IU falls just short in OT

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Indiana took Michigan State beyond regulation and had a chance to upset the Spartans in overtime, but fell just short when the Spartans took the lead on a hook shot by Draymond Green and the Hoosiers failed to score on their final possession, giving the Spartans an 84-83 win in front of 14,797 at the Breslin Center.

Green, who also hit two free throws with 2.9 seconds to go to force overtime, had 19 points, 13 rebounds and five assists. Michigan State senior point guard Kalin Lucas led all scorers with 26 points to go with four assists. Senior swingman Durrell Summers had 17 points and junior forward Delvon Roe had 10 points and nine rebounds.

Indiana got impressive outings from almost everyone who touched the floor. Sophomore forward Christian Watford had 21 points, including four 3-pointers, and was one of five Hoosiers in double figures. Sophomore guard Jordan Hulls had 17 to go with four assists. Junior guard Matt Roth had 12 points, knocking down four of five 3-point attempts. Freshman guard Victor Oladipo was a perfect 5-for-5 from the field for 11 points, and senior guard Jeremiah Rivers had 10 points.

The Hoosiers had a lead of as great as 12 points in the first half, and had a chance to put the game away late. However, Rivers missed the front end of a crucial one and one when the Hoosiers were up three points, and Lucas dashed down the middle of the lane for a layup that cut it to one. Rivers got another chance at the line and missed the first free throw but made the second, giving the Spartans the ball with a chance to tie it. They did when Green grabbed an offensive rebound and drew a foul underneath, then made both free throws. Hulls tried to draw a foul on a desperation heave, but was denied.

After Green’s hook in overtime, the Hoosiers had the ball with around 20 seconds left. Hulls tried to drive but ran into Derrick Nix. The ball was knocked loose and a tie-up was called with 1.2 seconds to go. IU kept the ball and had one shot, but Hulls missed from the left wing to end the game.

AUDIO: Tom Crean says he’s proud of his team.


  1. Why didn’t Victor play much at the end? He was killing them. Instead, we turned it over to Hull almost every possession.

  2. If IU were up by 1 point and lucas collided with pritchard like hulls collided with Nix— I guarantee you that a foul would have been called on pritchard. Michigan State is a mediocre team right now.

  3. Hell of a game liked the hard work out there on the court. Wish we could have won just anybody else. Felt bad for the Hoosier players i saw the disapointment on there faces after the game. Hang in there Hoosier Nation cause the sleeping giant is just starting to get waken up!

  4. Should have won that game. You have to hit the free throws at the end of regulation. Really don’t understand switching the defenses throughout the game. the 2-3 zone is useless. All it does is give them wide open three pointers. You’re just hoping they miss the shot and we get the rebound but at some point they are going to make them.

  5. I agree with Laffy, I guess shooting 100% just isn’t quite good enough. Jordan is great, but does anybody think he can create his own shot in 1.2 seconds moving away from the basket?? The entire lane was open so I would like to have seen the same clearout and just toss the ball near the front of the rim, sure bucket or foul. Of course that would require someone with some springs like Victor or Will.

  6. I disagree. With the game on the line and one shot left, you want the ball in the hands of your best shooter. That’s Hulls. Tragic that he missed the shot, but I’d give him the ball in that situation every time.

    Gutting loss tonight, but I’m so proud of this team. Nobody can question their effort. They left it all on the court. Bravo, guys.

  7. Rivers is good until it matters. Victor should have been in the game. Crean should have been able to come up with one play with less than 5 seconds to go in either the shot clock or the period (an opportunity that arose 3 times or more) in which a shooter gets an open look or the ball gets into the low post. Though annoyed and perplexed, I’m still ALL IU.

  8. A couple of weeks ago, Michigan State would have destroyed this team, slumping or not.

    IU with no real inside game, two starters hurt, loses by one in overtime, at Michigan State, with crappy officiating, coming off of an emotional home win three days ago, and people are still complaining?

    I hate losing as much as the next guy, but damn, you gotta crawl before you can walk.

