1. We could be interested in being sidetracked to the subject of the “traveling wordsmiths” after work activities of Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Two Wintery nights in Madison must cause depressing moods.

  2. We at least Cody has’nt asked to be released from his letter of intent. Maybe Crean can ask Fife to come down for a pratice and give some tough lessons! At times it all seems like a bad dream that won’t go away! Always a fan but the asking price seems really high at this point!!
    Go Hoosiers!

  3. Good comment about Verdell Jones and his impact on the offense.

    Maybe you two could ask “if Tom Crean was thinking about any changes to reduce paint scoring and uncontested dunks?”

    Just kidding- keep up the good work and we’ll hope that Verdell can play a few key games to keep IU out of last place in the conference.

  4. HC,
    It was extremely cold up there, but we found things to do. Had a friend in Middleton, Wisc. who we went to see for dinner and drinks on Friday. Saturday, we did dinner at the restaurant at the power plant in Iowa City, then spent some time at the Mariott hotel bar. Good times. Thanks for asking.

  5. DD,

    I am familiar with the Iowa River Power/Flannigan’s restaurant in Iowa City. Thanks for the comments.

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