1. Hugh, Dustin-
    Could you break down the chance the Hoosiers have of making the NIT? I’ve read recently that a .500 record is not needed to qualify. With that said, there are 10 games remaining, 9 regular season and 1 B1G tourney game. The Hoosiers have a shot, do you see the NIT allowing them in even if they finish right under .500?

  2. Fab5,
    I was under the impression that teams had to be .500 to receive bids. Just looked it up and found out that’s did change with the NCAA’s purchase of the NIT. However, no team has ever been selected for the tournament without a .500 record.
    Though that rule would seem to make it more likely for the NIT to pick IU, the NCAA’s purchase of the tournament and handling of it probably makes it less likely for an under .500 team to be picked. The old company that ran the NIT had to be much more interested in financial gains. The numbers don’t mean as much for the NCAA in this case, so so far, it has been used as the true consolation tournament. For instance, every team that wins the regular season conference championship but loses in the conference tournament and is not selected to be an at-large selection to the NCAA Tournament is guaranteed selection to the NIT. It used to be essentially guaranteed that all .500 teams from major conferences got in. Now, they aren’t, and mid-majors have a much better shot
    Last year, just 14 of the 32 teams were from power six conferences. Only one team had a record as bad as 16-16, and that was North Carolina. Eight teams were automatic qualifiers because of the conference championship rule.
    So in the end, no, I don’t think Indiana gets in unless it goes .500. But if it does, I think it has a pretty good shot.

  3. If they finish .500 they’ll be in the NIT no doubt. One of the biggest things the NIT looks for is game attendance and TV audience, usually they have those heavily followed teams hosting their NIT games. IU would be the perfect team for that, especially given their circumstances, they (if they do it) didn’t underachieve to qualify, they would’ve ‘overachieved.’ In a sense. Its probably too early to start looking at this anyway, but if they can play this way, with this sorta toughness the rest of the way…they’ll have a chance.

  4. Fab5,
    That was kind of my point, though. Game attendance and TV audience used to be a much bigger deal before the NCAA bought the tournament. ESPN had part ownership and there was a New York based group running it called the Metro Independent Basketball Association that desperately needed the tournament to do well financially, so game attendance and TV audience had more importance. Part of the reason there was a .500 rule was so the NIT didn’t abuse the selection process and take bad teams with big names. It’s not as crucial to the NCAA that the NIT does well financially. The NIT is bringing in drop in the bucket money compared to the NCAAs. Again, I think if IU goes .500 it will be selected, but attendance and audience don’t mean what they used to. In the old days, a .500 record would have made IU a stone cold lock and would probably make them a host. They would probably still get in in such a case, and before the NCAA took control, the MIBA and ESPN would’ve been thrilled to take an under .500 Indiana team. I don’t think the NCAA makes that move, though.

  5. I agree, if they are .500, they’re in. If they are a game under, it’d be interesting to see what they decide, I think they would take the circumstances into account. It is a big if anyway, there are a lot of tough games ahead. I want to see them continue having success, and if they do I hope its rewarded with an NIT bid. I started thinking about this because I was bummed for JRivers, he’s the lone senior and if he doesn’t get a shot at a postseason tourney it’ll be disappointing. I am hopeful that next year’s group of seniors will possibly get a chance to end their careers in the Big Dance. That would be a great way for Jones, Pritch, Moore, Roth(if he’s not redshirted) to go out…Hopefully an improved, healthy group with the addition of Cody, can get that done for those guys.

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