  9. DD, you and I agree on most of what you say. My point was even though Jordy has morphed into a great shooter, with only time for 1 or 2 dribbles, no screen, not enough heigth or the ability to elevate enough with a much taller player on him; that scenario won’t work. It’s not a knock on Jordy but on the play. Moving toward the basket and with a couple more dribbles, I’d like our odds, but this was a poor % play for any ball player.

  10. Great effort.That’s all we can ask for from any team.Nobody makes 100% of their free throws.Now there are two home games in a row.Two more chances to experience the thrill of victory.

  11. Set some screens for the three hot shooters IU had in the game and we win in regulation or in overtime.

    The one on one dribble to try to get open shots gets old and does not work against a good defense.

  12. Very proud of these guys despite falling short. Oladipo and Sheehey – two unheralded recruits expected by most to be bench warming “role players” – now looking like prime contributors to a prosperous future. Keep up the good work, coach and team!!!

  13. Ditto to Dantés. Being forced into playing Sheehey and Oladipo more minutes has payed huge dividends. Not saying we’re necessarily better without Jones or Creek in the lineup, but having fewer options has created a continuity on the floor I wasn’t seeing before. I thought the early fast pace of the game could be disastrous. It was Michigan State forced to play catch-up for most of the game. Hoosiers played a couple of exhausting contests and showed a surprising ability to adapt to two completely different style of games and a resiliency to fight to the end in both. I thought for sure we had the game won when Hulls hit the floater cutting across the lane putting us up by three. Definitely a heartbreaker last night, but the confidence is growing in a team beginning to believe they can compete with anyone. Hope they keep it rolling.

    Go Hoosiers!

  14. My respect for Coach Crean continues to climb! He’s developing a winning attitude that may not show much results this year but I see making the program an upper tier Big Ten winner! Cody and Austin are going to benefit by having teammates that have an inner toughness they can tap in on. The one play that comes to mind is toward the end of the game to see Watford dive on the floor for the ball after being hurt earlier in the game says he’s got it. That “it” is back! Go Hoosiers!!

  15. I believe what we have seen the last two games is what we expected from this group going into this season. In retrospect, this team was under-challenged with the cupcake home schedule early in the season. Now, with a more sensible rotation with fewer players involved, the team plays together better. VJIII is too much of a ball hog when on the floor, and does not get the ball to guys in a position for them to shoot or drive when he is running the offensive. Also, we need more effective, legal screens set for Roth, Hulls, Sheehey and VO, and also VO going strong to the hole more often utilizing his quickness.
    To me, the game was lost when Moore made that horrible length-of-court pass which was intercepted, and Rivers missed his free throws late in the game. Also, as the game progressed, Rivers became less and less effective against Lucas, who ate us up. You know that in a close contest, Izzo is going to find a way to win most of the time. You could see it coming in the last few minutes of regulation last night. It seems that this entire season, we rarely can score after a timeout on whatever play is called. Good teams score most of the time, or at least get off a good shot, after a timeout.
    I think next year, you must make VJIII a bench/roll player. Sheehey and VO, as well as Austin E, will deserve a lot of time on the floor next year.

  16. It’s ridiculous to say anything bad about Rivers and his 2 missed free throws. The guy scored 10 points, including a 3 pointer, which is WAY above his average, and plays tough defense all the time. The TEAM missed 8 free throws and committed 13 turnovers — any one of those changes the outcome of the game. And then there are all the missed rebounds, etc. All in all though, not too shabby, I’m damn proud of those guys!

    No don’t get me started about the call where the Mich St player lost the ball out of bounds on a drive, the first ref called it out on him, and the second ref which was screened by the player overruled the call and gave it back to Mich St. THAT WAS BOGUS!!!

  17. Rob- Not quite sure I agree with your comment about the schedule. Have you seen how angry, impatient, and cynical this fan base can become when the losses compile?

    Give us a harder early-season schedule, and we go 4-4 or 3-5. A 2-7 or 3-6 Big Ten record on top of that makes us 6-11 or 7-10, with the possibility of finishing with a worse record than last year.

    The vultures would start circling even earlier than they did this year, and most of the Hoosier Nation would enter into a prolonged conniption fit. The negativity would get to the point where it would affect practices, Coach’s focus, and team composure. The unfair pressure would send the program into a deep gloom.

