Minus Jones, Hoosiers trounced by Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa — With second-leading scorer Verdell Jones watching from the bench with inflammation in his right knee, Indiana struggled to get much going offensively and was equally deficient on defense, falling 91-77 to an Iowa team that was 0-6 in the Big Ten heading into the game.

The Hawkeyes got 20 points and 10 rebounds from freshman forward Melsahn Basabe, 19 points from junior guard Matt Gatens and 18 from freshman guard Roy Devyn Marble. Sophomore guard Eric May added 11 points. They shot 57.7 percent from the field, including 65.2 percent in the second half. Of their 91 points, 46 came in the paint and 16 came on fast breaks compared to just two for Indiana.

“We weren’t good defensively at all,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said. “Our transition defense was poor. It was getting so much better. Our big guys were non-existent in transition defense. We just weren’t as good and it started from there.”

Sophomore forward Christian Watford picked up the scoring slack with 30 points., a season-high for any IU player. However, with Jones out and Maurice Creek out thanks to recent knee surgery, the Hoosiers got little from the rest of their squad. Sophomore guard Jordan Hulls, who Tom Crean said was sick and throwing up at halftime, finished 1-for-8 from the field for 7 points. Junior guard Matt Roth had 14 points, but had to take 12 3-pointers to get there. Sophomore forward Derek Elston had 10 points and 12 rebounds.

The Hoosiers (10-10, 1-6) shot 37.1 percent (26-for-70) from the field and 29.6 percent (8-for-27) from beyond the 3-point arc. They fell behind 20-8 to start the game. They cut the deficit to as low as seven points in the first half. After falling behind by 10 at the half, they cut the deficit to eight early in the second half, but then allowed an 8-0 run and never recovered.

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  1. Crean, year 1: We’re awful, but he has a legitimate excuse.
    Crean, year 2: Better players, same results. Excuse getting lame.
    Crean, year 3: Even better players, even worse results. No excuse.
    Crean, year 4: Win or Keith Smart looks real, real good.

  2. Watched NW get smoked by Wisconsin after they dropped >90 pts on the Hoosiers.

    Then Iowa waltzes down the lane and dunks at will. I have never seen a front-line yield so willing and frequently to opponents and fail to rebound to prevent putbacks. Some of the current Hoosiers don’t seem to exhibit alot of pride in the Uniform. Maybe coach should assign previously unused numbers so this crew doesn’t tarnish the memory of previous Hoosiers!

  3. IU,

    agree, the bigs that Crean has brought in are non-existent and non-factors on a consistent basis. IU bball program is in a tough spot bc of what happened a few years ago, but you would think that there would be some form of development in years 2-3 for our bigs. Zeller alone next year will not solve anything as he will be playing Center with the body of a true freshman, he will not be able to hold up all season. Hopefully some kids will be asked to leave, because this is really starting to get inexcusable the play by some guys on the team, they are not big10 caliber players and its extremely evident. We have glaring holes at PG which we can not wait another year for Yogi to come and at Center. We need a big body to bang with the rest of the league, start looking JUCO hopefully bc McGary seems to be Elston clone, doesn’t play with back to basket and would rather shoot.

  4. Theres nothing more to be said.Excuses will not win games.we cannot beat anyone but our selves.I can’t bear to watch it any longer.I watched a sixth grade team play better defense today at Spiece in Fort Wayne.Depressed and out !

  5. I agree with MIAMIHOOISER.Some scholarships need to be reviewed at the end of the year. Bring in some JUCO transfers who at least have a clue and make sure they are eligible this time.

  6. I think we can pull one positive from this game: Jones didn’t play. Everyone knows that if he would have played, we probably would have been looking at an even larger defeat, considering all the turnovers he provides. Jones and Pritchard would be my vote of players to review scholarships.

  7. We keep it close at Wisky and have Jones. We lose Jones for Iowa and get killed. Tell me again why everyone thinks Jones sucks? Yeah, I know, ball hog, turnover boy, etc. But it was glaringly obvious without him we are real bad. Rivers couldn’t run the point, Hulls couldn’t score because Iowa keyed on him since they didn’t have Jones to worry about. Losing Jones was a huge factor in our loss today. Go ahead and blast me, I don’t care. Jones missing hurt.

  8. Mr Glass, get that money wheelbarrow out. Crean has got to go. 1-25 on the road in the Big Ten? Mr Crean… It’s Indiana. You need to hold yourself accountable for this.

  9. I’ve got to say that I’m thoroughly bewildered by this team. I’m starting to believe that there has to be something wrong with the coaching. We seemed to play worse tonight than back in TC’s first year on the road at Iowa. And I don’t think that Iowa has gotten any better.

  10. We know we are not stellar this year, and neither is Iowa. However, we didn’t have Creek or VD for this game. IU shot well below average and Iowa shot well above average. On the positive side, IU did hit 17-20 free throws. Reasonable expectations for this season was .500 assuming Creek would have recovered and we had a big guy inside. Well that didn’t happen, so why should we still expect .500? We are 10-10 right now with 11 games to go. The best we can do is support the team on the floor. Get off their backs and the staff. They are doing the best they can. These kids are Hoosiers, treat them like it. It will get better latter, stay positive.

