Pease: Wilson saw this coming before I did

Before Brent Pease’s old boss contacted him about coming back, his new boss suggested the possibility that the call was coming.

When Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin took the job as offensive coordinator at Texas, new Indiana coach Kevin Wilson talked to Pease about the possibility of going back to his former employer. Pease had been the assistant head coach/wide receivers coach at Boise State before taking the job as offensive coordinator at Indiana.

“He said, ‘I’m sure there’s a possibility that you have the position there,'” Pease said.

It turns out he did. Boise State coach Chris Peterson called this weekend and Pease was officially named the offensive coordinator at Boise State on Monday after taking the job at Indiana on Dec. 30.

Pease was hoping for the position, but said he didn’t realize it was going to become available. Harsin’s name was being thrown about for the Texas job when Pease left, but Harsin told him then he didn’t expect to take it.

“In the beginning, I had said that if I knew he was leaving, I would not leave,” Pease said. “… I talked to Bryan before I left to ask if he had any interest in the job, and it was pretty much, ‘No, not at this time.”

Harsin’s departure allows Pease to take a promotion without having to leave home.

“I think I have a connection to the system that’s already in place,” he said. “My family is obviously here. My kids where they’re at with their ages in high school. My family is here. This is somewhat close to where I grew up;. I was prepared to also make the move, but with the opportunity to not have to uproot things. It works out.”

Pease said he had not signed any sort of binding legal agreement, so there will be no wrangling on that end, and that Wilson has been supportive.

He kind of knew that it was something a situation that could come up,” Pease said. “Honestly I didn’t see it coming. … I think he was very professional about it. I’m sure he wasn’t totally wanting it that way, and I wasn’t expecting this. I was excited about working here. He’s a great man. I love the place and everything leading up to that. But I think he was very professional and I appreciate that.”

Boise State coach Chris Peterson had spoke to Stanford about it’s opening. Pease said he agreed to return when he learned that Peterson was returning.


  1. Glass – do the right thing and get boise state on our schedule for payback. That pease of @#!& will be sorry he wasn’t on the ground floor of an IU program that is about to launch under Wilson.

  2. Can understand why he is going back but it’s pretty shady of Peterson to contact him and convince him to come back after committing somewhere else. Last time I saw that was when Sampson stole Eric Gordon from Illinois after he had verbally committed and I wasn’t a big fan of that.

  3. you must want Glass to schedule IU in another sport, because there is no shot IU is beating them anytime soon.

    Guy left to go home for a considerable better job. We would all do the same

  4. Pease did what is best. Once the OC job opened at Boise State, it allows him to stay in a great and beautiful state, at a great football school, allows his kids to continue in the same school and graduate and creates stability for his family…absolutely nothing wrong with his logic, nothing…absolutely nothing unethical.

    It is what it is. Ask the staff members on Bill Lynch’s staff… Those who are claiming some kind of obligation or an ethical deficiency only underline their utter and total lack of understanding about the business of professional coaching at the college level. Please, grow up, man up and stop crying like helpless victims…you are embarrassing all Hoosiers.

    Good luck Mr. Pease. Have a great career.

    Children…leave this to Coach Wilson…he appears to be the only one with any established credibility to decide how to form his staff…he’ll get this covered…that’s what a grown-up man does. That’s why Glass hired him. This whining is sooooooo Hoosier football! Let’s (those of us fans who still wear pants with two legs) man-up out of of this manic-depression for once!

  5. What is even more embarrassing is the people on here like Tsao who it did not seem to bother…yes I do question how much they care about IU football and it’s future and their loyalty to my beloved University!

  6. I’m rarely on the same page as ttg but this is just a business decision and how it would affect him and his family. Completely his business and his business alone. Wilson is putting his staff together. It will all be in place soon enough.

