Michigan State at IU women

By the time Indiana got into this game, it was too late. Michigan State does just enough down the stretch to hang on for the victory. SPARTANS 69, HOOSIERS 55

3:37: The Indiana rally has stalled a bit now, though Michigan State continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate, up to 24 giveaways in the game. SPARTANS 60, HOOSIERS 46

7:44: So Indiana finally gathers itself and uses a 9-0 spurt to get within 14. Hoosier pressure seeming to really bother MSU but is it too late? SPARTANS 56, HOOSIERS 42

10:15: Michigan State looks as good as any Spartan team I’ve seen come into Assembly Hall the last three years, largely because they are shooting the outside shot much better — 10-of-15 from 3. At this point it’s hard to see Indiana mounting a run. SPARTANS 55, HOOSIERS 33

15:57: Michigan State just picking up where it left off in the first half, building the lead to 18. Indiana just a step slow defensively more often than not and hasn’t shown enough firepower to overcome that. SPARTANS 43, HOOSIERS 27

Not a good finish to the first half for Indiana, which was outscored 23-11 after the game was tied at 12. Hoosiers are shooting the ball well enough at 10-of-23 from the field but 14 turnovers and getting outrebounded 18-11 is not going to get the job done. Jori Davis with 7 points and Whitney Lindsay 6 to lead IU.

Michigan State is hitting just 12-of-28 from the field with 13 turnovers but hit 6-of-9 3-pointers and 5-of-5 free throws. Kalisha Keane, the Spartans’ leading scorer at 15.6 per game, has 17 at the half, including four 3s. SPARTANS 35, HOOSIERS 23

6:24: Michigan State used a 9-2 run to go up 18-12 the lead peaked at 21-14 before Whitney Lindsay hit a 3 as the shot clock expired a moment ago. SPARTANS 21, HOOSIERS 17

11:35: It was 5-0 Indiana to start, Michigan State went on a 6-0 run forcing five IU turnovers in the process and we’ve been trading misses and baskets since. Whitney Lindsay headed to the line out of the break. HOOSIERS 9, SPARTANS 9

15:53: Indiana scores the first five points of the game courtesy of a Danilsa Andujar layup and Jori Davis 3, but Hoosiers making too many turnovers to extend the advantage, and starting to give up too many offensive rebounds as well — three of each. HOOSIERS 5, SPARTANS 2

I’m at Assembly Hall with a few hundred of my closest friends to watch the Indiana women’s basketball host No. 12 Michigan State tonight. Hoosiers are looking to snap a four-game losing skid, while the Spartans are coming off their first Big Ten loss on Sunday to Ohio State. I’ll keep you updated here and on Twitter.


  1. Do you think Coach Jack’s job is in trouble with her job soon. IU is already struggling and loses its top 4 players after this year.

    Also Coach Jacks recruiting class are ranked dead last in the Big Ten by a large margin.

    It seems this team is heading in the wrong direction.

    What do you think Jeremy?

  2. Well, I think Fred Glass is the man best-suited to answer your question. But that said, the Hoosiers appear on their way to a second straight losing season, and as you said, lose four seniors. So I suppose it’s no stretch to say the seat may be getting warm.

    Next year will be key in showing some progress, but looking at the roster makeup and incoming recruits, my guess is this team’s best season may be two years away.

  3. I will say the seat has to be scolding hot. They have treaded water for years, and now she has all of her own players and they do not compete at this level. She has a few scarce wins against top opponents, but they are without a doubt, few and far between. She seems like an amazing woman, but she is out of her league. IU needs a new head coach. Sooner than later.

  4. She need strong player. Her team can’t rebounce, always running away from the rim. Watch the game with Iowa, looks like they dont have a play and the girls looks lost, with Michigan State the senior are not making any progress beside Jori and little Whit, why is the younger player not playing some mintue, maybe they might be doing better than the head of the class.

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