1. Dustin,

    Good job. Not easy being on your own! Much appreciated.

    Game-wise, two questions. Why do we set up so slowly in end game situations when we are down? With two minutes left, we went about setting up as if we had an hour! It seemed as if WE were trying to run out the clock! Why no sense of urgency to get a (decent) shot up?

    How can we win when we get what, 8 points from our “bigs” (Elston 0, Capo 0, Pritch 4, Watford 4)? On nights like this, we’re a “doughnut” team!

  2. Have to say that I thought Coach Crean had a good game plan and made good adjustments during the game. Lot’s of issues like the lack of inside scoring and others. The one issue I continue to see is the lack of leadership on the floor.Can’t help but think a no win Big Ten season is going to make some of the verbal committs we got think they made a mistake. Really think that playing such a soft preseason has not served them well. No quetion the experts that post here know far more than I do!

  3. I agree with what West Coast Hoosier says. It boggles my mind why Crean continues to let Jones run the point at the end of games. I’ve never seen a team come back from down 6 or more points with 2 minutes remaining that doesn’t try to attack the basket. Jones is a Junior!! How does he not know what to do in that situation?? Absolutely no sense of urgency, Jones wasted almost the whole shot clock in crunch time standing at the top of the key waving his hands around….like he always does.
    Watford looks gassed already 3 games in to conference play. He appeared stronger at the beginning of the year but he’s clearly not Big Ten strong. His resistance to get up in the air or even off the floor on defense is maddening. He won’t get a whiff of the NBA draft playing so flat footed.

  4. You da man, Dustin. Great job going solo.

    I would like to take a short moment to thank the NCAA for once again targeting IU. Their unique ability to throw a wrench into our season by means of stretching beyond reasonable fairness the negative effects of outdated and rarely enforced guidelines/rules has consequentially altered what could/should have been a very successful season. With Guy-Marc Michel’s inside presence, it’s not improbable the Hoosiers come away with victories in at least two of the last five games. The completely different dynamics on the floor cannot be underestimated. Not making excuses for poor play, but there should be some balance in understanding what a monstrous blow to our team the removal a potential “monster” in the middle. Our traditional forwards could have bumped their games into positions on the floor more suited toward their strengths. The interruptions in flow due to foul trouble in defending the post would have been greatly relieved its pressure. Put-backs and success on the offensive glass along with more active hands, more confusion, recklessness, and all-around physical play would have opened up possibilities for more long rebounds and kicks to the perimeter for open shots.
    We’re still not a team with anywhere near the depth in talent most our Big 10 opponents. A 5-star point guard with blow-by explosiveness is a key missing element. We have shooters, but not a multifaceted guard with an abundance of skills to make/create plays and take advantage what the defense is giving. We undoubtedly can play better(what team can’t play better on any given night?), but there is no less difficulty envisioning the added praises this team could have been receiving with a 100% Creek and the immeasurable benefits a true physical specimen causing havoc around the basket.

  5. Crean is starting to remind me of Dr Tom Davis in the way he runs players in and out at every stop in the action. They lost lots of games because of that and I can see it starting to happen here.

  6. First of all lets all agree were not very good!We as a team play little or no defense every game.In addition to that we play with zero intensity with the exception of rivers,hulls,oladipo and shehey.Vj3 or captian turn over as he is now known ,is a one man wreaking crew with his self serving play.Jones,Watford,Elston,have all continued to become noncontributers .I really like Creek,for a guy playing on one leg he’s giving us all he’s got.Just coaching D.Wade at one time only will carry you so far.We need coaching not a cheerleader!Why would you quit using a very good zone until they beat it?Why would one of the hardest workers and leading scorer in the first half play one minute in the second half while jones,Watford give the game away?Reward the hard working team players with playing time.

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