  7. Do you question how much I care about IU football JPat?

    I honestly don’t care that Pease took the offer from BSU, other than IU lost who could have potentially been a solid OC for them. When he agreed to the position at IU, it was a step up in position and a step up in pay. Now he has the chance to step up in position and pay, IU is now nothing more than lateral move based on the status of BSU compared to IU in the college football world.

    I understand he gave his word to the University and to Wilson, but didn’t Glass give his word to Lynch that he would have his entire contract to coach out? Do you no longer trust Fred Glass and believe his word means nothing? Glass had to do what was best for IU football and IU athletics as a whole, and that meant getting rid of Lynch and moving forward.
    Pease had to do what was right for his career and his family, which to him meant staying in a program and a system he knows and is used to and not packing up his family and moving them across the country for a job that won’t help advance his career any faster than staying put will.

    Bitching about it, wishing ill will on BSU and Pease will not change the fact he is gone. Saying that his word means nothing now? You might not trust him, but ask Peterson what Pease’s word means to him. Wilson said himself he expected that Pease would go back to BSU when that position came open. It has nothing to do with his word and everything to do with what is the better opportunity for the coach. Don’t think for a second that if Oklahoma offered Wilson the HC job, that Wilson wouldn’t give it serious thought and most likely be gone on the next private jet out of BMG.

    What we should all be concerned about now is who is out there that is available, involved in a successful offensive program and is looking to step up levels as an OC (i.e. MAC to Big Ten) or a successful position coach who is ready for that next level (OC) and IU can pick up.

  8. IU was Pease’s fallback plan in case the OC at BSU did not decide to leave. Making Pease unethical, dishonest, low character and without integrity. When does a handshake mean something, when is someones word mean something? The word of AD Glass meant Coach Lynch was paid for his last year. Breaking his word to BL did cost something. Pease got his cake at BSU, ate it in Bloomington and then took the knife and plate with him. When is a bond binding. By reading some posts on here, the answer is never.

  9. I can’t wait until IU hires another OC so that we can start talking about FOOTBALL again. Pease is gone. Whether you agree with how it went down or not, it’s time to turn the page and get back to the business of making IU football relevant.

  10. Mike P, you were the furthest from my mind when I said that mainly for Tsao and he is most likely laughing that he got you to write something like that to me. As far as I am concerned Fred Glass and his word to the media trying to make people shut up about Lynch and give him more time is an entirely different thing than what Pease did but that is not the issue. I said I was done with it, wrote what I did today out of frustration for Tsao and ruffled your feathers and did not aim to do that. Surprised you would go there with me, very surprised. I agree that we must move on and what is important here is finding a new OC but you and I are far from the same on this subject after this last post by you. I am honest to a fault…if you have not one bone at all in your body that is frustrated with Pease…then yes I do question your loyalty to IU. If you want to play PC with this subject and try to come off like the bigger man, that is fine too. I have always respected you on here and still do big time but we are way off on this one. I explained myself well in a post yesterday, go back and really read it…I talk about character, morals, and ethics. No matter how you slice it, what he did showed poor character and was unethical! Now my University could suffer. Damnit, now you have me back on it. Same for ex as Robert Vaden, I am mad as hell at him for leaving IU. I understood he looked up to Davis but he sold out PU to come to IU and sold out IU to go to UAB. Some really big time IU fans were cool with that on the blogs(never met anyone in person that was ok with it) I was not! It wounded my favorite basetball team in the world and my alma mater!!! If you do something to mess with my school and show lack of considertaion after making an informed decision to be here….screw you!!! In the end you make yourself look bad….Pease signed with IU for well over 200,000 and Vaden had a scholly, screw them both, you pulled it out of me, thanks a lot…haha!

  11. I guess I am a little on the PC side of this. I guess it is because I see coaches jump all the time.

    Pease tried to do the right thing by asking his OC at BSU if he was leaving for Texas. When he was told no, Pease agreed in principal to become the OC at IU. Even though his hiring was announced, he never signed his contract with IU. Situations changed, the job Pease originally wanted opened up and according to Pease, Wilson supported him taking the BSU job.

