Tom Crean talks Iowa

The H-T van is currently driving through scenic Wisconsin, headed to Iowa City. The Hoosiers will also be headed to the land of corn, to take on Iowa on Sunday.

To help us with our game preview, SID J.D. Campbell e-mailed these quotes from Tom Crean to us and several other media members. Here they are:

“Sunday is an opportunity for our team to get better.  I think each week during the Big Ten season, we have taken steps, but we certainly are by no means a finished product.  Every road game in the Big Ten presents a challenge and I am sure that Iowa will be ready to play in front of their home crowd.”

“I think our mindset is improving and we have a better understanding that the effort we put forth on defense will translate into better opportunities on offense.  I like our aggressive approach.  We can’t settle for quick shots unless they are high percentage.  We know Iowa is a team that wants to get out in transition and we can’t allow them easy opportunities off of our missed shots.”

“After watching the film, I thought we did some good things at Wisconsin, but there is  always an opportunity to improve.  We did a good job of not turning the ball over and we didn’t give them many second chance opportunities on the boards. “

“Last year, I thought Iowa imposed their will on us physically as well as any team we played. We can not allow that to happen. Our intensity and concentration has to be at its best.”


  1. Using the knowledge of years’ of rocket science, one would deduce that they stayed in Madison after IU played there on Thursday.

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