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Verdell Jones watches Sunday’s game from the bench. David Snodgress | Herald-Times



During Tom Crean’s tenure at Indiana, the term “Indefinite” has often meant “a very long time,” bad news for Verdell Jones and his injured knee, Dustin wrote.

The Hoosiers really missed Jones’ leadership on Sunday, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote.

Here is the podcast from yesterday’s Dan Dakich Show, with he and Don Fischer criticizing the effort of many players (though “post” is about as specific as they got). Its interesting, but keep in mind the latter is not saying this without getting a thumbs-up from someone (as ChronicHoosier noted).


James Brewer is at the Senior Bowl, and draving raves from SI.com for his play on day one of practice. SportingNews.com wrote that with Brewer playing like this, he could play himself into the bottom of the first round.


Here is my Big Ten power poll (Ohio State-Purdue-Wisconsin the top-three, and Indiana at No. 10). Here is the same poll from the guys at Inside the Hall.

Tonight’s Ohio State vs. Purdue matchup is being billed as Jared Sullinger vs. JaJuan Johnson. The two took divergent paths to becoming co-front runners for Big Ten Player of the Year honors, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote. This game may determine the best team and player in the conference, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

Al Nolen will have surgery on a broken foot, possibly leaving him out for the rest of the season, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote. Michigan has become predictable on offense, taking more and more 3-pointers with each Big Ten game, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote.

Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode admits that his preseason title pick for the Spartans now seems terribly, terribly wrong.

Here are the Big Ten Network standings.


One of my favorite writers, Chris Jones, started up a blog a few months ago, about renovating his home. It was good, but he ran out of steam with it. So he’s decided to try again, with a blog on writing (points if you get the blog title reference).

Its still in its infancy, but its been very good so far. And it hit a high point yesterday, when Jones pointed out that Jason Whitlock has no soul.

Well, here’s the stone-cold truth, kids: Jason Whitlock has no soul. He’s neither a good reporter nor a good writer. He’s a bloviator who’s somehow carved out a niche for himself as a kind of anti-establishment figure by making references to The Wire and pretending he’s the second coming of Ralph Wiley, when Ralph Wiley would be fucking mortified to be associated with Whitlock’s brand of self-serving buffoonery.

Its a masterful takedown, and also a bit of “Why do writers do what they do in the 21st-century”-meditation.


By the way, sorry for no Hoosier Morning the last four weekdays. I got sick Wednesday morning, which stretched into Thursday. I took Nyquil Friday, and then slept ’til Hoosier Afternoon. We got back from Iowa at 3 a.m., and I made the executive decision to spend some time with my son yesterday morning.

Back now, though, and here is Gaslight Anthem’s “We Came To Dance.”


  1. Say’s a lot about this coaching staff when they are sending messages to the players through the media instead of coaching them up in practice. I thought we were trying to win games, they should be worrying about next year’s roster after the season is over. Tom Crean has chosen every single guy on this roster so why are we having problems with the energy these guys are putting forth?

  2. Sixthmanning…..I don’t think Crean has been that bad to his players in the media….actually I think he has gone out of his way not to say bad things about them.

    Remember the podcast was Fisch and Dakich…

  3. Hugh, Please re-read the quote you posted in #4. I think there’s a word near the end that you probably meant to edit before posting it.

  4. Dak certainly has to have some players specifically in mind that will be leaving or asked to leave. I wonder how many he is thinking need to go. 1? 2? 3? more?

  5. the 3 possibilities would be last years class minus Hulls/Creek………all 3 of those guys have to be debating it

  6. Yes IU has a ways to go, but i think they will be back. It takes awhile to rebuild/remember Coach Crean started with nothing. You have to have good players, which i think IU will have in the next few years. Now there dealing with injuries again, we just have to be patient. Allot of other teams are having problems too. I believe that IU will be fine down the road, and Coach Crean will do the job.

  7. I take it, RAM, that you’re another of those that haven’t had one positive thing to say about IU hoops since 1999? I believe somebody mentioned the other day that the poster named “Terry” needed to pick up highlight DVD’s from the mid-70s to early 90s. Does IU Nation need to get those for you as well?

  8. No Speedway I don’t live in the past but I do believe in the tradition that is Indiana Basketball. Win or lose I expect the team to play up to the standard that is represented by the five banners that hang from the rafters in Assembly Hall.

  9. Trust me, RAM, I believe in the IU hoops tradition too. But I think that there are too many people that still cling to an increasingly distant pass level of elite success. With the exception of the unexpected run in 2002, IU hasn’t been a serious national threat since 1994. A number of the verbals for future classes weren’t even alive in 1994. That doesn’t mean, of course, that IU won’t eventually add Banner #6, but while I think that more patience is warranted in rebuilding the program.

    By way of disclosures, I am a lifelong IU fan, and I graduated from the Kelley School of Business (undergrad) in 1994. Thus, I’m not new to the IU sports scene. I too want IU to get back to being an elite program, but that sort of thing just doesn’t happen overnight (well, unless you’re buying players like they do down in Lexington).

  10. Patience is a virtue. I get that.That doesn’t mean you tolerate poor play.You know as well as any one that there are at least 100 other guys on campus today that played basketball in High School that could do a better job than some of the players IU has now.Patience doesn’t mean you don’t make adjustments along the way.By way of disclosures I watched the 1976 championship game sitting upright in a chair with a beer in my hand.

  11. Ram,

    One thing for sure about Don Fischer he speaks his mind albeit usually without a pointed edge. But what he had to say on Dan’s show was pretty much focused on players performance not the staff’s coaching coaching. Which is what most would agree with. This team as far as talent has no leader( still young and developing), not mentally tough, not one guy go to(let alone two like most B10 teams)and no stud on the seen or in the foreseeable future(two more seasons).

  12. By way of disclosures, I got hooked on IU basketball in the early ’70s. My sister was the first in our family to attend IU. I was just a young teen when she was on campus. She brought me down to Bloomington one weekend and gave me a big tour. Such a wonderful place it seemed. Assembly Hall was the most magnificent basketball stadium I had ever seen. It was my dream to be a basketball star one day. Never happened. I remember listening to the Hoosiers on the radio when Steve Downing and a spunky little guard named John Ritter led the Hoosiers in a storied run to the Final Four to play against Wooden, Walton, and the mighty Bruins. How I do cherish thy cream and crimson.

    We need to stay supportive this team and head coach. Our heavy old emotions clinging to the few fortunate memories our favorite team’s past successes should now not serve as a roadblock of negativity to drown the hopes a new fan of Hoosier basketball.

  13. Well, RAM, while I completely disagree with most of your opinions on here, you get creativity props for Post # 18–oh, sure, it was an offensive shot at another poster, but at least it was creative.

  14. Speedway I am sorry that you were offended by a post that was not even intended for you. I guess you don’t stay up late, but I have taken some shots as well. Now can I have a hug?

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