Purdue at IU women

Aulani Sinclair had a chance to tie on a 3 with 13 seconds left, but her shot went about 15 feet and no whistle to coach Felisha Legette-Jack’s chagrin. Two more free throws for Courtney Moses to close it out. BOILERMAKERS 55, HOOSIERS 50

1:36: Davis missed the free throw, but Lindsey’s 3 on the next possession makes it a one-point game — Purdue ball. BOILERMAKERS 51, HOOSIERS 50

2:36: Indiana led 45-43, but six straight free throws put Purdue on top by four. That’s still the margin as Jori Davis heads to the line for a 1-and-1. BOILERMAKERS 51, HOOSIERS 47

8:11: Purdue had a brief four-point lead, but Jori Davis with a 3 and Andrea McGuirt’s driving layup puts the Hoosiers back in front. HOOSIERS 42, BOILERMAKERS 41

11:13: Indiana keeps scrapping away. Whitney Lindsey with 13 points the only one who has really gotten going offensively, but Purdue shooting just 30.4 percent from the field, while IU is winning the rebounding battle 33-29. BOILERMAKERS 35, HOOSIERS 33

15:46: I’m not saying these officials stink, but they’ve had more meetings than city council so far. It’s like college football where every play is under review. In the few minutes of play, Purdue has taken the lead as Indiana continues to struggle for consistent offense. BOILERMAKERS 29, HOOSIERS 27

Chelsea Jones made two free throws with 4.2 seconds left to end Purdue’s scoring drought at exactly 10 minutes, but Indiana surged to the lead with an 11-0 run prior to that. Freshman Milika Taufa, the Hawaii native, gave IU a shot in the arm, including her first career point that tied the game at 19. Aulani Sinclair was fouled on a 3 and hit all three free throws to give IU the lead with under two minutes left.

Whitney Lindsey with 8 points to lead the Hoosiers. Georgie Jones added four points and five rebounds. Four Purdue players have four points apiece. HOOSIERS 22, BOILERMAKERS 21

3:33: After both teams went through a nearly five-minute scoreless drought, a drive by Jori Davis and a 3 by Whitney Lindsey finally give this crowd something to cheer. BOILERMAKERS 19, HOOSIERS 16

7:56: Indiana finally getting some defensive stops, but the offense is still not in sync. Purdue doing a real good job on Jori Davis to this point. BOILERMAKERS 19, HOOSIERS 11

11:28: Purdue killing Indiana on the interior right now. Name a post player and they’ve scored. Hoosiers either have to find a defensive answer or start hitting some outside shots. Only a few missed layups by Purdue are keeping this close. BOILERMAKERS 15, HOOSIERS 9

15:53: Good start for Purdue, which is 4-of-8 from the field, while IU is 1-of-4 with a couple of turnovers. Alex Guyton with 4 points and 3 rebounds for the Boilers. BOILERMAKERS 9, HOOSIERS 5

Assembly Hall is filling up this afternoon as Purdue visits Indiana in women’s basketball. It’s Head to the Hall day, and fans are turning out in the best numbers I’ve seen since these two teams played here a couple of years ago.

The Boilermakers are coming off their first Big Ten win of the year, edging Michigan by one, while IU comes off its first conference loss Wednesday at Ohio State. Michigan State is the only team in the conference without a loss heading into play today, and the Hoosiers can at least stay in the upper tier with a win. I’ll have updates here and on Twitter.

Starters for today’s game are Hope Elam, Georgie Jones, Aulani Sinclair, Jori Davis and Whitney Lindsay for Indiana. For Purdue, it’s Brittany Rayburn, freshman Courtney Moses (former AAU teammate of IU’s Andrea Newbauer), Ben Davis grad Dee Dee Williams, meningitis survivor Drey Mingo and Bloomington native and North grad Alex Guyton.


  1. I sat courtside at the game and it was a great game but I have never seen a game purposefully handed to the other team in the last 2 minutes. I am just furious at 2 out of the 3 refs. Not sure I have ever seen anything like what I witnessed today. Game was tied and I am sitting right on the court and the PU girl steps on the line and ref looks right at her and no call…on the other end the IU girls get freakin hammered and NO call at all. The refs ran full sprint out of there after the buzzer. Kids and coaches work too hard to have the game taken by the refs. It was crappy on both ends until the last 2 minutes and then it was evident they handed it to PU. The female ref and white male ref should be reprimanded and have to retake the class and certification tests, truly sad! No excuse for that crap at this level!

  2. J Pat has it right. The officating was horrible. IU did not have a chance at the end of the game when the refs kept turning the ball over to Purdue. Sad that two teams work their butts off only to have the refs really decide the game. Hopefully the refs last game of the season.

  3. Some calls at the end were really bad or questionable at the least, but it certainly wasn’t one-sided. In the first half, IU was shooting 2 FT’s while they had only been called for 2 fouls themselves. Quite a discrepency.

    Good effort by the team yesterday after a really poor offensive start.

    I still look at what we lose in terms of seniors this year and wonder if maybe we won’t be the least talented team in teh Big Ten next year. 🙁

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