Source confirms, Pease leaving for Boise State

A source has confirmed that Indiana offensive coordinator Brent Pease is going back to Boise State to be the offensive coordinator. Pease was the assistant head coach/wide receivers coach at Boise before leaving to take the Indiana job on Dec. 29, but then Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left to take the same position at Texas.

An official announcement from Boise State is expected later today.


  1. let me be the first to say I hope he falls flat on his face. I hate to say that about another human being that has a family but he signed the contract from what I am reading. Just awful!

  2. Ditto, JP. I am still disturbed as to what bond is binding in our culture? From what I scrutinize, Pease’s wife should be anxious as to how binding their marriage vows are. There is no gray in a mutual agreement, none.

  3. Not to overly defend a guy who isn’t returning my calls. and I’m not a married man, so I don’t know exactly how this works, but I would think if you take a job that takes you 1,800 miles away from home but then decide to go back and work for your old employer, wouldn’t the primary reason be in most cases because of your wife and children and not wanting to uproot them? Granted, it’s problematic and you owe an explanation and an apology to the person who hired you, but I would think your wife is actually of primary consideration in this case.

  4. I could care less about what Pease does at BSU now that he has jumped ship. I’m now concerend who Wilson is going after for the OC job? Who was Michigan’s OC? They scored a lot of points.

  5. Mike, Calvin Magee was Michigan’s OC. Would be a heck of a pickup but I don’t see him coming down to Bloomington. He seems to have strong ties to Rich Rod and will probably follow him to his next coaching job.

  6. Thats exactly what i was thinking Mike P. They should be looking at him. Or have Rich Rod. come be the Offensive Cord. and stick it to Michigan. That would be awesome.

  7. Mike, I can say I will never seek out any Boise scores, don’t have time for that but if I see on ESPN that they put a goose egg up…I will smile 10 miles wide.

    Dustin, this is the deal. Pease was called before Christmas and was interviewed most likely multiple times in person and on the phone. He had many and many more nights to sleep on this and discuss with his family. He was hired late December and signed a contract..signed on the dotted line, period…no if ands or butttts about it! Just the way I look at it. He had plenty of time to think about it, plenty! Plus, there are fans involved in this as well…I was hanging my hat on this hire! When players, fans, and the public eye is involved, you don’t do this crap. Where are morals, ethics, and character? I interviewed recently for a job and was darn close to getting, I weighed all options, variables, and scenarios…NO way in hell after giving someone my word and signing a contract would I even look back! In this economy so many are looking for jobs and this guy toys with the entire system…hope he falls flat on his face.

  8. DD, I stated what I did because that is the way I believe. Since you don’t know how it works I will tell you. Pease has earned wearing a question mark. The man is in breach of a mutual agreement(oral or written makes no difference). If staying in Idaho was supreme to him about the family welfare then what the hell kind of decision maker is he in agreeing to move to B-Town? He is now suspect forever to anyone who holds trust as absolute. You finding a gray area to condone it, now makes me to wonder, about your handshake. Principles, character and conscience have to remain established. If you do not get what I am communicating my wife could articulate it more clearly.

  9. It’s immature to be bitter about something like this…but I’ve never claimed to be a mature person! We should at least try to collect the costs of flying around to find yet another OC from Boise St./Pease; otherwise, breach-of-contract litigation is in order. I don’t know who we should go with at this point, but I trust in Coach Wilson’s ability to find someone good.

  10. You guys are making way too much out of this thing. Sports jobs are tenuous propositions at best. Look at the guys who signed up to go to Pitt with Haywood. Where are they now that the coach has been fired for his arrest? A man has to do what is right for his family and his career. Look at the coaches we (IU) have fired in the last 20 years. Did we honor our contracts? Give it a rest and lets go out and get a high caliber OC in here and get ready for spring.

  11. To put it quite plainly: Not cool, dude.

    Rather than fan conjecture, this man owes everyone an explanation. I’m not talking about some Boise State press release, I’m talking about a personal apology/explanation to those at Indiana University who felt this man was commited to the Hoosiers.

    Regardless, it’s time to move on and find the OC that will fit in well the rest of the staff Coach Wilson has assembled.

  12. very tough spot this puts IU in, granted Wilson is an offensive genius it is still imperative to get a competent and seasoned OC for IU to make the move in the Big10. What about Pitts old OC, I believe his name was Cignetti?

