1. FINAL: IOWA 91, IU 77.
    IU: Watford 30, 8reb; Roth 14; Elston 10, 12reb; Rivers 8; Hulls 7; Sheehey 4; Pritchard 2; Oladipo 2.
    IU: 26-70 (37%) FG; 8-27 3PT; 17-20 FT; 34 reb; 14 TO; 18 (29) fouls.
    IOWA: 30-52 (58%) FG; 4-10 3PT; 27-39 FT; 38 reb; 19 TO; 12 (24) fouls.
    IOWA: Basabe 20, 10reb; Gatens 19; Marble 18; May 11; Cartwright 7; Cole 6; Brommer 5; McCabe 5.

  2. Worst display of basketball that I have ever seen.Indiana did not play 5 minutes of defense the entire game.Indiana look’s like a park and rec team..one pass and shoot..if they don’t make a turnover.Indiana should let Tom Crean out of his contract and let him look for another job.No way a coach could coach that bad.The team is not responding to anything they are being told.Crean is a horrible coach..but not even he can win with this team.Hopefully people were watching football or golf or something so that people can’t see just how bad Indiana really is.Indiana is 1-25 under Crean on the road in the Big Ten.Crean should be fired before they get back to Bloomington.I was wrong..I said we would win 1 more game..Iowa at Assembly Hall..I was wrong…we win 1 Big Ten game this year.If Glass doesn’t want to fire Crean..then Glass should be fired also.We are not rebuilding people..rebuilding means you have something to start with to try and get better…we have nothing..can’t rebuild when you are the worst team in college basketball.Indiana is embarassing the state..the Big Ten conference..but also college basketball itself.Mike Davis worst team at IU would beat this team by 30.Forget Steve Alford or any other coach with any kind of name…they want nothing to do with IU…let’s try and get Mickey Mouse or Bozo The Clown..that’s about what we have now.
    Are my cap’s ok….don’t want anybody going over the edge here..cap’s or not IU is in trouble..with no end in site for year’s to come.

  3. Terry, you DO realize IU was missing two of their best AND most experienced players today, right? Oh, and firing Crean and Glass would do wonders for the next 10 years’ worth of the hoops program. If anybody involved with IU hoops (fans included) is a joke, it is you. I’ll bet you haven’t said anything positive about them since 1999 (and, no, I didn’t pick that year out of nowhere).

  4. I withdraw my “joke”…I apologize to Terry for that part of my comments only. It was uncalled for on my part no matter how ridiculous I feel your comments are. I don’t know you, so I cannot judge the person behind those words.

  5. You have to admit that IU’s defense continues to be horrible; missing two of our most experienced players or not. The defensive plan for todays game was not very good at all. Iowa had countless open jump shots due to the weak attempts at the double team.

    I don’t want to fire Crean, but I do want him to change his defense up when it is not working. Holy cow, doesn’t he see this? Frustrated with the continued butt kickings……..

  6. Let’s see Iu hoops edition 2010/11 – GMM gone – Mo Creek done – Jones (?) = The Sky is Falling! Our only salvation is tar and feathers, firings, drawn and quartered and sharpening the guillotine for intimidation and the real remedy to our plight the caps lock button.

  7. With VJIII missing..it only helped in the turnover catagory..saved us 4-5 turnover’s.Creek hasn’t been right all year.With vjii today..we still lose by 8-10..him playing has not kept us from losing in the past.To Speedway..firing Crean now set’s us back 2-3 year’s…keeping him set’s us back 8-10 year’s.He will not change his coaching way’s even after new recruits get here…this is the Big Ten…his coaching way’s won’t work here..because he does not stress defense.Like him or not..you must admit..our defense is the worst in the country.The only way IU gets out of this mess Mr. Brand made..is to fire Crean and get Alford or a former player..Fife..Wittman..Smart..in here.Crean never played college basketball and know’s nothing about the IU history.He is a Michigan man.Does not make any difference what you or anyone else say’s..getting an IU guy in here is the only way out.Alford isn’t the greatest coach in the world…but put him in Indiana with his Dad recruiting high school player’s here in Indiana…every HS coach in Indiana loves Sam Alford.Agree..disagree…it’s the only way IU get’s back to winning…pay Alford what he want’s..He signed a 10 year contract in New Mexico but that mean’s nothing.Buy out Crean..pay Alford 2.5-3 million a yearand we win in 2-3 year’s.Alford has won everywhere he has been…even Iowa…He is The Golden Boy here in Indiana.Hire Steve as head coach..get Dane Fife and Damon Baily as Asst. we are back.Come on old timer’s..don’t leave me out here to dry…agree with me and comment to back me up…you know i’m right.

