i know he can do great things with the right guidance.

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