  13. I agree with those that say it is time to move on and I will now…agree with Smitty on what he wrote as well!

  14. Hold on guys, I’m not taking his side or not taking his side. I’ve had two conversations with the man. Clearly, he has to face some questions, and I don’t plan on handing him a pass, you know, if he ever takes my calls. I’m just saying you have to imagine yourself in a similar situation and consider the family-related circumstances before making final judgment on his character.
    All of your points are valid. I don’t dispute that a contract has to mean something, though we have no idea whether or not he signed a contract (working on finding that out). For that matter, who’s to say Wilson didn’t know this was a possibility and it wasn’t discussed before hand? (Again, I don’t know that to be true or not to be true).
    But really, this is a for-the-sake-of-argument conversation, and it’s coming from a guy who doesn’t yet really, really know what it takes to raise a family. If you’re suddenly presented with an opportunity that’s better for your family that causes you to go back on your word to take it, what do you place higher value in? Maybe you just tell your wife, “Sorry, I gave him my word, I have to go,” and she understands and it’s that simple. Maybe it isn’t. Again, heck if I know. I’m just saying I can imagine it being a tough call.

  15. I will be very interested to learn the full story-be sure to follow up until Pease answers your pointed questions! Whatever the actual details, it is doubtful that Pease will emerge as anything but shallow, weak, shelfish without loyalty, and lacking character. But, we will see.

  16. I do not have to imagine being in that situation.
    Saying “I gave him my word”, is the end of it. What better way for your kids to learn about character than from a parent who keeps his word.

  17. Any of you sanctimonious idiots would take a job for more money so don’t even hold it agaist this man !!!!!

  18. HC,
    Again man, valid points. Not trying to say you’re wrong and I hope you don’t take my comments as condoning breaches of contract. Just trying to imagine myself in the other guy’s shoes is all.

  19. Hello, I’m actually a Boise State fan, I saw a link to this article on Twitter. I do feel badly for Indiana in this situation. However the goal for any assistant coach is to eventually be a head coach. At Boise, Pease was a WR’s coach. Indiana offered him OC, and shortly after that, the OC position at Boise opened up. So for the same position, Pease can stay where his family already is settled, continue working with guys he’s already coached, and coach against Mountain West defenses, as opposed to much tougher Big 10 defenses. Also, Boise has a history of hiring head coaches within the program, and HC Chris Petersen is always being sought after by other schools, it’s really only a matter of time until he goes somewhere. Pease probably feels he could be head coach in just a few years or even less, as Stanford is pursuing Petersen now. None of this makes it fair for Indiana, but it’s easy to see why Pease changed his mind.

  20. I think you speak for yourself, Paul. We would not all just “take a job for more money” in these circumsances. Some people still have integrity. Obviously Pease does not! And it’s not sanctimonious to criticize a man for failing to honor his word and his contract, especially given the circumstances that lead Pease to accept IU’s offer. Pease is simply an opportunist and is rightfully subject to people questioning his integrity and character for the rest of his career. And if Boise State does not continue to win like it has, his career will take a huge fall because now he has opened himself up for questions about his integrity and judgement. Those questions may lie dormant for years, but they won’t disappear completely. In the long term, this may cost Pease big time!

    These coaches are supposed to be leaders of young men. What type of example is this to set for young men? What message does this send? Are we all mercenaries now, selling our services to the highest bidder? I see this as just the most recent example of what’s wrong with our sports culture. No wonder a lot of these young men take money from boosters and agents. They see their “leaders” doing this type stuff and conclude, “hey, its every man for himself” and “get what you can while you can.”

    And someone tell me when IU defaulted on a contract to a coach? I don’t believe that has ever happened. The coach may have been removed from the job, but I’m pretty sure they got paid per the terms of their contract. Otherwise, we’d have been reading about the law suits for years!

    By the way, for all those people out there complaining about the money IU is paying the FB coaches, think about what kind of offer Boise State had to make to Pease to get him to do an about face on his committment to IU? College football is BIG Business, and if you want to compete, you need to invest in talent.

  21. Dustin, I was just explaining, not being hard on you. IDS printed today that he signed the contract, think that was where I read it and that was why I said it. Paul, had a chance and did not take it and quite frankly have other options now if I wanted them so not everyone shares that, maybe most but not all.

  22. I can very well imagine being in his shoes and keeping my word and my integrity intact. If you were taught that solid character is always expected it is automatic.

  23. If IU told Pease 12 days after he was hired that a better OC has become availible and that they were terminating him to hire the better OC everyone would be railing on IU about their lack of ethics yet some of these yahoo’s think it’s alright for Pease to quit after 12 days for the good of his family. BS ! Pease has an integrity issue how can you preach commitment to players when you quit a job after 12 days.

  24. Petrino quits Falcons after 13 games signs with Razorbacks…… how bout this one, Saban: “I guess I have to say it. I’m not going to be the Alabama coach. … I don’t control what people say. I don’t control what people put on dot-com or anything else. So I’m just telling you there’s no significance, in my opinion, about this, about me, about any interest that I have in anything other than being the coach here.”

    Unfortunately it is Football as we know it, just win baby, nothing else matters.

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