  8. Who is it that brought GMM an ineligible player here in the first place? Hulls,Rivers,Watford,Elston and Pritchard did not just get here yesterday.A mentally prepared team with an honest effort beats Iowa today.I defy anyone to tell me that is what we saw today.

  9. RedX, he tried changing up the defense today. Nothing worked. The players have to be in the right position to be effective. Don’t tell me Coach Crean doesn’t know what he’s doing. Our defense was better in the last three games. Can’t ignore what VJ’s injury did to the mentality of the team today. Especially the day before a road game. No time to prepare or plan for him not being in there. Along with Hulls being sick. We were not exactly a deep team anyway. Take away Creek, VJ, and Hulls, and that doesn’t leave alot on either end of the court. Gotta love the fact that Hulls even played today. How many kids would do that?!?

    Terry, someone needs to buy you a collector set of DVD’s from the mid 70’s through the early 90’s. That’s the only way you’re going to ever be happy with Indiana basketball, again.

  10. Go get ’em, Terry. Nothing like unbiased, clear, rational thought to sway opinion. Not a flaw to be found in any of your arguments. Keep on posting.

  11. I like everyone else am bummed out with the talent of the team and their up and down efforts. But I do admit the hilarity of Terry and his posts do help take the edge off and make it bearable. I mean think about this laffer, Sam Alford will be 69 years old, he isn’t going to work anymore-anywhere.

  12. Just talked with Sam at a fish fry a couple of months ago…he has done 3 clinics in the last year..or at least helped with them.Sam will alway’s be involved in basketball.bcr…your right that’s the last time we have seen IU play any type of basketball…back in the 80’s.Remember back when every body wanted Coach Knight fired..our bad season’s were 20 win season’s…fifth in the B10…first or second round NCAA tournament losses…those day’s are long gone..for many season’e to come.The best player’s we have on this year’s team…couldn’t be ball boy’s on our team’s in the mid 90’s.Coach Crean..great guy…decent coach..in over his head here…remember..’IT’S INDIANA’….enough said.

  13. bcr:

    Your last lines (and the accuracy thereof) were just proven to be true by post # 13. Brilliant (to quote the Guinness guys)!!

  14. Fish fries, clinics, golf, dinner with the grand children after church and volunteering at the hospital are what 69 year old people do. They do not take the reins of college recruiting no matter what college or who the coach is.
    Here is something rational because it is a fact. Coach K did not get Duke on track until the 4th season and he inherited a full team of scholarship players to coach the very first day he walked in the door at Cameron.

  15. Clarion-

    You do nothing but help all the Yacht Club dinosaurs with your repeated references to Coach K. First, who gives a rat’s ass about Duke? Second, Krzyzewski learned the game from Bob Knight. Highly doubtful 4-G and his followers would be irritated by your slathering praises aimed at Knight’s most successful disciple. Third, Krzyzewski is on record for being highly critical of Indiana for the way they dishonorably discharged Knight. I’m sure Krzyzewski loves nothing more than watching IU go through the post-Knight turmoil and the current lowly state of affairs our beloved hoops. His polarizing comments are on record and the longer IU struggles adds to his delusional validation a jealous distaste for Indiana long before his idolized mentor was fired.

    COMMENTARY: I get so damn sick of the worshiping over Knight and Coach K. Yes, they are/were great basketball coaches. But what’s so horrible about living the dream and playing/coaching basketball at West Point in the mid-1960s while most 18-year-old kids were facing jungle warfare in Vietnam? Basketball is a game. Support your team through thick and thin and be grateful the leisurely pastime easily taken for granted. I would think these conservative-minded dimwits that continually preach of Indiana’s good ol’ basketball days under their West Point “General” would be thankful a simple pleasure to sit in the Assembly Hall stands and support the candy-stripes while the true unsung and unnoticed heroes give life and limb to defend the Stars & Stripes. So god-awful to break out the paper plates and plastic forks at the 4th of July fish fry and whine all night about terrible Coach Crean. What a bunch of spoiled, treasonous, Un-American, hypocritical snots.

