We’re stuck with Legends and Leaders

The Big Ten announced Friday it is sticking with the Legends and Leaders monikers for the two football divisions through the 2011 football season.

When the conference announced last month the names for the divisions, which became necessary with the addition of Nebraska to create a Big Ten championship game, there was public outcry about how lame the names were. Shortly thereafter, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said the conference would reconsider the names. Evidently, they still are.

According to Big Ten chief communications officer Diane Dietz, the league will spend the 2011 doing market research to see how the names play out.

Indiana, by the way, is in the Leaders division with Illinois, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin. The Legends division has Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northwestern.


  1. Somebody in the Big Ten office has a personel ego problem if they are too stupid or stubborn to admit that this is a terrible mistake.

  2. What a couple of lame names. Heck why don’t we call them the “Mickey” & “Minnie” divisions? Do these people not have any imagination at all? I say if they cannot think of better names by next year that they fire all working on the project. Holy Cow as Harry Caray would have said.

  3. What on earth could be wrong with Lakes and Plains? It’s poetic, geographically-based, and wholly appropriate in every way.

    Leaders and Legends – you’d think that McDonald’s or Wal Mart was in charge of the naming committee.

  4. I liked the names during the first go-around and still do now. If you want north, south, east and west buy a compass.

  5. Coming up with these names to begin with was bad enough but to stay with them after hearing how bad everyone thought they were and giving it some serious thought is even more of an idiotic move.

    Their further market research must be asking the other conferences what they think of the names. “Great names, great names” wink, wink, snicker, snicker “I wouldn’t change a thing” ( while hiding smirk behind their hand as their top lip has a fake itch )

  6. I can’t believe they’re keeping these names. How much more “market research” do they need. Hoosier Clarion is the only one that I can remember that likes the names. And while we’re on the subject, are they also keeping that horrible new logo?

  7. The best thing ever would be if ESPN refuses to use the names on SpirtsCenter and just says North and South, East and West, Lakes and Plains, or even better makes up new names every week. Snow belt and rust belt, corn and soybean, pigs and cattle, whatever.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Legends, but Leaders???? Which would you rather be? Hard to understand why they don’t use Icons.

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