‘This is Indiana’

A recipe for a successful fan music video:

One part white guys rapping.

One part random students enjoying their chance to be a part of a music video.

Two parts of footage invoking the history and traditions of your program.

Mix generously, remix to taste.

“This is Indiana,” a video that showed up on YouTube yesterday and is the work of Brice Fox and Daniel Weber, accomplishes its goal and has more than 18,000 views already. Enjoy.


  1. I applaud the effort, but I liked their first video with the mustaches a lot more b/c they weren’t taking themselves seriously. This reeks of desperation and wanting to sell “This is Indiana” t-shirts.

    If they play this before a home game, I’ll be shocked.

  2. I’d rather see this than the crap they have been playing before the games. It has been just a bunch of face time for Tom Crean. Until he actually wins some games at Indiana, I’d rather see something by the students or alumni.

    Great video guys. True Hoosiers all the way.

  3. No DJ White anywhere to be found in this video? They should stick their heads in the sand. Not my kind of Hoosier brother. Almost 25 years since our last championship banner..Wasn’t it high-tech at that time to have one of those box-shaped cameras that would take a photo and you could watch it spit it out of a slot and develop before your very eyes! How old were these once-upon-a-time capitalizing capitalists of the YouTube Age when that happened?

  4. Pretty cool video. The girl who through the chair is crazy hot. Man, just to be 21 in this town again, just for a weekend!

  5. This is off topic. Love the vid. Keep up the school spirit.

    But, how much money do you think it would take to get Damon Baily on as an assistant coach? The guy lives right down the road in the Bedford area. I think he would make a great addition and help coach Crean out alot with those guards.

  6. Just another relive history, remember the glory days video to placate and distract Hoosier fans from the embarrassment that is currently being played out on Branch McCracken court and other Big 10 arenas. 1987 was the last of the glory days folks. No improvement this season over last and most likely an 0-18 Big Ten season this year. Sad. Very sad. A more fitting video right now should be to the tune of Taps as our once storied program is dead. Or at least comatose. All good programs have suffered over the years, but have come back. We are no where near back and won’t be in the forseable future. Sorry, I forgot, Zeller is coming next season to play with our current junior class that hasn’t progressed in 3 seasons. Add Zeller to this bunch and have Crean coach them, we just may win 10 games. Then we will produce another video showing big heads and goofy pre-game dances. Maybe it’s time we skip the crap and all the silly videos and hype at the games and just play ball. Act like you are going to work, and win some games. Dance goofy and do videos when you win and accomplish something, not before you lose every Big 10 game and have the Coach tell us the obvious and then never fix it.

  7. hey whatever would you chill out, please. You act as if it is verdell, watford, pritchard and Crean in this video acting crazy. Do you think these guys on the video need to get in the gym and work on their defensive slides and screen setting. No, because they are fans and not in anyway part of the basketball team. So let fans do what they do and support their team and university even in the worst of times and leave your negativity on issues like why we give up 85 points per game.

  8. This would be more relevant if we were winning. However, I think it is fun an aspirational.

    With all that has gone wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of our tradition. It’s all we have right now, until some kids come in decide their going to make their own history.

  9. nerd rap. couldn’t they find a blackguy to do it? that about that little returner for the football team that did a rap with will smith? this is embarrassing. especially the fat, white kid with the headband. as nerdy as the pep band uniforms.

  10. I liked the enthusiasm the young people showed in this video. The scenes from the past were well done. I enjoyed reliving Haston’s 3 against Michigan State. These kids at IU are crazy about IU basketball. Can you imagine how they will be when the team is doing a lot better?

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