  16. Coach Crean never has nor ever will be in the same realms of Coach K.Coach K knew how to coach defense..Crean does not. That is where it starts..defense.My remark’s concerning Sam Alford…he would not be on the IU staff…just being back in Indiana supporting Steve and talking to HS coach’s would be all he would need to do.It is amazing to me that some of these guy’s posting here think that Crean is going to wave a magic wand in a year or two and all of a sudden IU will come back from the dead and we will be National contender’s again.As long as Crean is here we will never contend for anything..unless we bring back the Hoosier Classic.We will get a little better as new recruit’s come in..but with Crean we will never..never..win more than 18-20 games a year.The NCAA tournament is a thing of the past.Mike Davis at IU was in so far over his head he couldn’t even eat or sleep…at UAB his teams are not bad…18-20 wins a year..NIT..last year…but that’s where he belongs.Crean is in over his head here..at Marq. not bad..had a job there for a long time…not here..again…’This is Indiana’..If you think i’m living in the past with Coach Knight…your much worse if you think Crean will turn this around like Coach K did Duke.Alford..Wittman..Smart..Fife..Baily..or this is as good as it get’s folk’s.

  17. Looks like the “crawdads” are traveling together. Yacht Club? I am afraid you have mislabeled me. My meaning for the reference to Coach K must be more stealthy than I intended. My point is he started out at Duke with a full team of scholarship players and still it was year # four before this top shelf coach made the turnaround visible. Name for me from our roster the players who could start on any of the other B10 teams. This should not tax the brain of anyone for an extended period of time, as it is an underwhelming number. That number you arrive at depicts a fact of dynamics and should be used when assessing and describing your funk as to the performance of this team.

  18. Hoosier Clarion,

    Coach K also was not walking into a program that had 5 championships. They were not a power, and he got the job based on Knight’s recommendation, not based on his performance at a school in another power conference. In fact he didn’t have that great of records at Army. He did not have the history, the name recognition from a previous job nationally with recruits, nor the fan support that he has now. He should have taken that long if not longer. He got there because he truly is a good coach, but comparing the two gigs in defense of Crean is a little ridiculous.

    Does Iowa really have that much more talent than us? I’m pretty sure they would gladly take a few of our players. So would other teams in the league. Fran McCaffery is a good coach, who had a good game plan and he exposed us. He got his kids to play hard, above their level, and play solid defense for 40 minutes. They did the say thing to OSU to keep it close. Not a ton of talent there, but he gets more out of his players and makes them competitive. I don’t care who we were missing, Verdell and Mo Creek wouldn’t have stopped their transition points. They wouldn’t have accounted for a differential amount of rebounds, and we still forced them into almost 20 turnovers so its not like they would make a difference there.

    GMM never played a minute, so saying he would make a difference is negligible. We’ve never had him, get used to it and move on Coach. Most likely he was 5 more fouls, as our big mens problem is not moving their feet well enough and committing stupid fouls. Even if they were huge, their job in the offense is to screen and roll. Nothing in anything that has been seen or reported about GMM shows that he had incredible footwork and set the best screens you’ve ever seen. I never saw power post moves out of him that lead me to believe we’d be running an offense through him. People need to stop pointing to the fact he is not playing as he was never a big ten center to begin with and was ineligible from the start. He is not the difference.

    There is no excuse for that game. Use it to learn, to teach, and actually get better. Don’t just come out and say we missed someones leadership and don’t have 3 guys. I almost think it would be beneficial to have a 3 hour practice of nothing but fundamental drills and defensive positioning shell drills. We will not get better until kids understand. They are in college and should be able to get it, but if they aren’t, then do what you have to for them to learn. We won’t get better until they understand.

