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News reporter Mike Leonard took a look at the ongoing debate between red and crimson as Indiana’s official color, and the sometimes inconsistent policy on it.

Two Hoosiers were drafted in the first round of the MLS Draft, but one slid and one moved up, Jeremy wrote. Illinois finished on a 13-4 run to defeat Indiana in women’s basketball, Jeremy wrote.


The intent of the $100k in benefits (for use in things like an Adidas clothing allowance, an iPad, a car for his wife) in Kevin Wilson’s memorandum of understanding is so that stuff is taken care of now, Fred Glass said, Dustin wrote.

Wilson finished up his coaching staff by hiring two former Michigan assistant coaches and naming one co-offensive coordinator along with Kevin Johns, Dustin wrote.


Michigan has steadily improved during the first two months of the season and now looks for a road win against Indiana, the IDS’ Greg Rosenstein wrote.

Park Tudor freshman Trevon Bluiett told the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep that he’ll likely wait until at least his junior year to commit to any school. Tonight’s Marion County Tournament semifinals at Southport will feature North Central vs. Pike and Park Tudor vs. Lawrence Central.

Peter Jurkin is out until February with a stress fracture in his lower leg, the Charlotte Observer reported.


Minnesota was not affected by Trevor Mbakwe’s latest issue (he did not start), showing the Gophers may have an appetite for chaos, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Patrick Reusse wrote. Purdue’s 10-game winning streak and eight-game Big Ten road winning streak both ended with the loss, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.



  1. JPat and Mike P.,

    Your thoughts about the 4 co-coordinators. Who will be in the booth and which two on the field?

  2. Despite the hand wringing around here I think Coach put his staff together remarkably fast. I suppose guys like Coach Wilson have a dream sheet of coaches they would hire if they ever get the call.
    Regarding the impatience of fans, do you think Cleveland fans would be a little more patient with Bill Belichek if they had it all to do over?

  3. Any chance of including the current Big 10 standings and the next games as a permanent feature of this heading?

  4. These photos lately are really great. I imagine in this one Crean is looking at his assistant coach screaming on the sideline and thinking, “Hey, wait a minute. Screaming on the sideline is my job.”

  5. Hey Dwayne,
    We’re not covering it in traditional game story fashion because those schools aren’t in our coverage area, but I made a point go to Warren County to watch Hollowell the other night, and I’m going to put up something of an analysis blog on here at some point. It’s possible I’ll try to make it out to Southport tonight, but a lot of that is contingent on how availability with IU goes today and how fast I get my preview churned out. Just because of the Michigan game and local stuff that will take Andy elsewhere, I don’t imagine we’ll cover the title game.
    Great games though.

  6. DD,

    I think there are a lot of us who agree with dwayne15 that tournament would be interesting to read about. Thanks for the extra effort.

  7. HC,
    My apologies. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it up there tonight. Still putting together a preview. I’ll post a blog up later on Hollowell and hopefully do some more recruiting stuff as the season goes on. I really did want to go see those.

  8. Thanks HC, it would’ve been work still, but secondary work. Of course, the fact that work can also be considered entertainment reminds me why I can’t complain about my job.

  9. Totally unrelated, but I was at the Varsity Shop at IU online and at the bricks and mortar store in B-Town. The stuff is crap. Unimaginative. Very few cool pieces.

    Does anyone know why we are no longer a Nike school?

    Being a Nike school might even help us with recruiting.

  10. Clarion, sorry…I honestly have been busy with work and coaching my kids basketball teams. I like the hires, all of them. I can admit that I will have to catch up on my reading about the coaches, don’t know a lot about them as of now. I like the staff being put together and am excited for next year! I really like Johns and what he has done at NW in 7 years with maybe less talent than we have had. Have to say I was surprised Mallory was names asst head coach.

  11. Ran into the team physician recently and asked him what his impressions of Wilson and the new staff were. He said that Wilson was extremely serious and driven, reminding him of a general (strangely, he said that DiNardo was also like that). Wilson didn’t have the outward likable demeanor of Lynch, but sounded and looked much more like a football coach.

    Just a tidbit.

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