Report: Pease going back to Boise State for OC job

A Boise, Idaho television station is reporting that Brent Pease, who recently left his position as Boise State’s assistant head coach/wide receivers coach to become Indiana’s offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach, is going back to Boise State to become the Broncos’ offensive coordinator. Boise State’s previous OC, Bryan Harsin, was recently named the offensive coordinator at Texas.

The television station claimed that several sources close to Pease confirmed that he was taking the job, and that Boise State defensive back George Iloka tweeted “So Coach Pease is back … Congrats again, I guess.”

Pease did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Neither did an IU spokeman.


  1. Kyle, why would he uproot himself and his family (if he has a wife and/or kids) when the same job just opened up at the school he’s been working for? When he took the job here he didn’t know Boise’s OC would be leaving for a bigger job. At the time he was taking a step up. Taking the OC job at Boise is arguably a larger step up given the quality of their program and it’s presence on the national scene. I can’t blame a guy for sticking with the team he’s been with. Based on what he’s put together so far, I’m confident Coach Wilson can find another very worthy candidate to take our OC job.

    All this of course IF this rumor turns out to be true, I would wish Coach Pease well.

  2. Says more about how much value someone places on their family that he is willing to resign a job after just one week so that he doesn’t have to move his family than it does the guy’s character.

    Besides, since when has Indiana ever been GOOD at football? Leaving Boise for Indiana was a step down…and now he gets to step back up.

  3. Well, this sucks if true. I guess, though, if he hasn’t signed a contract with IU yet, then he’s not breaking a legally binding agreement. I can understand the decision in terms of relative prestige (sadly), and I can especially understand it if he has a young and established family. I’m hopeful, though, that Coach Wilson will find a good replacement.

  4. I was excited to have this guy, but IF he isn’t really up to the challenge of helping to build a successful program in the BIGTEN and would rather play in the mwc…good luck, and good riddance. He wasn’t the guy we wanted anyway.

    Go get us a winner Coach KW.

  5. Kelper, he shouldn’t accept jobs that he isn’t 100% behind. It’s pretty simple. You don’t accept a new job…move to your new office and then go back to your old job when the boss calls you and finally offers you that raise you been waiting for.

  6. i vote jerk. he would have left us for something better a year or two from now anyway. better to get rid of the low character guy now.

  7. Just read a piece about Stanford looking to get Boise States head coach since Harbaugh left and i’m sure other schools may contact him. If so, Pease may be coming right back or heading elsewhere. This could get interesting.

  8. Why would any quality coach stay at IU when they can go to a school and have a change to play in a BCS game each year.

    Not to mention at IU, Wilson is going to be in charge of the offense and will likely call his own plays.(Atleast I haven’t seen him say he won’t call plays) So the O-coordinator is a coordinator in name only and won’t have all the responsibilities a normal one would. I don’t really think this helps or hurts the team, Wilson will run the offense.

    As for those saying he is a jerk for leaving for a better job, better be in for a reality check if Wilson is successful because he will leave too, just like any of you would if you were offered a job a much better job.

  9. This is a little baffling. I am fairly certain the contract has been signed and Pease probably had told Wilson early on before IU offered he would stay in Boise if he only knew the OC job would open up there. Hence it did not and he left. With that info being passed on to Glass the contract probably has some ramifications in it for an early out. Any lawyer who would miss that is damn poor. Might be a bigger hill for Pease to climb than is normal in this situation as when he left Boise.

    It is a shame that over the last 30-40 years in my experience that a persons word, handshake or signature on a legal document means less and less and less. If Pease indeed leaves, my perception judges him a low life. What kind of bond is actually binding?

  10. The only reason I have a hard time believing this is a done deal is that Boise’s HC Petersen seems to be in play as a candidate at Stanford. Either Petersen’s interest in Stanford is not true, Pease’s offer to come back to BSU is conditional on Petersen staying, or Petersen is putting Pease in a really risky situation. In any case, I have a hard time believing we have heard the whole story.

  11. Pease has a chance to stay at home and be next in line to become the head coach at Boise State should Peterson leave some day. Why stay at the Big 10 version of the little sisters of the poor.

  12. Eh…most of the current roster are just getting back to campus and probably never knew the guy. The only recruits he probably had close contact with were QBs, which only takes in Roberson who’s a solid commit. It sounds like this guy might be in line to be head coach at BSU if Petersen leaves for Stanford (or Michigan or any job that opens in the wake of hiring for one of those two positions). Better now than a month from now. No hard feelings.

  13. Clarion and others that are upset spoke for me. The guy went through media outlets already talking about what offense he would run at IU. No respect for him if he jumps ship now, none at all. Also, how could any IU fan say stuff like :understanding he would not have to uproot his family and blah blah blah…he took this job, period!

  14. If its a fact that Mr. Pease has decided to return to Boise State, then theres a reason for his actions. Rumors has it that Coach Pete has been in contact with Stanford. Has anyone thought that if Petes leaving, maybe Mr. Pease has been offered the head coaching position if he returns?

  15. J Pat and I agree again. Say what you will about Lynch’s game day coaching but you never questioned the character of him or his staff. Wilson is off to a very bad start in my eyes.

  16. Hardly a bad start. What a stretch to get there. Coach Wilson has had a stone(Pease)thrown in the road and we will see how he responds. Wilson has done nothing wrong. Looks like Pease showed his true character and he bolted. He may also have decided the B10 was to big for him. He must feel more comfortable in a non-automatic qualifier conference.

  17. Aruss:

    Pease is the one that might back out, and Coach Wilson is off to a bad start? How, exactly, does that equate?

  18. its like a guy proposed marriage to one woman and then a few weeks later proposes marriage to another woman because the other women he had interest in her boyfreind left.

  19. Wilson evaluated and chose pease, how does he not take responsibility for hiring a low character guy? What does it say about his ability to evaluate the character of players he brings in? I’m not giving up on Wilson but this is definitely a bad sign if he doesn’t take responsibility.

  20. Aruss, we agree that Pease sold out IU IF he leaves but Wilson or anyone else could not have seen this coming and in the past Pease seemed to have good character so I will not blame Wilson for this. I have looked everywhere and have not read this about Pease in any other media outlet.

  21. Nah. Whoever said it has it right. I know Pease, and in my opinion, he’s a jerk. I hope he isn’t coming back to the Broncos.

  22. “Say what you will about Lynch’s game day coaching but you never questioned the character of him or his staff”

    I never questioned the character of Mother Theresa, either, but I sure don’t want her coaching the football team at my alma mater.

  23. Andre’ Powell is looking for a running backs coaching job. Remember him, AT’s bulldozing fullback? He was the lead blocker for the majority of Thompson’s 5k+ yards and 65 touchdowns. He was recently sacked at Clemson because the 2010 rushing yards not being what Dabo thought they should be(not having C.J. Spiller in 2010 may have had something to do with the numbers decrease). Also his running mate Billy Napier(the OC) was fired and is looking. He has been the youngest OC in the ACC after Terry Bowden appointed him in his last year there and twice was named in the top 25 best ass’t coaches for recruiting.

  24. I suppose they are worth consideration but, year in and year out, Clemson must be the most underachieving team in the country.

  25. Chet, I know about your familiarity of the geography, but the most underachieving or even 8th most in the country is a bit of a stretch. I am quite sure I could name 40 or 50+ teams of more underachieving performance.

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