    I like the schedule this year, and wouldn’t change a thing. With 11 wins, the team has already exceeded last year’s total, and the faint hope of postseason play will provide important motivation down the stretch.

  18. Good game. I like that we threw in a few sets we haven’t been running lately but saw a little bit of earlier in the year (back screen alley-oop to Oladipo, More play where the wing didn’t take a ball screen back to the middle of the floor, less hand offs). We were gassed and they amped up their D in OT. Caused our shooting percentage to drop and I think we threw up shots with the shot clock winding down at least 3 or 4 times. I wish we had a few go to plays to make sure we at least get a good shot, but we put up some points tonight and kudos to MSU for tightening up their D when it mattered most and taking us out of what had worked all game.

    We are learning how to grind, we just need someone or some plays to get us points/open looks when we need them and other teams are playing their best D. Always happens at the end of games and the seeming 3 or 4 minutes plus every game that we just have a drought. Gotta have something that brings us out of these that is more reliable than a two tip miss with eventual Pritch finish.

    Would anyone on here still like to replace Jordy Hulls with someone else? This team right now goes as he goes and I don’t think he will lose that spot as easily as some have predicted.

  19. Dantes:
    Please explain to me again how 9 wins against patsies is a good thing. Sure did not prepare our team for Iowa State, Colorado, Northwestern, Iowa, Penn State or Minnesota. Only now, after 9 Big Ten games, has this team developed toughness and chemistry. Would have been nice to have that going into the real schedule, and might have resulted in wins versus most of those teams listed above.

  20. Rob-

    I thought I explained my thoughts pretty well. Did you read my post, or just doze off into your own thoughts once you saw I didn’t agree with you?

  21. The Hoosiers fought incredibly hard and by all accounts should have won the game. If ONE negative thing goes in our favor, the game is ours.

    MSU was the beneficiary of several poor calls, most notably the total body check on Hulls with 1.2 seconds left in OT. I mean the kid got flat laid out by a forearm. How is that not a foul? I’m still beside myself on that one. If that’s not a foul, then Green wasn’t fouled either at the end of regulation on his desperation shot. It was unfortunate that the officials wanted to get their whistles involved on MSU’s end of the floor, but not Indiana’s in crunch time.

    Still, IU fought hard and gave it one heck of an effort. If the Hoosiers can keep that effort up the rest of the season, I’m satisfied.

    Keep your heads up Hoosiers!

  22. I don’t disagree that some of the calls people are questioning were tough calls, maybe should have been called different, but with that said it was a Big Ten road game. We have to go in prepared for that and expecting that. You aren’t going to get calls on the road. The more our players wine, the less likely they are to get them on the road. If this is happening at home and its not a crew of Valentine/Hightower/Jim Burr, then something needs to be said. Outside of that, we have to go in with the mentality of the other team and the officials aren’t going to give us anything. If we do that and get mauled and nothing is called, I’ll join the uproar, but until then, it is to be expected and is not the reason we have been winning or losing games.

  23. I don’t think the current success has anything to do with finally getting adjusted to the toughness a Big 10 opponent after the setbacks an earlier cupcake schedule. Not only do we have some new role players that are just getting wet behind the ears(VO, Sheehey, and Roth), but we had two guards on the floor getting way too many minutes. Even before Creek injured his other knee, it was obvious he was struggling with his legs and his shot in every game. He wasn’t anywhere near 100%. Jones’ proclivity to turn the ball over and his often selfish play should have resulted in reduced minutes. Happenstance change the dynamics on the floor. Happenstance put Hulls in the leadership position he should have likely had long ago. The cloud of doubt hanging over Hulls has lifted with each game. Finally a chance for him to prove himself an ability to run the show without the dysfunctional play of the guard on the floor that continually looked for his own shot instead of involving teammates. Jones seems to force his role on others while Hulls appears to lead more by example with a natural confidence in his abilities(however limited some still foolishly believe them to be against the superior guards in the Big 10 that were supposed to eat him alive). Every announcer in a broadcast booth has communicated in utter astonishment the game of Jordan Hulls they hadn’t seen before. Of course, he has put in the hard work since last season. But isn’t much of his emergence from the shadows by pure necessity to place him into the lead role on the floor with Jones out? Has he not delivered?