  19. Great post Hoagland..people say this team has no talent..Elston recruited heavily by North Carolina and Tennesseee..Mo Creek by Maryland..Watford by Alabama..VO by Maryland and Georgetown..Tom Pritchard by Cinn. and X. Would these player’s be any better if they had gone to one of the other school’s?? I would say yes.There is all kinds of talent on this year’s team..but no improvement has been seen since Crean’s first season.The only reason we have 10 win’s this year is because we played nobody..i mean nobody pre B10.We should have lost to Ferris State.Crean came into a bad situation no doubt…but..more improvement has to be seen in 3 years.I think just enough wins to get into the NIT this year would have been a great season..and that’s what alot of people were thinking could happen this year.That’s the reason for the easy games..to get enough wins to get to .500.If Indiana could have just finished 6-10 in the B10 this year…we get into the NIT.We can’t get close to 6-10.the very best we can do is 2-14..and i was counting a win over Iowa at home…don’t bet on it.Crean has to go..An Indiana guy has to lead this school.Purdue..as bad as i hate Purdue..did it right.There Legend retired..and they hired one of there own to come back and coach them.Was Matt Painter any better coach than Steve Alford?? Don’t think so..but Purdue has blown by IU and it will be year’s if ever before we ever get close to them again.IU had one chance…The Board Of Trustee’s let everyone down…there choice’s..in Davis and Sampson..and Crean has set IU back 10-15 year’s…if we ever recover.Give Purdue credit..they did it right.Indiana..learn to be a has been..unless the call is made to New Mexico and the money is spent for one last chance to do it right.I really don’t think the people making the decsion’s at IU are smart enough to see what the Alumni want’s…or just don’t really care.Brady Hoke would have jumped at the chance to coach football at IU..but Glass hire’s a guy with no Head coaching experince..and who also has been in trouble with the NCAA.But it’s IU football..nobody has cared for that for 20 year’s so no one comment’s to much about that…but that’s the same road IU basketball is going down also.In 5 year’s..unless something is done now…no one will be talking IU bb just like no does about IU fb.It will be a thing of the past.Glass..wake up..Your job may depend on it to.

  20. Again, name for me from our roster the players who could start on any of the other B10 teams. Hell I’ll have to offer a hi-dollar cash reward before anyone exposes their emotional position of our team talent with an answer.

  21. Hoosier Clarion…if there is nobody on our roster that could start on any other B10 team….then why in the world are they at Indiana….again..’This Is Indiana’ maybe this is the reason we are in the shape we are in.Don’t recruit player’s and waste a scholarship for someone you know can’t play or help us win.But then again…who can Crean get to come to Indiana that will help us?? That’s the whole point!!

  22. CAPLOCK,

    No player named, such was my suspicion, that you would not expose your weak position. The only point relevant is none of the Juniors and Seniors should be on an IU team and none of the Sophomores and Freshman should be starting. Thank you, Kelvin Sanctions. We were poison. Only one impact player(who misses much of 2 seasons) graduating HS wanted to come to Bloomington the first two years, no matter who the coach would have been. So we have 3 seasons manufactured for ethereal measurements of incremental progress. Now the commitments of forward recruiting shines like stars in the sky. Thank you, Coach Crean. This is a medium distance endeavor unlike a move from the recliner to the couch.

  23. Hoosier Clarion…are you a poet or something?? Just talk normal so that old basketball fans can understand you..and don’t be talking about star’s and sky and crap like that!!!You ain’t from around here are you??!!! I really don’t think Coach Crean can or will ever get the talent here to compete on a National level.Can Crean put together a decent team..yes..but decent at IU won’t work.Be honest..if you were a McDonald’s All American basketball player..and Coach Crean was recruiting you to Indiana…or Steve Alford was the coach recruting you to Indiana…do you really think that Coach Crean would have an advantage over Coach Alford???Crean has never played the game..Alford..NCAAChampion…Gold Medal..played in the NBA…has taken Iowa into the NCAA tournament..New Mexico…he would have a B10 Championship in Indiana in less than 4 year’s..will Crean??…IU would be in the Sweet 16 in 5 year’s under Alford…will Crean???Why will Alford do this over Crean…because Alford will teach defense…Crean does not.To answer your question..I think Penn State would take Watford..Hull’s.Jone’s on there team right now.The elite B10 teams would not want any of our player’s true.Watford just scored 30 Sunday..he could play on a couple of B10 teams.Matt Painter is recruiting from Indiana..because he played at Purdue and he is from here.Crean has no ties with the State of Indiana at all..and I think some recruits think in the back of there mind’s…Crean may not be there in 4 year’s if he doesn’t turn this around.Alford would be here for 20 year’s..even if Alford was here right now and we were playing the way we are right now..people would have more patience..because he is one of our’s and we would have the faith that Alford would and will turn this around in a couple of year’s.With Crean we don’t think so..and don’t have the faith or patience to wait because we have no reason to believe that he will.With Alford we win National Championships again…in 4-5 year’s…with Crean we hope we can make the NCAA tournament in 4-5 year’s.No one at IU has the brains or heart to know that they messed up..Alford would come if the call was made.

  24. Terry–have you even looked at the level of recruit that Crean has signed (2011) or verballed (2012-2014)? Are you kidding that those players don’t rise to the level that Alford would get?? How many 5-star guys do you need Crean to get? 100?

