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Northwestern guard Michael Thompson (22) gets a 10 second violation as Indiana guard Victor Oladipo (4) defends during the second half of the game Sunday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Tom Crean said Derek Elston will not face further punishment for tripping a Northwestern player on Sunday, Dustin wrote. In the Q&A, I point out the only positive to come out of Northwestern and a most-appalling statistic.

This six-game losing streak feels so much like last season, and the season before that, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.


Brent Pease’s decision to return to Boise is about family and a decision that Kevin Wilson saw coming, Dustin wrote. Damarlo Belcher is returning to Indiana for his senior season, Dustin wrote.

The losing culture is ending at Indiana with the recent coaching hires, the IDS’ Justin Albers wrote.


Both myself and Inside the Hall released the Big Ten weekly power polls on Monday and it was not good for Indiana — both of us placed the Hoosiers last. The major difference is Michigan — I have the Wolverines sixth on the strength of strong showings and a tough schedule, while ITH is less bullish on Michigan.

Minnesota’s Trevor Mbakwe was arrested after violating a restraining order, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Anthony Lonetree wrote.

Wisconsin’s Keaton Nankivil has seen his shot fall and that gives the Badgers a No. 3 scoring threat, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. Michigan State needs Draymond Green to play well in order to beat Wisconsin today, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote.

Illinois’ Mike Davis credits a mental performance coach for helping him reach his goals, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine wrote. Penn State redshirt freshman Jermaine Marshall is performing when called on, the Daily Collegian’s Emily Kaplan wrote.

Coming off a close loss to Kansas, it may be the best time for Michigan to play Ohio State, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. People are noticing the play of Purdue’s Ryne Smith, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.


Good original reporting plus a compilation of others’ reports from AnnArbor.com’s Pete Bigelow, as it appears Les Miles is headed to Michigan.

Ohio State center Michael Brewster is returning to school, the Columbus Dispatch’s Tim May wrote. Illinois’ Mikel Leshoure and Martez Wilson will be heading to the NFL, the Chicago Tribune’s Shannon Ryan wrote.


Kid Cudi (featuring Kanye West) “Erase Me.”


  1. One of these days during basketball season i expect to read that you have retitled this section “Hoosier Mourning.”

    I know help is on the way next year and there is supposed to be great improvement, but the current team and last year’s as well seem to be underachieving, big time. This is a bad sign, I fear, in that a good coach is supposed to make average players good and good players better and if he gets great players, watch out; I hope people start watching out next year.

    Tom Crean is a fine guy and came here with a good reputation and was anointed the one coach who could revive the program, win the right way and all that. Was the program so damaged by Kelvin Sampson and probation that it is turning out to be a much bigger job than anyone foresaw? I have seen big time college teams go from worst to first in three years, but IU has gone from worst to worster during that time, it seems.

    Good luck, coach crean, I hope you bring IU back, and will try to maintain my patience, but I’m beginning to wonder. Dwayne Wade must have been awfully good…

  2. After listening to the Coach’s Show last night, I’ve come to 2 realizations about IU’s offense:

    1. IU does not screen well at all. Between Capo, Elston, and Pritchard, there is a greater likelyhood of an offensive foul for a bad screen than any other result. Without good screens, players do not get enough space to free up for driving lanes. Which brings me to realization # 2…

    2. IU is not aggressive enough in getting to the free throw line. Part of that is Pritchard and several other players are below 70% FT. Another part is what I mentioned above, where players cannot get driving lanes created and therefore cannot penetrate and cause defensive breakdowns. Crean mentioned Duke makes it a goal to get into the bonus at the 12-minute mark of each half. IU right now lets their opponents do that to them because of poor defensive technique and lack of fundamentals.

    As much as we’d like to blame the ball handoffs at the top of the key for IU’s offensive issues, it’s simply a lack of the two above fundamental issues. IU doesn’t have good post players, and without screens and aggressive play leading to free throw situations, they’re simply a jump shooting team. To really expect this team to win any more than 1 or 2 games in the BigTen at their current pace is pretty sad.

  3. CTC should not be worried about the fans critcizing him on the Internet—at least we still care. Based on a bunch of people that I talked to in Fort Wayne, many long time fans have lost interest in the IU basketball program and have quit watching or caring. CTC has not created this immense disinterest by himself, but his coaching antics and lack of player control on the court in executing fundamentals has contributed to many recent fans becoming disinterested former fans. Those fans will be hard to replace.

  4. Those “long time fans” can just stay away then. See; i have been a fan for a long time. I grew up in southern Indiana loving every minute of IU basketball. I then ventured out in the real world and spent 21 years in our U.S. military; watching and bragging all over the world about the great Hoosier state and tradition of IU. I for one – will never; ever quit caring and chearing for this program. I am glad they are gone – that gives me an opportunity to purchase season tickets since my return.

  5. I keep hearing about how well IU practices but it doesn’t carry-over to games. I think this is due to the lack of talent to practice against. Your defense can look good when your opponent has neither speed or heighth.

  6. get real,

    I am well hooked up in NE Indiana(Fort Wayne area)and I still hear the majority of people talk with great interest about the IU programs of BB, FB and soccer, especially in view of the BTN. In fact I think interest is stronger than ever. Part of the problem could be Comcast did not carry the BTN until last year, and Comcast is the cable carrier for Fort Wayne and Allen county.


    Good point.

  7. That’s fine DM, but you are missing the point. The large fanbase is a big factor that separated IU from Purdue and other schools, except UK. I have watched IU since the Van Arsdale’s played, attended IU for undergrad and law school, served 4 years in the AF eJAG corp. So what, the military is the most racial discrimatory organization in the USA and a perfect example of the Peter Principle.

    My point is simply a loyal fanbase that never attended IU for the most part is walking away and CTC has not helped the situation.

  8. I think this team would benefit from an offseason leadership/survival/team building camp. Somthing to help maintain confidence and just toughen them up more. As another poster alluded to, how will they learn? Somtimes you have to teach out of the box. Keep searching for what works. These guys have to be smart enough to catch on to somthing. If all else fails, bring out the red hot poker!
    The next best thing would be to focus only on leg strength all off season. Which would help with rebounding and defense. Thats two simple things that I think would make a huge difference.

  9. Or they could all just get into a bar fight in Bedford and do some “team building”. We know Elston could trip a few dudes!

  10. I went to a nice camp like that. I was an aviator in the USN but our camp counselors were Army Rangers. It was great fun and I certainly expanded my views on what constitutes acceptable dining.

  11. Looks as though Tubby likes to have thugs on his team? Evidently Minn University doesnt care who he brings in??

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