1. Totally agree with the comments regarding new energy and new leadership roles for JH and JR. Something has connected with some of these players and watching the last two games really gives me heart.

    Question: Is the faster tempo for IU something just now taking hold by magic …. or has the absence of one player allowed for the manifestation of TEAMWORK? Nuff said?

  2. I don’t think the absence of one player (assuming you mean VJ) has anything to do with it. He has been involved in the games from the bench, his absences has only forced the others to step up!! I for one think they will look better if VJ can come back.

  3. Hugh,
    Is that a Michigan State tie your wearing or what. Almost looks identical to the one that Izzo had on.

  4. and while you’re at it, never mix stripes and plaids together. you look like a used car salesman.

    dustin, my wife is still holding that norwin star sports editor job open for you. have you had enough of the bright lights and big city?

  5. if current players make a geat improvement like jeremaih rivers like he did.where do you see iu next year?

  6. Coachv, I asked earlier but I don’t think I checked back to find your response. Are you just messing with me or does your wife actually work at the Norwin Star? If you’re about to tell me you actually live in Monroeville and are married to Edith Hughes, I’m going to just about lose it.

  7. Coachv,
    Small world. Indeed I am, and again the Norwin Star was actually my first professional gig. I worked there for the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, and actually wrote the whole weekly section of the Norwin Star. (I wasn’t technically the editor. Someone else read all my stories and laid it all out in the paper). But that’s a crazy coincidence. Tell her to say hello to Edith Hughes and Michelle Brokenbeck if either are ever in the office. I owe that place a lot.

  8. i believe they are paying 11k per year. should i tell her you’re packing your bags?

    edith has been promoted. on a less cheerful note, michelle is sick and not currently working. you may want to send her your regards sooner rather than later, if you get my meaning.

  9. Coachv,
    $11K, huh? Let me take that to Zaltsberg and see what it does for me.
    I kid. Good news about Edith, unfortunate about Michelle. I’ve heard she was sick, but I thought I heard it was improving. Know how long she’s been away from work now?

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