  25. CAPLOCK,

    One thing is for sure you are no poet. You wear out the words of our language with your meandering posts. You must be starved for attention.
    Alford already displayed his philosophy of hi-caliber coaching by surrendering to the B10 and retreating to the mid majors of the MW. He was a very good system player at IU but is a mediocre coach. Some competitor. He has finally figured out were he can be most successful and with the low expectations at NM have the most comfort. I am pleased he is easily satisfied.

  26. Hulls, Creek, Verdell, and Watford given the right team would start. Obviously you can’t try to say any team because Watford is not going to replace JuJuan Johnson, or Draymond Green for example.

    If you took those 4 names and told the coaches of Penn State, Michigan, Northwestern, or Iowa that they could put any of them into their starting lineup, Someone would be taken. Probably multiple guys. Would they want some things to be better? Yea, someone would want to teach Verdell some D, Put Jordy in situation where he is not asked to break someone down 1 on 1, and would want to teach Watford what helpside is, but if they had any sense they would take that chance.

    Even if you don’t agree, its a subjective question that does not disprove anything anyone else has said.

    What team in the big ten would keep their team and recruits, but trade us coaches?

    I can play the game too. It doesn’t prove anything except that there are differing opinions. I would say you might get Penn State and/or Michigan who would trade us. I can’t see an argument for anyone else as the rest either have top teams with their current coaches building them, or are like IOWA who has a first year coach that just killed us with no name players.

    Speedway- That is great we are getting 5-star guys. There are lots of teams that under achieve with 5-star guys. If you haven’t noticed, those kids aren’t here yet. Even in 2 years when a lot will be, they will be freshman and sophomores. Sorry that I don’t want to wait 3-4 years to see if just maybe with a top recruiting class we can compete in the Big Ten, meaning every year we have to reload or else we are screwed. I don’t like living in the past, but we have had past teams that were nowhere near as talented as the team we will bring in that have gone on and done big things, even won Big Ten titles. That is a great class that would be a shame to do anything but win the Big Ten and go deep in the tourney would be a huge disappointment, and right now, I don’t know that doing those things is anywhere close to guaranteed. How is it defense of a coach to say, just wait until he has top talent, he can win then… who couldn’t win some games with those recruits? Win with what we have. (Not saying we should be winning the big ten or going to the NCAA, just not getting blow out by IOWA.)

    When did the measure of coaching start being what recruit you built a relationship with, not what result your actual players who currently represent your team are doing. Most of those kids aren’t actually even signed yet. Roy Williams has a ton of top recruits, a team full of em playing for him right now, it doesn’t exactly equal a great team or season. What has Crean done that Roy hasn’t that tells us he is going to win big with those guys?

  27. The recruits we have coming next year won’t do us much good.At best maybe an extra 4-5 wins.With Zeller and Austin we might win 14-16 games next year..but doubtful.The recruits we have verbally committed after that..are just that verbal.If we lose big this year..which we will…if we lose big next year..which we will..again no post season play next year…these kid’s could easily go somewhere else.Coach Knight took no name player’s and won big…Crean get’s 5 star player’s and i still bet we don’t win 20 games with all the 5 star players and still barely make the tournament if indeed we make it.Coaching is just as 5 star as players are..Crean is at best a 2 star coach.To have success at IU we better get a 5 star coach.Coach Aford at Iowa would have had them contender’s very soon..He didn’t leave Iowa because he couldn’t win…the A.D. there wanted him to play a player who had been arrested three times..theft..battery..domestic battery..Alford refused..and the relationship with him and the AD turned bad.He got Indiana’s Mr. Basketball while he was there and also recruited very well in Indiana.Alford is a winner..alway’s has been..alway’s will be wherever he coach’s.Crean has won 1 game in the NCAA tournament since 2003…1…he was a 1 and done..with Dwayne Wade..one player..one tournament and done.The fans at Marq. were glad he left…just read the comments made after IU hired him.Crean is a very nice man..won’t cheat..will run a clean program that is for sure and i can respect that..but he will not win at IU.If he has to have 5 star players to win…any coach can do that.Coaching is taking a team like we have now and teaching them to play and team responding to your coaching.If Indiana would have won 15-18 games this year..then Crean did a good job..but when we are in no way any better than last year’s team with better players..VO-WS…then how can you say Crean is the right coach??

