Raymon Taylor commits to Michigan

One-time Indiana commit Raymon Taylor verbally committed to Michigan on Saturday, the Detroit News is reporting.

“It’s a great opportunity for me,” Taylor said. “God blessed me. It’s a good situation for me and my family. The education you get there is tremendous. It’s the big stage.”

Taylor said U-M quarterbacks Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner, and safety Cameron Gordon accompanied him on his official visit and help convince to come to Ann Arbor.

In some ways, this news is not terribly surprising. Taylor has always been open to taking official visits to schools besides Indiana, and he has wavered back-and-forth on his commitment since Bill Lynch was fired.

He told Dustin two weeks ago that he was ready to commit to Michigan before Rich Rodriguez was fired. Then he told Peegs.com’s Matt Weaver earlier this week (after his official visit to Indiana) that IU was his No. 1 school.

This leaves Indiana with 15 verbal commitments with two weeks to go until signing day.


  1. this kid was a four star and one of the crown jewels in bill lynch’s recruiting class. but, he wanted to go to Michigan from the git-go but richrod never offered him a scholarship and lynch did, so he committed to IU. then richrod left and brady hoke came in and offered him a scholarship, so he decommitted from IU and committed to Michigan.

    at least that is how Mgoblog and the freep and detnews are spinning it. it is a recruiting loss for IU but was predictable and is not quite an outrageous “they stole our guy” situation. the UM steal of jabreel black last year was a little worse for IU because he had a brother at IU, but jabreel had been fickle from the start.

    get used to this, in part because these are 17 year old boys and there seem to be more and more decommits these days — and this will happen as long as the the big boys, ohio state, michigan, notre dame, have more allure and kevin wilson has not yet established his brand on IU to get them to come to IU. once he does, IU will have solid recruiting and win 8 games and be ranked in the top 25 and go to decent bowls. give it a couple years — oh, but at the same time, win now…

  2. Since Wilson has been hired I havn’t heard many positive things from the recruiting aspect. Does anyone know if he has some JC players he’s recruiting? Where losing recruits like crazy some being told they are no longer welcomed at IU. Is there some method to this madness?

  3. As I said on Peegs….I hope Coach Wilson gameplans the first five plays right at Taylor and in a perfect world after scoring a TD, Belcher will hand him the ball and say “Welcome to the big stage”.

  4. We have a kid here in Asheville that committed to Florida. He blew out his knee and Urban Meyer said they would honor his scholarship. His knee gets repaired. A month later he decommitted. He flirted with several schools before finally signing with Clemson. So it goes…

  5. Eburd

    IU, even with Wilson, is not yet that school where kids decommit from solid programs at the last minute in order to sign with us. It’s going to take some good results and positive momentum ON the football field before we reap the results OFF of it.

  6. I don’t know if it’s been reported on here yet, but saw that the IndyStar has reported that Jerimy Finch has landed at Marian in Indy. Pretty steep fall for a kid that was rated as one of the best players in the nation several years ago. Welcome to NAIA action!

  7. What a huge loss. Bill Lynch had a solid class coming in. I’m looking forward to seeing what Wilson and Co. get next year by themselves. Anybody know what happened to Lynch? He should keep coaching somewhere in Indiana.

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