  11. I thought Dustin said this year the match-ups would be better than in previous years. The sad fact seems to be that our big men don’t match up with anyone in a major conference. The year was over when Guy-Marc Michel was declared ineligable. All we can hope is that the guards continue to gain good experience and that we can land some big bodies in the near future. I’m still on the Crean bandwagon but I admit it’s becoming difficult to defend him after games like this.

  12. This team lacks any X & O coaching.

    Good offense like most sports takes much of the pressure off the defense. Yes we need some better players on defense and for very good defense you need 5 good guys. For offense you can get buy with just a couple of good shooters or more.

    We HAVE some very good shooters and if we ran plays to get them open to shoot we would score more. If we screened all game for Hulls and Roth we would knock down a lot of shots. The way we play now they have to get lost on transition or on their own which is hard without a motion offense so they can rarely get open for clean shots unless they are a mile out. There are some simple things we can do to be better with what we have.

    Time to play the players we have to win

  13. Who whould have thought when Crean was brought in that we would be 6-50 in the Big Ten over the next 3 years? I diddn’t sign up for that and I’m guessing our trustees/athletic director and anyone that cares about IU basketball never thought this could be the case (I’m assuming we don’t win another game this year). Not to relive it all but we were talking about phone calls and Sampson looks like John Wooden in comparison to Crean! I am to the point of giving up on this crap. The coach of Indiana University Basketball has all the tools to be successful yet we still suck. Sorry folks but I don’t see next year being any better. Coach seems like a great guy, his staff seems to be working hard, but the results are really bad by any standard. Unfortunately, I am resigned to the strong possibility there will be no changes in off season and we will suffer through this next year too.

  14. One word for yesterday’s performance…yuck.
    At this point, I have got to agree with those who point to the coaching. Something just not right there. Where was Watford the first 10 minutes of the game. Heck, I forget he was even in the lineup. Did nothing to distinguish himself during that stretch, which is when the Hawkeyes took control and won the game. I suspect that when his career is over, Pritchard will have set the Hoosier record for most fouls by a player. Sheehy is talented, but is lost on defense as is Elston and Watford. Capo brings virtually nothing to the team. Even so, there is enough talent to beat Iowa and Penn State. VO needs to quit trying to be a highlight film, and learn to play team basketball.
    I think we may have seen all the Big Ten wins (1) we will witness this season. So, so disappointing.

  15. It’s past time for IU Nation come to grips with the reality that yet another poor coaching hiring decision was made by Greenspan. Next time (under Fred Glass) we will get it right! This team is horribly coached. And please spare me the “no talent” argument. Seven (7) Rivals Top 150s. More than everyone in the league except four…OSU, MSU, Illini, and Purdue.
    Horrible defensively. Horrible player development…in fact, players getting worse. Plus, snotty with the media in post games after losses.

  16. BK,

    You state “I didn’t sign up for that” – well – I suspect you did not sign for anything – unless you are on the team. I know things are frustrating – and certain games “we think” the team and coaching staff should win. But oh – not everything is always as it seems – so we lost another. These are “young men” – and still very, very influenced by the things that are said. So – support is the best thing we can do. Yes – coaches get paid to coach – and what you don’t think Coach Crean is coaching – then go to Yogi’s tonight and tell him that!

  17. Ah…ok. I go to most home games, watch every game I don’t attend, cheer for our team, and sorry but I don’t see how we are progressing nor am I on-board with a 10 year re-building plan. Iowa, Penn St, Wisconsin..we use to run these teams out of the gym. Recruiting classes look great over the next couple of years but I still don’t see the wins coming with our poor style/fundementals of play that is impossible for most of us to understand much less watch without being nausiated. Out.

  18. Creane is a used Car Salseman. He says everything you want to hear and does his prouncing up and down the court like he is a great motivator. Deep down, he and his team seem to be lost. I wish I was wrong. His methods of motivation and coaching are as fake as his tan. It seems as if his players are immune to his pacing up and down the sidelines and his cute little claps after mistakes. I was glad when he was hired. I just see right through him. Maybe things will change when he gets “all of his recruits to IU”.

    These guys are hard to watch. They don’t rebound, defend, or screen for one another on the offensive end. The ball screen isn’t effective when you set them every possession.
    Whatever happened to solid motion offense with tight curls and flares. Motion is hard to guard and hard to scout.

    I don’t see any hope next year either. Maybe 12 or 13 wins while scheduling teams like Hanover, DePauw, Franklin, and Anderson. We’ll see what happens. I hate being a pessimist, but the truth about the Hoosiers is apparent whenever they take the court.

  19. I wouldn’t care if IU went 0-25 in a season if I thought there was some___________________evident.
    a) heart
    b) game plan
    c) steady improvement
    d) strategy
    e) recognition of basketball fundamentals
    f) tough coaching
    g) all of the above

    so frustrating. so embarrasing. so disappointing. so

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