  28. To Speedway…Crean is a greta recruiter..as was Davis…but what will he do with them when they get here..if they get here…verbal…that means nothing..Eric Gordon…you have to have a coach that the players can respond to…don’t think Crean is that guy.Did Coach Knight have 5 star players every year??? but didn’t we still win 20 games nearly every year and compete in the b10 and NCAA??? Calipari had a whole first round NBA team last year and they didn’t win the college championship with 5 first round players…yet IU won the championship in 1981 with 1 first round player,and 1987 with 0 first round players.Get the right coach..and everything alse will take care of itself.

  29. Terry- I agree with a lot of what you’ve said but your Knight worship is a little misguided, his last ‘great’ year was 1993, nearly 20 years ago! His last 6-8 years at IU were average at best and ended in first rounds losses many times. His teams were not perfect and did not do all the things you claim. If your examples made sense then Butler would’ve proved that right? Oh wait, Butler had a top 10 draft pick on their roster. Crean won at Marquette, helped them move from Conference USA to the Big East, he continued to win there and he had good teams in the tourney who lost some great games to some great teams. I am not a fan of Crean’s coaching job this year at all. I think he is doing an awful job of coaching this current team. Everyone wants to talk about the past or the future but that doesn’t matter, with this current team Crean is failing them as a coach. Long Beach State and South Dakota State beat Iowa this year. There is no way they have better players than IU. I am glad you support and like Alford, I do as well, unfortunately he’s had no success at all in the NCAA tourney, constantly getting knocked out in the first round.

  30. Waka Flocka…you my friend are correct and that’s exactly what i have been talking about.Coach Knight’s last good team was in ’93…but from ’93 until he was fired…even though we didn’t have very good teams…we still won 20 games ayear…still finished in the top 5-6 in B10..still went to the NCAA tournament…even though some of them were one and done..he stilled coached and the player’s still played.I’m not at all saying Crean is not a good coach…I’m saying he is not the right coach for IU.If you have made a living coaching for 10 years..then you know alittle…but not the right man for IU.Again you are correct..New Mexico has some bad losses this year…not saying Steve is Coach K…but put him at Assembly Hall coaching IU..and it’s totally different.Matt Painter at his first coaching stop..was no better than Alford…but what has he done since he has been at Purdue??Same thing goes for Alford…not a great coach anywhere else..but put him at IU..he is an overnight success.His roots are here…he can recruit the midwest…and 20 wins a year would be automatic in a couple of years.IU needs a familar face..someone we trust..someone we have watched grow up to lead our team.I am smart enough to know it’s not going to happen..Crean is not going anywhere…I think it’s a 5-10 million dollar buy out…he will be here if he wins 5 games a year.The powers at Indiana have given up..they know they messed up when they hired Crean..messed up when they extended his contract with a crazy raise…and with the crazy buy out clause.IU fans we are stuck..Crean is here to stay…Glass is worse than Brand ever dreamed to be..worse than Greenspan ever thought of being.Those guy’s cared…Glass doesn’t..look at his football hire.No body in the world could have come up with that hire…NOBODY…right after we went thru the Sampson thing..then Glass hires a guy with NCAA infractions…give me a break…The entire Indiana Alumni is totally shocked at what goes on there.Indiana will never recover from the firing of Coach Knight…was Knight right in everything he did…absoulutely not…but you do not fire a Legend the way he was fired and expect things to turn out fine.Glass will do what the other’s tried but didn’t quite get done..RUIN INDIANA

  31. Alford is dust in the wind. Don’t we have enough gray stuffy deadheads in their v-neck polyester sweaters dropping their dandruff in the stands every game night? This is IU. Let Purdue live up to their image of being stuck in perpetual comb-over wax museum land.

    Leadership from the point guard position and some speed/size around the basket. That’s all we need. Zeller was pushed on IU by the losers that want Crean to fail. Zeller is not the type of player Crean would have recruited at Marquette. Crean has gone down the wrong road to satisfy the old establishment afraid to take chances on good kids that are not stereotypical of the Alford choir boy image. And to say “Coach Knight took no name player’s and won big” is total lunacy. He had George McGinnis and Steve Downing waiting in the wings when he first came to IU. He had stellar point guards..Today: The shot clock…3-point shot…speed and athleticism on the floor..scandalous recruiting..Bring Knight in here tomorrow and he’ll struggle like he did his last decade. Times have changed. Give Crean his chance. Maybe he’ll succeed..Maybe not. The roster has been banged up. The depth is thin. The level of athleticism is not there yet. Even Morris Day needed a little bit of Time.

