IU assistants meet press; Mallory discusses Co-coordinator process

The five assistant coaches Indiana coach Kevin Wilson has hired to date were made available to the press on Monday afternoon. Much of the topics of discussion centered on things you’ve already heard from them, about the fact that each of the defensive assistants has worked with at least one of the others, about the potential Bo Pelini influence in the defense and about their hope to be more aggressive on defense.

Co-defensive coordinator Doug Mallory was particularly insightful, though, on the specifics of how a co-defensive coordinator situation could work. He was ina  similar situation at Louisiana State. He explained how that situation worked.

“We put the game plan together. We were on the same page as we put it together. We worked on it all week. We kind of modified it as the week went on. As we got in to the game, we had one guy who called it. There may have been situations where the other guy had a different feel for that situation, maybe he called it. But our last year at LSU, we had one guy who called it. … Most of the calls are put together before the game starts. Then what it comes down to is how you adjust the call. If you’re making a particular call and you’re getting hurt, then what’s your next call? What’s your next adjustment? How do you get that adjusted? But I think there’s constant adjustment between the coordinators. One will be in the box, one will be on the sideline. Then it’s just constant communication between each other. There may be a time where one might say, ‘You’ve got an answer for what I’ve been calling. Do you have any thoughts on that. But I think it’s proven that it’s worked, and I think it will work well between Mike and I.”

AUDIO: Kevin Wilson briefly introduces the group

AUDIO: Corey Raymond discusses press coverage

AUDIO: Doug Mallory Part 2 (Part 1 was too long)

AUDIO: Mike Ekeler talks about being more aggressive

AUDIO: Brent Pease talks about building his offense to his personnel


  1. Good move for Doss. Hate to lose him, but this was by far the best move he could make at this time. Best of luck Tandon!

  2. Dustin,

    We could hear their voices and understand the responses to the questions asked but could not see the faces nor into their eyes. At times body language and/or facial expressions yield unspoken thoughts. Was there anything you could see that was revealing while listening?

  3. I see Ekeler’s comment about playing Nebraska in the championship next year went over everyone’s head…

  4. Logan,
    We got it after a second. He played it pretty slow.
    Nothing that really stood out. It was sort of an introductory thing, not a lot of emotion. I’d say Ekeler is the most excitable of the group. Mallory seems pretty cerebral. Same with Pease. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Hagen. Andy was on that. Mallory was pretty stern talking about the disappointment of having his father fired, but sounded happy to be back. Basically, they looked like a bunch of guys trying to get through their first day of work and feeling sort of awkward about meeting so much media at once.

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