Wilson says there will likely be designated play-callers

In putting together his coaching staff, Kevin Wilson passed out a lot of titles and split a lot of responsibility.

He has co-defensive coordinators and co-offensive coordinators and a designated assistant head coach. He also has two coaches for both the defensive line and the secondary.

So what makes him think it will work? The personalities of the guys he hired.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of egoes,” Wilson said Saturday after an availability session for his new assistants. “I think everybody checks that at the door. Hopefully it’s going to be a group that works together that’s better collectively than they are individually.”

Still, Wilson said there will be a clear chain of command. He has two co-offensive coordinators in quarterbacks coach Rod Smith and wide receivers coach Kevin Johns, but he said at first he will probably be the one in charge.

“I’ll be a little bit more involved with offense initially just making sure the logistics and communications,” said Wilson, who also said he would coach the tight ends. “… Someone’s going to be in charge, and offensively starting out it’s going to be me. We’ll delegate who’s going to be a play caller if it’s me or someone else or who’s got final say.”

Wilson said the same would go defensively between co-coordinators Doug Mallory and Mike Ekeler.

“They’re both co, but calling the game, Doug’s going to start out being the guy who’s the play-caller,” Wilson said. “We’re going to work from the back to the front.”

Wilson admitted that some of the reason for the designations are simply for the sake of beefing up the coaches’ resumes.

“Some of that’s a little bit for some title,” Wilson said. “To get some guys here and for career opportunities. But also, there’s going to be some days when we’re disjointed. Some days when someone’s not going to be here and we need another leader. So there is some chain of command if you will. We’re not all kind of equal.”

It was the first time Wilson was available since his first week in office, so he was asked about the situation regarding Brent Pease, who held the job of offensive coordinator for less than two weeks before deciding to return to Boise State. He was promoted from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator there after then-coordinator Bryan Harsin left to be the offensive coordinator at Texas.

“I actually knew what was going on for a couple of days,” Wilson said. “I called him up and said, ‘Listen, I’m not trying to be Nostradamus. I don’t have an issue, just keep me in the loop and I will understand. I made you the offer, and it’s a great opportunity here, but you got your family. Your daughter’s a sophomore. You wanted to be the coordinator. … I even told Brent, you don’t have to have Coach (Chris) Petersen call me. I’m OK with it…. He was upfront. It happened fast. I completely understood.”

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