  32. Terry- you are missing some key pieces, Knight leaving was fine for IU; they made it to the NCAA championship game and lost to Maryland. The following few years they were ‘fine’ by your standards, winning 20 games and what not. IU then got a new coach who “brought IU back” we had top recruits, were ranked in the top 10, won some big games, and had a top 10 pick in the draft who will soon be an NBA All-Star(Gordon). And then….7-8 years after the Knight days, Sampson got caught. IU’s current state has nothing to do with Knight and whoever else you blamed. If you just want Alford to get you 20 wins a year and be 5-6th in the B1G, you will have that soon with Crean. I am not in the camp who thinks IU deserves to be in the elite, like a lot of bone headed Hoosiers fans, IU doesn’t belong in the elite, its silly to think that way, that was years and years ago. We now need to get back to ‘being relevant.’ If Crean can get us back in the top 25, win some March Madness games, etc. IU fans should be pleased.

    Jungle- agree with you about the Zeller/Crean/Marquette thing, Crean loves having 3-4 legit guards so he can run this dribble drive attack, will be very interesting to see how he uses Zeller, if he fails to use him appropriately even more fans will question Crean’s abilities.

  33. Sorry disagree with you..IU does belong in the elite.Agree it was along time ago..and Knight being fired doesn’t have much to do with the current state of affairs..except..that if IU had done it right then..the one chance IU had to do it right..then the Sampson thing would have never happened.Davis had to be named interim coach..they fired Knight a month before the season started..impossible to get a coach to leave his school at that point..however Davis should have had that job for one year and one year only.If IU would have opened that job up nationally..it’s hard to say who would have applied for that job then.But after the Davis diaster and after the Sampson curse…Crean was about as good as we could get.But if the Board of Trustee’s would have done there job right…then Alford would have been hired.The only thing they were concerned about was how much Alford was going to cost them.I know for a fact..that they talked to Alford’s agent on the phone..and asked how much Alford would want..his agent said Alford would not discuss that until Davis was let go…IU would not take that chance so they gave the job to Davis.And now 8 year’s later we are still paying for there mistake..and will for several more year’s to come.What do we do if Crean gets these recruits here and we still don’t win 4-5 years from now??Do we take that chance.If we get these so called 5 star recruits and still lose and then Crean is fired..who on earth would come to IU then?Maybe by then Sampson will tell IU he is sorry and IU will make another brillant decision and hire sampson back…wouldn’t that be great?? wake up people.

  34. I’m not convinced a lot of established coaches would have wanted to step into the firestorm left in Bloomington after Knight’s firing. We always want to think the image of IU was more prestigious/elite at that time than it truly was. During the last decade of Knight we were hardly having any better results than mid major teams in the NCAA..And you forget Pat Knight. I’ll happily take the Davis years, the Sampson meltdown, and a few more years of questionable Crean over the prospect of Pat Knight locked into daddy’s coaching seat until the day I’m wearing Depends. Alford was not the person in line for the job. Alford was not stupid. When the day would finally arrive for Bobby to saddle up and ride his white horse into an Illinois sunset, it was Patrick that was going to be the next King the hoops village. And even after the Sampson scandal was over, there is no way in hell Alford would have betrayed Knight by taking a job at IU that should have been first given to Bobby’s son. Myles Brand did what no other man would have had the balls to do. He changed the course of our future..It may not be perfect but thank god it lacks boring predictability and never-ending cronyism. The trophies case was getting dusty. IU didn’t have the sparkle your selling to those that don’t know better. Davis didn’t inherit a polished palace with every top recruit in the country wanting to wear candy-stripes. He was not the chosen one for the job…All the more beautiful that he was the one to get it. He came one victory away from hanging our sixth banner. He took a Hoosier team into a hostile Kentucky and beat a #1-ranked Duke team to get into a regional championship. Why do people want to keep pissing on Mike Davis? He had a very good team, but nothing approaching a loaded team of 5-stars. It’s never been that way at IU. We’ve never had loaded teams top-to-bottom. Knight is irreplaceable. Winning is not. We all know that. Most of his former players have been astute enough to realize it. It’s best for them to make their own coaching stories away from Indiana. I think most that played for him wanted it that way. Alford will do himself proud just like he did when he wore the cream and crimson. It’s not the jersey that makes the man.

