Video: Elston’s trip

Hat tip to Greg Rosenstein for finding this on YouTube, or at least pointing me (and everyone else who follows him on Twitter) in the right direction. This was my first opportunity to see it and it certainly is intentional.

Traditionally, punishment like the one Elston may (will likely) receive will be kept in-house.


  1. Surprised and disappointed in Derek. I guess most of us have done something asinine at some point in our lives.

  2. I don’t think it was premeditated. Kids, and adults for that matter, have momentary lapses of reason.

    What I am more disappointed in is the handling of it by the Coach Clappy the Clown.

    I think it’s telling the respective responses of Crean and Painter to when they each had players do stupid things:

    Someone posted on the Purdue Rivals board the following regarding when Barlow gave the ‘choke’ sign versus IU last year, and how Painter handled it, releasing the following statements the next day:


    Barlow Statement
    Near the end of our game against Indiana on Thursday, I acted in a way that I deeply regret. I want to apologize to Indiana University, their players and their coaches for my actions. I will use this experience as a learning tool as I continue to grow as a person and a basketball player,” Barlow, a Cathedral graduate, said.

    Purdue head coach Matt Painter weighed in too.

    “Kelsey made an immature decision on Thursday night, and it’s brought embarrassment to both himself and our team. There isn’t a place for that behavior in college basketball or our program, and we’ll work with him to reinforce the values that Purdue basketball is built upon,” Painter said in a statement.

    Kids make mistakes….but how coach reacts to those mistakes…tells you a lot about that coach.

    Is it any surprise IU has no discipline on the defensive end? If Elston would’ve apologized I wouldn’t consider him a thug. Trips a kid, then lies about it….tells you a lot about Elston’s character (and Crean’s character as well).


    Crean has no doubt had a daunting, uphill task the last three years, but his response may tell a lot about him, or not.

    And btw, I for one am happy Zeller landed at IU if he wasn’t going to Purdue. Both schools need to focus on stemming the tide of the best state of Indiana kids thinking that SEC schools and OSU / MSU are preferable to Purdue and/or IU. That is critical to restoring the rivalry’s national prominence to what it was in the 80’s and before, when it took a back seat to NO ONE, even Dukie V’s coveted Duke/UNC rivalry. If the best Indiana kids would stay in state, Purdue and IU would be perennial Top 5 teams, hands down.

  3. Yeah, you’re right. You guys lost anyways.

    Surprised to see no one in the program manning up and admitting it was wrong. Pretty classless

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