    Do I like what Pease done? Not one freaking bit. Am I pissed he is going back, a little, am I going to let it bug me to the point I slam the character and ethics of a man I have never met nor dealt with? Absolutly not.

    Now let me ask you this, if Pease signed his contract, stayed as IU’s OC this year, and at the end of the 2011 season was offered the OC position at Bama, or Auburn, or another top 25 program or if he was offered the HC job with say a MAC school, would you think he had low character or was unethical for taking those position since he was under contract to IU?

  12. Mike, great question. I would be sour and pissed but I don’t think I would question his character or ethics…I think because he has said all along he wanted to be a head coach. IU could have dodged a bullet as he was climbing the ladder I think. I was outside doing my drive and my neighbors and I was thinking about loyalty and I am big on that and that might have factored in to my frustrations a little. I took a hard fall outside, worse than ever…have a black and blue knee and it is my only good knee, gotta get some ice on it…

  13. JPat…JPat…wipe the floor up…Pease did not do anything TO you…he did it for his wife, his family, his career…all very grown up reasons. Wipe those tears and calm your anger son…Coach Pease decided that he had a better position when Boise State decided to make an internal offer. You’ve got to be tougher than that son…end the hysterics…we’ll be ok and if we are not…I’ll write you again…you are ok son… there…is it all better?

  14. Just got finished eating, I would question his character if just bolted and was a arrogant about it, if he aplogized and was humble about it I would be easy on him. I could not stand Bracey Wright at IU for example…he was cocky and I hated his play on the court, when he took out the section in the paper and thanked IU, Bloom, and all the fans…how classy was that? He did not need to do that but he felt the need for whatever reason. It meant the world to me and I wish him the best now…changed my perception of him 100%

  15. Tsao, please don’t call me son…it is just creepy and weird. If we meet for the beer at Nick’s and you are over 60 years old, maybe it would be ok in person I guess. He took the job, signed a contract and talked about what he was bringing to IU…how many times do I have to say that, 1,000. I am over it for GOD sakes…really over it, I said my piece yesterday but people keep revisiting it on here…

  16. JPat,

    Just for clarify, Pease DID NOT sign a contract with IU. That is from Dustin’s article today.

  17. Mike, the IDS writer Albers wrote it yesterday…if it was false reporting, I am sorry to hear that. I wonder though about the contract though as he took the job Dec 30 so I am not sure about that in my gut but if IU says that, that is what I have to go on. Mike, it still does not change my take on all of this, sorry!

  18. JPat and Mike P.,
    The contract thing is interesting. Pease is quoted in Albers’ story as saying he signed a lot of stuff. But I asked Pease point blank if he signed anything legally binding and he told me no. I got official word from IU that he was correct. Albers doesn’t make stuff up, so something got screwed up in translation. I’m not exactly sure what.

  19. Dustin, thank for digging on that. This is weird for me. I almost feel bad for feeling the way I do. Do I blame Wilson for hiring him and knowing it could happen or do I blame Pease. What is funny is that I have not lost a bit of sleep over this, just disagreed, that’s it. Take care Mike, Dustin and my new son Tsao!

    PS: After talking to people around town and reading the initial posts when this first hit…I am not alone by far. Peace and chicken grease to my man Pease and all others on this great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I wish the tables had been turned and after 12 days and knowing Pease had not yet signed, Coach Wilson had found another candidate he liked better and told Pease his services were no longer needed. Now who is at fault? Ah, the worm turns. If we then would have all told our lawyer buddies of this situation everyone of them would have scabs on their knees and brown spots on their noses in trying to be first in line to ligate that one.

  21. Sounds good Mike, I think I will chill on this blog for a few days. I have had a couple mean spirited people come after me and that is one thing but to have someone I respect as you go back and forth…just too much. I thought I explained myself really well yesterday and you took personally what I wrote today at first, I am sorry for that. take care man!

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