  35. There will be more Iowa type games this year. IU did not have a lot to offer a premier coach after Sampson. There was more than rebuilding needed but Crean put on a good show with players that played really hard. If this years team played as hard as the walk-ons did that year you would see some victories after the first 10 DII type schools. Crean got some players and now the desire isn’t what it should be…it is a shame to say wait till next year, already.

  36. Hoagland,

    Every team in the conference has a go to guy, but us. Yes you can spot place a couple of our guys(maybe two)”here and there” on 2-3 teams for depth as you just described. We have no “STUD” that the whole conference covets. Every team in the B10 has at least that one stud, some have 2, a couple have 3, hell after watching the Bucks last night they must have 6 studs(which now is 8 after owning the 2 the Boilers have). Nope we are are on the bottom of the toten pole for having even pieces other teams want.

  37. If some people don’t want to think that Indiana belong’s in the ‘elite’ that’s ok…I do think they belong.If your school has won more than a couple NCAA championships..I think your elite.Kentucky..North Carolina..Duke..UCLA..INDIANA..Kansas..These are Elite teams.While IU did struggle the last 6-7 year’s under Coach Knight..we still won games played great defense and was still a team to be reckoned with.Indiana still has the last undefeted team and not many teams can say they had back to back seasons like 1975-1976.Sampson did have IU playing awesome defense and IU would have been back to the glory day’s had Sampson not broke the rules.He would have had top recruits here every year…but there is no excuse for cheating and lying.That’s were Crean falls short…he does not..nor never has had good defensive teams.Thad Motta would have came to Indiana if they would have offered it to him after Davis’s interim year…now look were we would be.Crean is here for a very long time…not going anywhere..so I guess we have two choices to make..either learn to like sub par teams and 15-18 wins a year and the NIT is a great season…or write IU off and pick another team.I have missed 5 IU home games since 1979…have been to every B10 tournament from start to finish…was in Lexington when we beat Duke..was at the Final Four in 1981 and 1987…have had the same seats at Assembly Hall since 2002…will be there tommorrow night cheering IU against ILL. but after next season..if we still are losing…the season tickets go back…so does 8-10 season ticket holder’s seating with me…just no fun anymore.

  38. I’m sure there are 9-11 people who would gladly take your season tickets, Terry…I’m certain of it.

  39. I am sure there will be appreciative fans with a stronger allegiance to IU who will enjoy those seats immensely, for years to come.

  40. No one could have supported IU more than I have since 1979.No one could have hoped the best for IU more than I have.Thru the stormy Knight escapades..thru the firing..thru the Davis year’s were IU lost most of it’s dignity…thru the hope that Sampson would be the one to get us back to the place we should be…thru the humiliation of hiring a cheat..hiring a coach who already had infractions..to snubbing all former IU player’s who wanted to interview for the job..not even returning a phone call to Randy Wittman..or at least that’s what Ted Kitchel said on the Dan Dachich show..to hiring Crean who’s record was not overwhelming nor was his coaching abilities…to the IU brass thinking that’s the best we could get..to the hiring of a football coach with NCAA infractions before he ever coach’s a game at IU..to IU becoming the laughing stock of not only the B10 but to the entire basketball nation..with no one at IU even seemingly caring one bit..to the thousand’s of dollar’s I spend each year for the great seat’s I have at the Hall…to IU quickly becoming the 4th or 5th best basketball team in the state…and you have the gall to say I am not supportive??Hoosier Clarion it is clear..your not that much into being competitive and winning as you are just living on a hope that IU can turn this around in 4-6 year’s.You have not been thru the year’s when we were the most feared team in the nation..team’s hoped and prayed that they did not draw IU in the first round of the NCAA tournament..you have never seen IU when a National Championship in person..you see I have..and it is more heart breaking than just the point of losing that is what’s so hard to watch.You must be a young man who has been taught to just play the game and don’t worry about who wins…you see I want to see IU back on top where we belong..and if people don’t think that IU is an elite team and school..then quit worrying about what happens..who cares…but I know we are an elite school who belongs at the top and it hurt’s to see us fall so hard and so fast with nobody at IU caring.

  41. Junior, I am in my seventh decade. I grew up on Branch McCraken success with IU. My first memory of RMK was as a sophomore playing for the Buckeyes. Your pedigree is a water spot contrasted to mine. So quit your damn slobbering on me about your self proclaimed allegiance. I’ve already witnessed what your made of when you tucked tail and gave up your beloved caps lock. Now give up your meandering posts and give up your soft possession for tickets to great seats that you are ashamed of to fans who care enough to gut it out and save yourself $k’s.

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