Smotherman to Purdue

Basil Smotherman committed to Purdue Tuesday night,’s Eric Bossi is reporting.

Smotherman is a 2013 guard from Heritage Christian. Indiana had offered him and was seen as being competitive for his services – he visited Indiana for Hoosier Hysteria, for instance, and is an AAU teammate of Indiana target Devin Davis (and Collin Hartman, though Hartman is just joining the Eric Gordon All-Stars).

It is Purdue’s second verbal commitment in the class this week (Illinois’ Kendall Stephens also elected to pick the Boilermakers) and the third overall – joining Fort Wayne Northop’s Bryson Scott.

What does it mean? That 2013 may be the first year we see Indiana and Purdue really battle for in-state supremacy. Purdue stocked its roster with in-state prospects like E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson, but Indiana has built classes that appear, to date, better in the classes of 2009, ’10, ’11 and ’12.


  1. Good choice for him. We have too many wing players that will play in front of him. At least he isnt going to ohio state or illinois

  2. Davis, Cook, and Hartman are all rated higher than Basil.

    This brings Purdue’s total for notable in-state recruits for the next 3 years to 2, doesn’t it?

  3. Jarvis,

    I would say four. I am not a huge fan of Donnie Hale, but he was an All-Star (that probably alone makes you a notable in-state recruit). Raphael Davis is coming in 2012 — he’s a four-star. And then Smotherman (who I like) and Scott in 2013. Is it Zeller/Ferrell/Patterson/Perea? No.

  4. Hugh,

    No way you can count Hale. Did anyone else even recruit him? That’s ALMOST like counting Jeff Howard as a notable recruit because he was named to the All-Area team and played in the Hickory/Terhune All Star game. Davis, Smotherman, and Scott are solid. Hale, not so much.

  5. glad 2 c that purdue is getting instate make the future rivalry more interesting.

  6. If you look at their roster now they have loaded up on space eater bigs that are noncontributers.Bade,Carroll,and a couple others including Hale are marginal at best!They seem to be in a guard/combo fest of some kind.Painter hasn’t recruited a difference maker since the seniors he has now.They have a juco big coming ,and the Davis kid from Fort Wayne is solid and I think the
    Stephens kid is the real deal.His dad was a player!The other Fort Wayne kid according to rumors,has issues.Smith and Byrd are living the dream and with solid defense are not a factor.Smotherman is a quality kid and a good get for them.IU must get Hollowell and Harris to complete the sweep.What is the deal with Harris,does anyone really know?They are both great kids!We need quality bigs bad!Are we looking at anyone for 2011 that is a difference maker?

  7. Not sure I’d write off the 2010 class as being a head to head win for IU just yet as Oladipo and Sheehey have simply HAD to contribute more right away than Carroll and Terone Johnson have (though both will see their minutes go up quite a bit next year with E’tawun Moore and JaJuan Johnson gone).

    As for the digs at Hale, he did have Xavier all over him early on as well, but then they took a commit from JD Weatherspoon (not knowing he’d later decommit to join the Buckeyes). He should prove ready to contribute right away next year with his tremendous shot blocking ability.

    PG Kyle Molock and C Jay Simpson should both turn out to be good players, but it does seem odd that Painter offered both so early when the Boilers were still in the running for quite a few great in-state players for the 2012 class.

    Not sure IU fans should start counting too far ahead in recruiting anyway. Thus far Creek has been too hurt to live up to the hopes IU fans had for him, David Williams and Matt Carlino never even made it to IU, Bawa Muniru flamed out, and Guy-Marc Michel couldn’t gain eligibility. If the Hoosiers quit down the stretch like they did last year and Zeller proves to be as slow to acclimate to the college game as his brothers did, then it is possible some of those commits will begin to look elsewhere.

  8. RR1,

    The five late mentioned names you posted above that have not been all the positives IU was hoping for is precisely why the head to head in forward recruiting MO is IU.

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