1. FINAL OT: MSU 84, IU 83.
    IU: Watford 21, 5reb; Hulls 17; Roth 12, 4-5 3PT; Oladipo 11; Rivers 10; Sheehey 8; Pritchard 2, 7reb; Elston 2.
    IU: 29-59 (49%) FG; 11-21 3PT; 14-22 FT; 30 reb; 13 TO; 14 (22) fouls.
    MSU: 28-66 (42%) FG; 8-23 3PT; 20-27 FT; 36 reb; 8 TO; 10 (19) fouls.
    MSU: Lucas 26; Green 19, 13reb; Summers 17; Roe 10, 9reb; Nix 9; Appling 3.

  2. Good effort by the guys, but…

    It’s Crean’s fault, for not shooting more free throws with Rivers in his spare time. Crean could have willed Rivers’s free throw in, if he only had a plan as a coach. Good coaches are able to telepathically make free throws for their players when the game is on the line.

    Crean, spend less time eating and clapping, and more time with Rivers at the free throw line.

  3. I certainly wanted the win, BUT It’s coming….It’s exciting…You can tell these guys are beginning to believe they can win these games

  4. Hoagland should say “go stuff it”.

    There were a couple of stretches where IU gave up nice leads, though I would expect nothing less than that tenacity from a Tom Izzo team. When Jordan Hulls is looking for the final shot of regulation and is flat knocked over by the guy guarding him, that’s three free throws.

    I hope the refs choked on their damn whistles when they swallowed them…

  5. MSU’s defense during the OT was every bit as formidable as IU’s was in the Illinois game.

  6. 63.6% compared to 74.1% from the line. If IU shots a more respectable 72% from the stripe, they win this game.

  7. I love the pissing and moaning and second-guessing of Crean’s play call on the last play. Perhaps all you morons out there could have done more with those 1.2 seconds. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND GO BACK TO YOUR SHANTIES!!!!!

  8. IU fans won’t have anything to worry about if Crean can keep these guys playing like this every night. Add a little more talent and some more experience, the wins will follow.

  9. What would Hoagland say,
    Do you think Crean was shooting those free throws? Also, I’m sure Crean has something to do with Rivers’ free throw percentage rising 25 percentage points from last year. You should really think harder when trying to think of excuses!

  10. Indiana played very hard again this game..but River’s free throw misses were the difference.If he makes those ..we win.Indiana is getting better..have not won at State since 1991..even Coach Knight couldn’t win there!!My only concern is..why didn’t Crean play VO more??Very clear that MS could not stop him when he drove to the basket.He never played the last 7 minutes of regulation or any of OT.Why wouldn’t VO be in the game the last 1.2 for a pass to the basket?? He could have jumped over about anyone.A 3 from the corner when we are down 1??None of that matter’s if River’s makes his free throws.Indiana must win the next 2..Minnesota and Iowa…then maybe a NIT could happen.It seem’s like the team is getting it now..but still hard for us to stop anybody down low.Hopefully Zeller will help there next year.

  11. Mike P,
    No, that’s just what happens when you don’t read all of a comment. Apologies to Hoagland, and i am never commenting on this website ever again, starting now.

  12. John, I really think there needs to be a font designated just for sarcasm, that way you know at a quick glance. Please, continue to post. We like when people post. 🙂

  13. If you are going to blame the loss on missed foul shots do not forget CW and TP were also guilty, so as to spread the blame evenly to everyone deserving.

  14. I was one of the people really critical of Crean and the team after Iowa. I think the last two games have provided us a view of what we can do – unfortunately with tonights game we still did see some lapses from a coaching standpoint but hey without the coaches working really hard, which they have done, I say hats off to the coaches for putting us in a position to win today and last week against Illinois. I do agree with Terry – mircle we still had the ball with 1.2 seconds but the last couple plays left alot to be desired but I acknowledge tough situations for us. Keep up the great effort and we’ll see how this season and next season play out.

  15. J.Galt- the fact is they didn’t get a shot off at the buzzer in regulation, and then with 1.2 left in OT, they ran a play where the ball was in-bounded to the sideline corner(no where to go) way to easy to defend. Should’ve had something to the middle of the floor so Hulls could’ve dribbled right or left.

    Everything else about this game was great, a heart breaker that they lost because they deserved to win, but when a play is drawn up for some sort of chance at a legit shot to end the game, IU/Crean was 0-2 on even creating a makeable shot opportunity, that was the only disappointment.

  16. I’m sure getting the ball in the corner for the last shot wasn’t the plan, but in that situation, you take whatever you can get. MSU’s defense was phenomenal in OT. Jordy got a contested look, but it’s not like there were too many other options.

    Stop blaming the coach for that last play. You know, sometimes the players just miss shots.

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