    VO, Sheehey, and Roth have also brought more than enough scoring and energy in the absence of Creek and Jones. The whole product looks better. And the benefits of keeping a defender like Rivers on the floor can no longer be ignored.

    Five healthy players on the floor with one true and identifiable leader. Simpler rotations. Less decision making for Crean on the allocation of playing time. Matt Roth getting some time on the floor and offering some extra punch from the outside. Nothing to do with the schedule in my honest opinion. Dead weight is now off the floor in two key positions(a point guard far too focused on scoring and one-on-one play and a shooting guard that was far from reclaiming his normal game). Is it all a coincidence? The dynamics and the chemistry on the floor is better. Crean has always understood the X’s and O’s. Maybe his emotional investment and loyalty to certain kids was hindering his objectivity and a need to put a butt on the bench when it belonged there. I wish he deserved all the credit for the newly found energy on the floor and a more cohesive looking team, but these were forced lineup changes.

  24. Dante,

    Ok, don’t try to explain your nonsensical ramblings then. Guess I should have known you weren’t up to such a challenging undertaking.
    Instead of typing and posting here, probably better if you instead save your fingers for something useful you can do with them.

  25. We let MSU off the hook, and that was disappointing.

    It’s just refreshing to finally be upset about a close loss rather than a blowout beatdown. The effort the last two games is more like the kind of basketball I expect to see from the Hoosiers.

    I just want to get the feeling back that Indiana is capable of winning when the team puts its best foot forward every night on the floor.

    I hope the players are as encouraged by the last two games as (most of) the fans. Yes, two wins would have been nice, but I’ll take a 50/50 split after efforts like that against solid teams anyday.

  26. Rob- I’ll recapitulate for you, since you don’t understand my argument and would rather sling insults:

    IU needs to win now . Landing 7 prized in-state recruits wasn’t enough to teach the extremist faction of our fanbase patience, nor convince them that Tom Crean has the program on the right track.

    They wanted wins right away, or “off with his head!”. It’s a shame we have to cater to these fans, but the way the media is these days, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So, Tom Crean gave them wins. If he had scheduled tough competition and put the team into a 3-7 or 4-6 hole heading into Big 10 play, there would be little-to-no margin for error. Instead of feeling more “seasoned” by getting whooped by Kentuckies and West Virginias, the team would probably be demoralized, and Crean’s job would be much less secure.

    Instead of this scenario, we have 11 wins and are starting to gel. The “cupcake” schedule has not set us back. It has given us a glimmer of hope for the postseason, which will surely be better than shooting for 11 total wins, which would most certainly be our highest goal if your tough non-conference schedule were implemented.

    All in all, I believe it was the right thing to do.

  27. DD comment: I disagree. With the game on the line and one shot left, you want the ball in the hands of your best shooter. That’s Hulls. Tragic that he missed the shot, but I’d give him the ball in that situation every time.

    Too obvious, that’s exactly what Mi. St. thought also. I would have liked to see Moore, Roth take the shot.

  28. Dantés- Thanks for the recognition. I was too hard on Jones. Here’s to hoping all the Hoosiers continue to play inspired ball.

    It’s easy to bitch on here all the time, speculate on the better roads to more favorable results, instead of giving praise when deserved to a team that has faced a ton of adversity. I’m tired of all the ‘what if’ scenarios. The easier to digest truth now emerging is the ‘what if’ for teams that don’t take a game against Tom Crean’s busted-up, bottom-dwelling Hoosiers seriously. The answer to that ‘what if’ is nearing a very foolish gamble for any opponent that’s been paying attention the last couple weeks. The candy-stripes are starting to regain some swagger and the fun is back in Assembly. The next game can’t come fast enough..I’m actually wanting to stay completely glued to a nerve-racking game on TV instead of partaking in the narcissistic LiveChats hosted by Scoop/IDS. It can’t be! Infectious watching has actually replaced a desire for cynical mocking? I given up the computer chair for a spot on the floor in front of the big screen..I don’t want to miss a beat during the games. I scurry quickly to the fridge during timeouts…I take the dog for too short of walks at halftime..The poor dog barely has time to squat. When and how did all this happen?

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