Not to toot our own horn, but …

The was named one of the top 10 sports websites by the Associated Press Sports Editors, the organization announced Saturday.

The website, which includes the Hoosier Scoop and Quick Hits blogs, placed in Division C, which is for websites with fewer than 500,000 unique monthly visitors.

The website includes the stories that also run in print, web-only stories, breaking news updates, weekly live question-and-answer chats with sports writers, live in-game chats, photo galleries and video commentary from the Herald-Times sports staff of Dustin Dopirak, Jim Gordillo, Andy Graham, John Harrell, Lynn Houser, Hugh Kellenberger, Jeremy Price and Pat Beane. The website is maintained daily by the H-T sports staff and Scott Taylor and Todd Davidson of the digital media staff.


  1. I’m not surprised by this at all because of all the hard work you guys put into covering IU athletics. Congrats on the honor!

  2. Definitely deserve props for the work your reporters do every day…a great resource for us IU fans.

  3. Congrats; you guys do a great job. But then again, that’s why sports journalists are so grossly overpaid. JUST KIDDING!!! I visit several online ‘papers’ (including a couple of large metropolitan ones) every morning, and the HT sports section is clearly the one that appears to have the most effort and thought put into it. Well maintained, well conceived, well written; well done.

  4. Congrats! I am thinkful for you guys that the judges only evaluated you on your coverage and content while not reading the posts from all of the dumba$$es who spout their idiotic drivel on here. You would have never won…

  5. I think that you DID just toot your own horn! But since you worked hard and earned the recognition and award, that is fine. Good work!

  6. Lord Baltimore brings up a somewhat good point. I was remiss in not mentioning Chris Korman, who led the department through August. He and former sports editor Doug Wilson were instrumental in helping make what the website is today. But there’s nothing we can do about what division we’re in!

  7. Congratulations for the great job that you gentlemen do and; then, also receiving peer recognition for it. Well deserved!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations. This blog is a great example of how a newspaper can use a medium like this to provide expanded coverage and insight on a topic while still offering great value in their print product. I know that I’ve plopped down my $10 for a one-month peek when things got juicy (most recently during Lynch firing/Wilson hiring time). Other IN publications could take a lesson from what you do here.

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